4th of July CBD & THC Deals

4th of July CBD & THC Deals

Tips for Properly Storing Your CBD Oil

Storing your CBD oil the right way will extend its useful life and preserve its potency and flavor.  Most CBD oil bottles have a dropper top and are made of glass. So you also want to take precautions to avoid leaks and breakages. Properly storing and caring for your bottle is important since quality CBD isn’t cheap and most users rely on taking it each day.

Here are our top tips for storing and caring for your bottle of CBD oil to help ensure that you get full use from it and avoid a costly mistake.

Store Your CBD Oil in a Cool, Dark Place

The #1 rule for storing CBD oil is to keep it out of direct sunlight at a temperature of between 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit. Exposure to direct sunlight or heat can break down the cannabinoids in the product and lower its potency. This is why most CBD oil bottles have a dark tint. The dark bottle helps keep light and heat out to extend its shelf life.

Cooler temperatures also inhibit bacteria growth and prevent the carrier oil from going rancid. It’s not necessary to store CBD oil in the refrigerator. Doing so is generally OK but refrigeration can cause some tinctures to become thicker and more difficult to accurately dose.

Limit Exposure to Air

After you’ve used the product, be sure to screw the top back on. Similar to light and heat, exposure to air can degrade the product. So treat your bottle of CBD oil like you would a food product to keep it fresh.

Getting into the habit of keeping the lid screwed on firmly can also prevent a costly spill. Perhaps nothing is more frustrating for users than accidentally knocking over their bottle and losing some of its contents because the top wasn’t on it. Just don’t over-tighten it because some dropper tops have been known to break if screwed on too tightly.

Secure It In Your Purse or Luggage

When transporting your bottle of CBD oil, make sure the top is on securely and keep the bottle upright to prevent leaks. You’ll want to pack it with care so the glass bottle doesn’t break from impact or knocking against other objects.

Don’t Store CBD Oil in Your Car

The car is one of the worst places for you to keep your bottle of CBD oil. Temperatures inside a car without air flow can skyrocket, especially during summer months. As mentioned above, heat can causes the cannabinoids to break down and decrease in effectiveness. Road vibrations can also slowly loosen the top of the bottle and cause leaks.

Keep The Dropper Out of Your Mouth

Some new users make the mistake of letting their dropper make contact with their mouth. Doing this can introduce bacteria into your bottle of CBD oil. Instead, hold the dropper above your mouth and slowly squeeze the drops into your mouth under the tongue. Dispensing the drops while looking into a mirror can help you do this effectively.

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