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Myaderm CBD Transdermal Pain Cream Review

REVIEW UPDATE 11/1/2017:

On a whim, I have since started applying 3 pumps of the MyadermPM to the back of my neck and shoulder area each morning and night (6 pumps total a day), and have stopped my other CBD products (for the sake of making sure it's really just the Myaderm doing the work). I have only experienced 1 migraine since starting, and it was one I woke up with because I fell asleep that previous night before I could apply the cream as usual. I never thought my migraines stemmed from neck problems, but looking back growing up, I've had more and more problems occurring. As a child, I would carry an extremely heavy backpack on one sole shoulder, my left one, all throughout my years in school. I've been having migraines on that left side, and I can often feel the pain twinging down into my shoulder. But, it wasnt enough for me to think it was the trigger of the migraines. Recently, I was working on something and quickly turned my head, only to have my neck seize up completely on that side. I could barely turn my head to look straight ahead. It was extremely painful, to say the least. This event was the beginning of me considering that maybe, just maybe, my neck/left shoulder has been more of an issue than I ever thought. Either way, as long as I have been applying it, I dont wake up with ANY neck pain, and NO migraine. I'll report back in a few weeks to update again. I never would have thought to use this as a preventative, just for acute relief! It could be a fluke. Only time will tell!


Myaderm Transdermal Pain Relief Cream

Myaderm Transdermal Pain Relief Cream is a CBD product that goes "through the skin" and into your blood stream. The difference between this and typical topical products has to do with the fact that topicals do not go "through the skin" and into the blood stream. Instead, topicals typically work on the top 3 layers of the skin only. This is why you can apply THC topically and not test positive on drug tests since it never goes into the blood stream.

Myaderm is a CBD isolate product rather than full spectrum. Basically, this should have no impact on drug testing due to the fact that it is absent of all THC (this can be confirmed via 3rd party lab tests). When you dispense one pump of the MyadermCBD or MyadermPM, you get 7mg of CBD. The entire bottle holds 700mg of CBD so you should be getting around 100 pumps in each bottle. They do also have MyadermPRO which is their extra strength version. It dispenses 14mg of CBD per pump, making it 1400mg in the entire bottle.

Now that the nitty gritty details are out of the way, let's chat about my experience and the things I like and dislike.


To start, I absolutely love the packaging for this product. It's safety wrapped so you know if it's been tampered with. It's clear and concise, and lists the exact CBD content as well as exactly how much it will dispense. Each time you use it, the amount it pumps out is basically always the same so you know how much you're getting. No dipping your fingers into a jar, no mess, no contamination. Very easy to carry in my purse and use on the go.


I find it smells relatively neutral. It's not overly fragrant or floral scented. I don't want to call the scent "medicinal" but it smells like a basic lotion or cream to me. The PM version smells ever so slightly stronger due to the added ingredients such as lavender oil. I was happy to find it was not overwhelming since I was applying this primarily on my face and strong scents are a migraine trigger for me.


When applying the cream to my skin, it absorbs relatively quickly. If I apply slightly too much and just start slathering it everywhere, it starts streaking kind of like sunscreen when you first apply it. Now it should be noted I was applying these to my forehead and temples, which doesn't have much surface area compared to where one would typically apply this such as the back or knee. Myaderm was not originally formulated as a target for migraine relief, but rather for relief from muscle pain, arthritis, etc. With that said, I HAVE used this on my neck and back and it evenly absorbs quickly when spread over bigger areas. So it's not really a fault of the product when I'm not using it the way it was originally intended. I found a workaround that I'll expand on in a moment. The cream itself doesn't feel very tacky and it does not leave a sticky film which is great. You can apply this to your back and not have to worry about your shirt sticking to it.


So, does it work? Well, it works significantly better than regular hemp topicals I've tried that's for sure! I think in the beginning I made a bit of a mistake. I would use just one 7mg pump on my forehead and temples. The instructions recommend 2 pumps to start with. Obviously, I can't apply all that to my forehead at once, It took long enough to rub in just one. "But wait," you say... "this stuff is transdermal!" It shouldn't really matter where I apply it since it should get into my blood stream no matter what. So that's what I did. I started applying one pump to my forehead for some "targeted" relief and another pump to my inner wrists followed by a pump to the back of my neck. Once I was done applying to my neck, my forehead would typically feel smooth and dry. So I would occasionally try to add yet another pump as a layer on top. Instead of 7mg of CBD, I was spreading out 21-28mg over various parts of my body. Once I started doing this, I started noticing more relief than before. My migraine would knock down a few notches, my muscles in my neck and forehead would loosen, and overall I'd just feel pretty alright, despite the migraine. While I'm hesitant to say it's aborted my migraines, there have been a few times where I could have sworn it broke it for me. In fact, I'm pretty surprised it works for me at all considering I typically favor full spectrum/broad spectrum products over isolate. I do think its strengths really lie in being great for deep muscular pain or nerve pain.

I've only used the PM version a few times. But when I do, I actually really like it, especially on my knees and calves. It's not often that I get restless leg but it does happen, and over my trial period of this product, it happened maybe 2-3 times. This stuff nipped it in the bud each time. I fell into bed relaxed, ready for sleep. One time I even had a migraine. Typically, falling asleep with a migraine is a challenge. Not with this! So definite props there.


I didn't have any issues so my interaction with them was limited, but everyone I did speak with was transparent, super welcoming, easy to speak to and never made me feel like I had a silly question. They had no issues giving me updated lab reports when asked. So, first impressions of their customer service was great.


