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  1. Best patches in the business. Cleanest Cbd.

  2. I’ve been using the transdermal patches for about a year for excruciating fibroid/endometriosis pain. I’m allergic to prescription pain killers and Advil and Tylenol don’t even touch the pain. I was missing work an average of two days per month. A friend bought me some patches and I can honestly say they have changed my life. The minute I start feeling the pain coming on, I apply a patch and have relief in about an hour.

  3. Ive been taking 1:1 CBD-THC for years for spinal cord injury pain to sleep. I recently tried Marys and the first tincture was excellent, my wife even started using it and loved it and slept great. The second bottle seamed to kick in an uncomfortable high prior to sleep that has never happened with past products. To further make me concerned about quality control I bought a CBD-CBN tincture for my wife bc she didn’t want any THC. She tried it 3 different times skipping days and didn’t sleep well and felt ill all day the next day. I tried it last night and it had a strange taste, I noticed a sticker on the side of the box saying It had quite a bit of THC but its on a box and bottle that is a NO THC product. I noticed it had a strange taste and just as my wife I only slept 4 hours and have had nausea and much higher level of back pain all day. Makes me wonder whats in this and why the difference between two bottles of the exact same product. I don’t think it has THC as the added sticker says so… IDK wish i did bc after the first bottle i was very optimistic about this brand.

  4. Mary’s has two product lines: Mary’s Medicinals (avail in “legal” states) AND Mary’s Nutritionals 0.3% or less thc.

    I have used Marys Medicinals Cbd:Thc tincture and their Cbd:Cbn 1:1 tincture for sleep. Both are top notch products. Not the cheapest but possibly the best. Marys produces it the way I would if I could.

  5. Helps me deal with migraines, anxiety, and a sleep disorder caused from a head trauma accident.

  6. I tried the transdermal patch on the recommendation of my massage therapist. I had a particular nasty SI Joint injury which caused pain every time I stood or tried to walk. As I’m a fitness instructor, this isn’t great! Chiropractic and massage are a way of life. Within seconds of putting the patch on, the pain subsided, and today, I’m up and walking around without pain while the injury heals. What a total blessing. Can’t say enough good about this product, and trust me when I tell you, I’ve tried it all!

  7. I have Occipital Neuralgia and Degenerative Disc Disease. The patch has given me pain relief . I cut the patches so that I can use them 2-4 Days.

  8. I was given a sample pack of Mary’s Nutritionals as a gift from my daughter. I am struggling with intense knee pain due to a torn meniscus, bursitis and tendonitis. I was hoping that these products would be beneficial, but unfortunately that has not been the case for me. The packet of the GelPen had almost no product in it even though 1oz. was listed as the quantity. So therefore I did not receive a proper dosage of that product to be able to determine effectiveness. I wore the patch to bed hoping to get some relief from the pain, but to no avail. I did not experience even a little relief. I have used the compound, also to no avail. I have not used the muscle freeze or the remedy yet so cannot comment on those. Very disappointed. I usually have great luck with natural products and I was really hoping this would help.

  9. I get moderate, but good pain relief from Mary’s patch! My pain level is never below a 8 even after narcotics, but Mary’s patch brought it down to a tolerable 5! Her muscle freeze and compound works well for painful muscles

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