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Brian Peterson

Brian Peterson has been a CBD consumer advocate and educator since 2015. He is the founder and managing editor of the CBDOilUsers.com website. He's also the lead administrator of the CBD Oil Users Group, the largest CBD group on Facebook. His passion is educating consumers so that they can make their own decisions when purchasing and using CBD products.

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  1. Overall product rating

    I have been using Hemptation products for several years and it always helps with my pain. I love that I can customize my order and that Jeremy is always willing to help.

    + PROS: Helpful Fast Shipping Great Product
    - CONS: Sometimes takes more time to ship but understandable as they are customized
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  2. Overall product rating

    I tried this brand after trying a few others that all made me very sleepy and very hungry. The owner helped me to find something that would help my specific need (energy) while still working to prevent my migraines. He set me up with the perfect product for me. My migraines have decreased in intensity duration and frequency since using it. I have used this product for about a year and will continue with this brand.

    + PROS: Customizable Works well for migraine prevention Terpene selection Topical products Infused COFFEE
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  3. Overall product rating

    The shipping time is a little longer but people have to understand this product is customized. Of course it will take a little longer…because it is made especially for you. It significantly reduces my father’s anxiety and pain due to severe arthritis. He’s so happy that he can move his hands without pain, it almost makes me cry when he talks about it. What a God-send this product is. I can’t say enough good things about it.

    + PROS: Customized product, comparable pricing, questions are answered by the owner of the company, very effective.
    - CONS: NONE!
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  4. Overall product rating

    I bought the 300mg infused cbd oil with GSC terpenes for pain and anxiety, after every other product that I have tried, failed. This was the only one that stopped the anxiety and pain in its tracks. I am very pleased with my choice to go with this company.

    + PROS: Stops anxiety Stops chronic pain Helps insomnia
    - CONS: None
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  5. Overall product rating

    I started using CBD oil on the recommendation from my pain management doctor to help with breakthrough pain. I am new to all of this but one company seemed to stand out to me. Hemptation. I got in touch with the owner Jeremy Skillings and he helped guide me to what I was looking for. I needed CBD to also help me sleep plus the pain relief. I knew I couldn’t use full spectrum with the chance of failing a drug test. I am using Hemptation CBD isolate 700mg Coconut oil infused with GDP terpene. I am very pleased with the oil as well as Jeremy(owner) who answers every question I have. Ordering was a little confusing but easily worked out, shipping info with tracking was provided and my oil arrived to me in Florida within 3 days(on both orders). I’m very pleased!!

    + PROS: Quality product, expert assistance, suggestions for success and all around great service!! I’m excited to see all the upcoming additions to the web site with new products and services to come! Thank you!!
    - CONS: None at this time-I’m very pleased!!
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  6. Overall product rating

    I use Hemptation as my nighttime oil because you get the awesome option to infuse select terpenes into your oil. It doesn’t help me fall asleep (my mind runs a marathon as soon as I lay down…working on that), but once I get to sleep, I stay asleep. I’ve struggled with insomnia for 10 years and this works better than any crappy pharmaceutical or OTC product that I’ve tried.

    + PROS: You can choose your oil, full-spectrum or isolate CBD, and add terpenes for no extra charge; Jeremy is extremely knowledgeable and helps you with what would be your best option
    - CONS: The payment system via email is a little odd (but I know the government is making it very difficult for CBD companies to process payments), I didn't get tracking information, and shipping took 10 days (no big deal on your second order, since you can order early before you run out)
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  7. Overall product rating

    I started my CBD journey in July 2017. I suffer from severe nerve pain, anxiety and depression that comes from living in constant 24/7 pain. I have had 5 surgeries to relieve pressure from my cervical spine and repair my left shoulder and arm following a car accident in 2013. After living in bed and recliner for 4 years and being on the strongest fentanyl patch, mathadone, gabapentin, xanex, lamictal, trazadone and much more I got to a point where I could not hold a conversation, fix a sandwich, read and comprehend and my organs began shutting down. The medications were killing me and I was still in horrible pain. One year ago I became unable to eat and or go to the bathroom. I lived for 12 weeks on sips of water and was down to 93 pounds. At that time my doctors said you are 3 pounds from a feeding tube to sustain life.

    My two children and I made the decision that there would be no feeding tube. We truly had excepted the end was near for me. So I could not hold down oral medications and was forced to withdraw from all of the above with the exception of the fentanyl patch. No one thought I would make it through that. Low and behold about two weeks after I could no longer take meds I began to tolerate small bites of food, began to think a bit more clearly, and I could read and comprehend a bit again. In June I ripped that 100 mg fentanyl patch off as well, horrible withdrawals. Next, I found the CBDoilusersgroup on F.B. and there I heard about HemptationUSA.

    I contacted Jeremy Skillings, the owner, and he helped me select a starting point. I chose to add terpenes. He told me he originally made the product because of his own pain and it just felt right. I had to start slow and increase my dose over two months. I did not notice any pain effect until I went up to the 1500 mg concentration. Prior to pain reduction my G.I. symptoms improved, my mental acuity became crisper and I had improvement in anxiety and depression symptoms.

    Now after 4 years of being home-bound I am driving again. I am able to get out of the house some days. I can shower independently, prepare healthy foods on good days. I am getting there. It is remarkable. Yesterday i went for my first walk for exercise in 4 years!!

    Jeremy mixes his oils himself with added terpenes if you choose that option. Quality ingredients and careful attention to detail make this an outstanding product. Hemptation is a rapidly growing company and as a result it takes longer to receive product than some of the larger companies. I understand that is being rectified.

    + PROS: *Offers whole plant extract or isolate and vape cartridges *Custom made terpene infusion option *Knowledgeable and superb customer service *Does not compromise quality for expediency
    - CONS: *Extended shipping time
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  8. Overall product rating

    I have tried several brands but Hemptations works for me.

    + PROS: Great product and customer service. I do realize Jeremy is trying to add new products and straighten out shipping. I commend him for his knowledge and enthusiasm for his customers.
    - CONS: Time from order to ship is slow so keep a backup but I am sure this will get better in tie.
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  9. Overall product rating

    I purchased a pen and vape cartridge from Hemptation. The payment process was a tad confusing but Jeremy helped me out with it. The email confirmation came quickly and it said I would receive a shipping confirmation with a tracking number once my order shipped. After a week went by, I emailed the company asking if my order was close to shipping. Jeremy wrote me back stating that he hoped to have my order sent out by the end of the week. The end of the week came, making it nearly two weeks, and nothing. No new confirmations. Tue of that following week came and I finally got my shipping confirmation. I got my order that weekend and promptly charged the pen and primed it as well. Took a hit and nothing. All I could taste was this strong candle like taste with a strong lemon flavor with no vape being produced. I messaged him and told him what was going on and he had me send the pen back, which I did the next day. He messaged me a few days later and told me that he received my pen and that he would be sending me a new one. He also told me that he was waiting on supplies and that it might be a few days. A week later I was told it shipped and after finally receiving again, I charged it and tried again. This time the pen had no button and was apparently supposed to activate when being used. However, this pen did not. After all this time, I said forget it. I snipped open the top and poured the contents into my Smok, which I had ordered while waiting the first time. I honestly have no idea whether I actually ever vaped any of it because it kept separating from my plain e-juice. My impression was that the pens were a very cheap investment to the company while being passed off at a higher price to the consumer.

    + PROS: You have contact with the owner via FB
    - CONS: Everything else.
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