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  1. I am in love and so thankful for Hemplucid! My son is autistic with ADHD and separational anxiety and I have arthritis, scleroderma, depression and anxiety. We have tried three other CBD brands and different products from each and they opened our eyes to what CBD could do for us, but they were so expensive and still left me searching for something more. A friend recommended Hemplucid and I am SO glad that I made the switch! We started with the 250 mg Full Spectrum water soluble and WOW did it open a new door for my son. I have a dog who also has separational anxiety and I just ordered the Roxy Pets 100 mg chicken flavor CBD for her and I’m hopeful. With this order we received a gift -a free bottle of the 500 mg vape/drip and I am super happy. I was almost disappointed because I don’t vape, but the box included a nice little note to let me know that this can also be taken orally. This was my 3rd order and I have accumulated so many reward points already! Overall I am very satisfied!

  2. Been taking the Hemplucid whole plant in MCT oil 1000 mg CBD for 1 month 1 dose a day. I am taking it to reduce inflammation and reduce arthritis pain in both my hands. I am also using a pure ratios topical CBD hemp salve. To be honest I am not sure that I have noticed and difference. My joints in my hands seem to have the same amount swelling and stiffness. I have not given up yet, will be placing another order.

    Like to hear from others who are using products for arthritis and what results they are having.

  3. Purchased two bottles of 240mg water soluble tincture on Black Friday. Took one to my cousin who had been sent home with Hospice care for incurable cancer. She was in so much pain we couldn’t touch her. Within 30-40 minutes of putting 4 drops under her tongue she was sitting up, talking, laughing, moving around her her bed pain free. Later that week she called and said she was sitting on the side of her bed. The other bottle I used for me to relax and for my mom who is in last stages of COPD (I’m her only caregiver). Within one day mom was talking and using less oxygen. It was making me too sleepy so I reduced my personal use. I hope HempLucid comes up with a disability discount. I think I could sell this stuff!

  4. I just got the vape/drip version of Hemplucid. This stuff is amazing!!!

    I have a cervical spine injury that causes severe muscle spasms and knots in my neck, shoulders, and upper back. After my first dose I felt instant relief. I am very relaxed and I’m only using the 150 mg strength.

  5. I love the fact that your products are all natural/chemical free. I’ve only had the 300mg. full spectrum vape/drip for a couple days and I like how it calms me down and helps with my inflammation in my back. Thinking about buying a stronger mg. I wouldn’t buy from anyone else.

  6. Works almost immediately after first dose! Very impressed! Highly recommend for back pain and anxiety

  7. If you’re dealing with pain/anxiety give this product a try

  8. Better than most for me.

  9. Hemplucid/full spectrum/ water soluble has worked wonders for my anxiety and depression!!!

    • I tried a few different brands but nothing worked like this. Got the 1000 mg. Works great for pain and to help with sleep. Good hashy flavor.

  10. Highly recommended! After just a week, 300 mg vape, my anxiety/panic attacks seem to be under control.

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