CBD News Roundup for September 2021

September brought the official end of the summer season and the beginning of cooler autumn temperatures.

It was also harvest time for most hemp farms. As we see each year, most of the major brands had special First Day of Fall CBD sales. These sales help companies make room in their inventory for the influx of products made from the newly harvested hemp.

While it was a slow month for substantive CBD research, there was some major industry news from the month. Here’s our summary of the top CBD headlines for the month of September 2021.

New California Law Allows Use of CBD in Foods and Beverages

The California state legislature overwhelmingly passed Assembly Bill 45 in early September. It clears the way for the retail sale of hemp-derived extracts, including CBD, in foods, beverages and other products such as cosmetics. Previously, selling CBD products as a dietary supplement and as an additive had been deemed illegal by the California Department of Public Health.

Hopefully, this new California law will become a model for other states and at the federal level.

View the press release from the U.S. Hemp Roundtable

FDA and CDC Issue Warnings about Delta 8 Products

Both the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently issued consumer alerts about Delta 8 THC products. The popularity and availability of Delta 8 products has increased sharply in the last several months.

The FDA consumer update spells out 5 things that consumers should know about Delta 8 to keep them safe from products that may pose serious health risks. It raises several concerns about how Delta 8 products are made, their effects and how they are being marketed. 

Similarly, the CDC alert cites a recent increase in “adverse events” involving Delta 8 products. It also warns consumers of the possibility of psychoactive effects and recommends that retailers address issues of insufficient product labeling.

Read a full-length article on this topic from Hemp Grower

Rising Popularity of CBN for Sleep

A recent article published by Hemp Industry Daily discusses the recent surge in popularity of cannabinol (CBN) products. Specifically, it shows the sharp growth in revenue from CBN products at marijuana retailers in California, Colorado, Nevada and Oregon.

Consumers appear to be embracing the increased availability of CBN products and are using them primarily as a sleep aid.

Read the article on Hemp Industry Daily

New Product Releases from Major CBD Brands

As recently as 2019, the product offerings of even the largest brands were very simple. Most companies offered a CBD tincture and one or two other products such as capsules or gummies.

Flash forward to 2021 where consumers have far more choices when it comes to both brands and product types. You can chalk this up to the explosive growth in the popularity of CBD in the last couple of years. 

As the major brands have grown and matured, they’ve all been innovating and broadening their product lines to stand out from the crowd. In September of 2021, there were 3 notable product releases from top brands.

1. cbdMD began offering full spectrum tinctures and softgel capsules. Previously, all of their products were broad spectrum (THC free). The addition of full spectrum products is a logical move given that the majority of users prefer them.

2. Charlotte’s Web launched 3 new formulas of gummies: (a) full spectrum daily wellness, (b) full spectrum immunity and (c) THC free. This wasn’t a surprise since gummies have become the second most popular way of taking CBD.

3. Five CBD re-introduced their Delta 8 THC gummies. This is also not a surprise given the current popularity of Delta 8 products.

Looking Ahead to October

In October, we expect to hear updates on the push for regulation of hemp-derived CBD products by the FDA. Several top hemp industry groups have been lobbying both houses of Congress for several months.

We’re also expecting some good deals from the major brands in late October when they announce their Halloween CBD sales

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