CBD News Roundup for October 2021

We are officially into November and the holiday season is just around the corner. It’s time to look back on the notable news from the CBD industry in October.

As always, we focus on the research and news stories that we think are of most interest to users.

Lung Cancer Patient Taking CBD Oil Saw Reduction in Tumor

A UK case report published in October suggests that “the use of cannabinoids as a potential cancer treatment justifies further research.” It describes the case of a UK woman who was diagnosed with lung cancer and declined conventional treatments.

At a follow-up appointment, a CT scan showed that her tumor had reduced in size from 41mm to 10mm after 2.5 years. She revealed to her doctors that she had been regularly taking CBD oil since her diagnosis.

This led doctors to conclude that CBD oil may have contributed to the tumor regression and that more research should be conducted. It’s important to note that she was taking a CBD oil product with a high percentage of THC.

View the summary in the BMJ Case Reports journal

USPS Shipping Ban on CBD Vape Products

The U.S. Postal Service published its final rules about the shipment of e-cigarettes and vaping products. They clarified that the recent shipping ban on nicotine-based products also applies to hemp-derived cannabinoid vape products as well.

It’s disappointing news for users who purchase CBD vape products online. If you do, you may want to seek out nearby stores that sell CBD products for local options. It’s also likely that many online brands will just switch to an alternative delivery provider. 

Read a full-length article on this topic at Hemp Industry Daily

Legal Victory for Clint Eastwood Over Fake CBD Endorsements

Actor Clint Eastwood was awarded $6.1 million in his lawsuit against a Lithuanian company that used his name and image without his consent to endorse its CBD products. Eastwood stated in court filings that he has “no connection of any kind whatsoever to any CBD products.”

Unfortunately, this is just one of many cases involving unscrupulous companies that are unlawfully using celebrity names to market the “free trial bottle of CBD oil” scam. Other celebrities whose name and likeness is being used without their permission as part of this scam include Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil, Oprah, Steve Harvey, Donald Trump and many others.

Consumers should always be wary of any online offer of a free trial of CBD oil or gummies. Once the scammers have your payment card information for the small shipping fee, they will continue to charge you up to $90 per month until you cancel your subscription with them. Contact your bank or credit card company for help if you’ve been a victim of this scam.

Read the full article on the Hemp Today website

Looking Ahead to November

We expect to get updates in November on the legal status of Delta 8 THC and other “conversion” cannabinoid products. In late October, Texas seemed to have banned Delta 8. But in early November, an injunction was issued to allow for their continued sale in the state.

It’s also the month for the best deals of the year from most of the major CBD brands. We’ll be keeping track of the Best CBD Black Friday deals and Best CBD Cyber Monday deals on our website so that you can take advantage of these sales.

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