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I’ve come across some pretty impressive CBD brands over the past year, but cbdMD may take the cake as one with the most consistently high-quality products yet. They’ve been around for a while but are new to selling directly to consumers. From packaging to customer service, I have been thrilled with my experience with them, so let’s get down to it!

First, let’s talk customer service, shipping, labeling/packaging, and prices. These guys, by far, have some of the fastest processing I’ve experienced yet, and shipping is free on all orders in the US. On my most recent order from them I had my tracking number within 5 minutes, and the order in my hand within 2 days. Not too shabby! The only other brand I think may come close to their processing time is CBDistillery.  

cbdMD 3000mg Berry Oil LabelMy order arrived in a box, nicely padded and wrapped. All glass items were individually wrapped in bubble wrap, and arrived in one piece. Their product labeling is extremely professional, no doubt due to their history of originally selling via physicians. On the products are clean, sleek, labels with no funny business involved. Everything is spelled out plain as day, and the CBD amounts are clearly depicted on the products. This is a welcomed change from the increasing amount of brands having to use potentially confusing “hemp extract” terms.

cbdMD products are intriguing because of the fact that they’re “Broad Spectrum” or what they call a “hybrid full-spectrum” product. Basically, it has a wide range of cannabinoids and terpenes, but no THC. Their hemp is grown organically by them in the US, their products are packaged in the US, and they have the lab reports to back up their CBD content.

Their pricing model is depicted on their website with a convenient chart to help you compare it to other brands. They consistently have lower prices than many other popular CBD brands, making them pretty affordable.

Let’s get into talking about specific cbdMD products and whether or not they’ve helped my migraines or other issues.

3000mg CBD Oil Tincture Drops (Berry, Orange, & Mint):

cbdMD 3000mg Berry Oil BottleFirst off, these are some of the BEST tasting CBD oils I have ever tried. If I could have the Berry flavor as a drink, I would drink it all the time. It reminds me of some berry crystal light I had when I was younger, and I love it. No nasty after taste, none of that “dirt covered grass” flavor that is traditionally associated with most full spectrum oils. The orange and mint are very pleasant as well, with orange being their most popular flavor, but I’m a berry girl, so it’s what I’ve stuck with as I’ve trialed this brand. They do also have a natural flavor available, but I have not tried that one.

Enough of the flavor though, you want to know if this works, right? Well, yes, yes it does. I noticed a significant reduction in my frontal-facing migraines that settle right above my brow bone. Traditionally, I suffer from chronic, near daily migraines. While (almost) all CBD oils I’ve tried have helped to some degree, this one definitely helped a noticeable amount, compared to, say, pure isolate. I’d say I went from a migraine every other day to a migraine every 3-4 days. It may not sound like much, but that’s a pretty significant improvement for someone in my position. I did still experience temporal migraines, and I do prefer something with a little bit of THC, but as I find myself in a new job, I have had to resort to the “Broad Spectrum” products like cbdMD. And this still does the job as a preventative. For abortive relief, not so much, but that's not super surprising to me. I have difficulty getting sublingual oils to abort migraines for me, and prefer to rely on vape products for that.

An interesting note: while I traditionally do a bigger dose morning and evening, I found that smaller doses throughout the day, like microdosing, worked better for me with this brand. I settled at around 5-10mg per day for the first week, up to 10-15mg per day the next week. I got up to around 25mg total per day as I neared the end of the first month. So, for example, instead of doing something like 12.5mg morning and 12.5mg evening, I’d do 5mg 5x a day.

1500mg CBD Freeze Pain Relief:

1500mg CBD Freeze Pain ReliefVery similar to icy hot, or any basic cooling gel/cream for sore muscles, but significantly stronger. It’s a gel product on a big roller ball. The roller ball can be a little difficult to get actually “rolling” as it tends to get stuck but it’s not too bad. Normally, I use Tiger Balm on my forehead and temples during a migraine, but this has completely replaced that. It doesnt take a migraine away, but it’s a welcomed distraction and takes the pain down a few notches. It’s gotten me through some tough times when the pain flares, and I love applying it before bed as it helps me fall asleep. Occasionally, I get neck pain with my migraines and this works on that as well. It dries very quickly too, which means you can apply it under clothes without worrying about it sticking.

1500mg Recover Inflammation Cream:

1500mg Recover Inflammation CreamThis stuff smells like pickles. No, really. I cant think of anything else when I use this. It’s not bad, and goes away quickly once applied, but its there! I think this stuff, layered with the Freeze, is a great combo. The freeze is more of a temporary relief to me, while this stuff has a LOT more goodies in it (in addition to the CBD) and provides longer lasting relief. The ingredient list is pretty impressive. I use this similar to the freeze, on my forehead, temples, and neck. It feels like it penetrates “deeper” than the freeze, but has minimal to no cooling effect, which is why I enjoyed layering it. It soaks in pretty fast and I dont find it too sticky. The tub is huge (by CBD standards), and will last a long time.

CBD Bath Bombs (All):

Lavender CBD Bath BombFor migraines, bath bombs havent really helped me. Not surprising, considering they are a topical, and unless I’m dunking my head in the bath, it isnt going to do much for a migraine. However, these bath bombs smell amazing, and have a significant amount of CBD compared to some other more expensive CBD bath bombs I’ve tried. They dispersed a thin layer of oil on the top of the bath water that I rubbed in and coated my skin with. It was not overly greasy, which is a complaint I’ve had before with other brands, and the bath bombs did not stain my tub or skin after the soak. I dont really suffer from body aches, so I dont have a ton to report on these. I did have one bad lower back ache when I tried one, and it was significantly better once I got out of the bath, but it’s hard to judge if that was the bath bomb or the fact that I was… well, in a hot bath.


For the price and quality, cbdMD has risen to the top of my favorites list. Their professional packaging and quality products have seriously impressed me, to the extent that I have even purchased their pet products to give to my dog (to be reviewed after further testing). I really don't think you can go wrong with these guys, and they are an attractive option for people looking for something without any THC. Their wide range of products includes things I havent even tried yet, such as capsules and vape products, and they even have an oil for horses. Definitely give these guys a thought if you’re in the market for a reliable, affordable CBD brand.

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  1. Spot on. Great review. I’ve tried the sublingual, the vape, the Freeze and the bath bombs. All exceeded my expectations. CBD MD is a great option.

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