The only qualm I have with this product is that it's isolate and I wish the pump dispensed a little less cream, but with the same concentration of CBD. Obviously the latter is a bit nit-picky, mainly because I just would like to be able to really apply more to my forehead. But this would also be solved by buying the PRO version which is more concentrated. And the former is just because I prefer full spectrum products, or at least ones with terpenes. But I know that this being isolate is good news for our members that are subject to drug testing.


So overall, I really like this product. It's super unique and pretty effective. I find it a welcomed tool in my chronic pain tool box that helps me cut down on my pharmaceutical use and live a better life. Transdermal products are relatively new on the scene so it's awesome to see a brand bringing some more to the market. As for the price, at 700mg for roughly $70, we're looking at $0.10 per mg (or $0.07 per mg for the Pro version). For any traditional isolate product, that would be a bit expensive, but it's important to understand that this is transdermal and has some pretty serious research backing it (it was also formulated by a pharmacist), not to mention the time that goes into making transdermal products, actually, well, TRANSDERMAL and not topical, so I think the price is partially justified. It's a better deal per mg than the Charlotte's Web or Mary's Nutritionals gel pens, which are 100mg CBD total for $50. While those are not isolates, I think it's okay to compare them considering Myaderm has 7x as much CBD.

P. S. They also have a pet product available and they are offering 10% off to our group members with promo code "cbdoilusers."


Myaderm has a low cost sample of its transdermal pain cream available for only $9.99 (includes free shipping). You get 5 sample packs that each have at least 7mg of CBD for a total of at least 35mg of CBD. You can also use our group discount code "cbdoilusers" to save 10% on all Myaderm products, including the sample pack. Myaderm only ships to U.S. residents currently.
Click here to get your sample of Myaderm CBD transdermal pain cream for $9.99


Myaderm is a pharmaceutical grade company dedicated to natural pain management through proprietary technologies with no side effects. They currently are the only brand of pharmacist formulated transdermal Cannabidiol (CBD) pain creams that therapeutically relieve pain.

Click here to visit the Myaderm website - save 10% with promo code "cbdoilusers"

Sarah Jorczyk

Sarah Jorczyk is an advocate for CBD products and one of the Administrators of the CBD Oil Users Group on Facebook. She strives to educate the public, and promotes the use of safe products while helping others throughout their CBD journey. You can also find a variety of her content, including reviews and educational videos, on the group's youtube page.

  1. I’m a faithful user of Myaderm pain cream for my severe nerve and neuropathy pain caused by HNPP along with a list of degenerative back issues. I’m also awaiting knee replacement and,while waiting, there are days that my knee pain is simply unbearable. Myaderm works for all of my issues within about ten seconds of applying. This cream makes the difference of a spent participating in life as opposed to lying in bed.

  2. I have developed painful arthritis in one wrist. Purchased the sample pack to try. Very impressed with the quick pain relief I experience. The relief lasts most of the day. Thankful for the relief as prescription and over the counter NSAIDs were causing side effects or were ineffective.

  3. I have terrible arthritis and, right now my hands/fingers are really bad. I’ve used the samples & have been truly amazed with how much relief I’ve gotten. One question – I find myself getting very sleepy and a have a strange taste in my mouth. The taste is not something that would prevent me from using it – just wondering if it was related. If it gets me sleepy, U’ll simply use it only at night. I find it will last 12 hours anyway. As far as it’s effectiveness, I give it an A+.

  4. I have severe pain throughout my body from fibromyalgia. I tried the samples in various areas & within minutes I could feel relief. It didn’t last as long as i hoped but for a few hours which was amazing to me. Along with my dose of cbd oil i was able to actually sleep 6 hours straight! I just ordered 2 bottles with the great black Friday sale. I can’t wait until it arrives.

  5. I too suffer from migraines with one of my many triggers being my neck. I’ve been using a homemade CBD oil, but I look forward to trying this!

  6. Two of my samples were busted open and all leaked out. Sent in a regular envelope not protected. Soaking wet.

    • Definitely contact them for a replacement, they seem to be excellent as far as customer service goes! They’ve also changed their packaging after receiving reports of this, and now it includes tracking and is padded.

  7. Sounds great. I just ordered some sample for intense nerve pain. I’m impressed with the ordering process and the speed projected for delivery. I hope it works as I’ve tried so many things that haven’t worked.

  8. Really confused here…. the first paragraph you mention that it does not go into the blood stream and a person won’t test positive. Several paragraphs later, you talk about it being nice to rub on anywhere on the body…due to the fact that as long as it goes into the blood stream it works. So which is it?

    • Hi there! In the first paragraph, I am explaining the differences between transdermal products and topical products, stating that “Myaderm Transdermal Pain Relief Cream is a CBD product that goes “through the skin” and into your blood stream.” Myaderm is transdermal. If it had any THC, there would be a potential for a positive on a drug test because it gets into the blood stream. The good news is that Myaderm doesnt contain any THC. I think you’re confused about the following sentence where I go on to mention topicals and how topicals do NOT go into the blood stream. Myaderm is not a topical. Hope that helps!

  9. are the 3.99 samples the ones in the picture above?

    • The $3.99 samples are the 3 single use packets shown in the picture! Not the bottles.

      EDIT: The samples have since changed to $9.99 to accommodate the new packaging and tracking provided, but they’ve doubled the amount you get in the package to 6 packets instead of 3.

  10. Anxious to try on my chronic back pain

  11. Thank you for this review!

    I suffer from multiple issues including spinal & nerve damage. The damage causes severe nerve & muscle pain as well as spasms throughout my entire body. I currently use topical creams as part of my prescription regimen so this may be a good option for me. I ordered a sample… thank you again!

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