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  1. Love Love it!
    It did wonders for me
    2 years now!

  2. Haleigh’s Hope was the first really effective CBD tincture I tried after a few duds, and I’m very grateful I found it. It helps with my movement disorder and anxiety without side effects. It can be difficult to find info on their products on their main shopping site, but if you contact customer support or join their secret FB group they’re super helpful. They’re also very active in cannabis advocacy and are definitely in it to help people, not just make money. They have the best low income assistance program I’ve encountered, which makes them the most affordable high quality CBD if you’re low income. Taste is hempy, but without the skunky flavor of some other brands.

    The only downside of HH as far as I’m concerned is that though they call themselves broad spectrum they’re pretty much just CBD and THC with a pinch of CBC. If you’re looking for terpenes or a broader range of cannabinoids this is not the brand for you.

  3. We had to purchase Haleigh’s Hope from a dispensary here in NJ. My son became very restless on it & had night terrors. I was told that he was probably sensitive to the THC. So I wonder if there are 2 types? I presume that it had more than .03 THC? Confused as to why I had to get it in a dispensary in the first place. I also had to distill it myself because they did not sell the oil

  4. I use Haleigh’s Hope as a part of my daily regimen to treat anxiety disorder, fibromyalgia, and RA. HH is my daytime CBD–it relieves anxiety and pain without making me sleepy. I love it.

    • I hope this product helps some but it has not been very helpful to me. My main issue is chronic pain which brings insomnia and anxiety into the mix. As far as pain poor response, anxiety SLIGHT help and insomnia no help. Physiology depression is associated with chronic pain. My depression is minor but I’ve had no relief. I do imagine this mix helps some but my take away is I would not refer this to anyone in true chronic pain & some of the associated “maladies”. Good luck (bought from web site).

    • New Jersey is selling a knock off version of Haleigh’s Hope. It is not the real product. We had to send them a cease and desist letter from an attorney.

  5. We are using Haliegh’s Hope for our daughter, who has epilepsy. She has only had 2 seizures since starting it almost a year ago! (She was having 1a month, even on medication)
    Great customer service and they provide 3rd party labs for each batch.

  6. We love Haleigh’s Hope 🙂

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