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Brian Peterson

Brian Peterson has been a CBD consumer advocate and educator since 2013. He is the founder and managing editor of the website. He's also the lead administrator of the CBD Oil Users Group, the largest CBD group on Facebook. His passion is educating consumers so that they can make their own decisions when purchasing and using CBD products.

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  1. Overall rating

    I’ve been trying for over a year to come up with a CBD product that worked for my anxiety and insomnia. I was even resorting to using Lexapro for anxiety and Ambien to sleep, so I was desperate for answers. I was also self medicating with wine…..LOL! (which was nice but still not the right way to address anxiety)

    I tried Pure Kana, Charlotte’s Web, Hemp Bombs and too many others to mention that just failed and cost me a lot of money.

    Someone in this group posted about Vape Bright. I thought well, I’m going to give vaping a try and if it didn’t work, I was going to throw in the towel and forget about CBD altogether.

    I purchased their starter kit, and let me tell you this product is beyond AMAZING! It worked the first day I used it! I did their recommended dosage of 10-12 puffs 1 to 2 times per day. Once a day dosage is plenty for me.

    Not only did it help with anxiety, I slept through the night for the first time in YEARS. Occasionally I will still wake in the middle of the night, but I’m able to fall right back asleep, which I could never do before because the anxiety would immediately kick in, my brain would start racing, and I would only get 3-4 hours of sleep a night- if I was lucky.

    Not only is Vape Bright effective for me, it is a company built on integrity, third party testing is the norm- not the exception, (and updated on their website regularly) no PG or carrier oils, and is organically grown. That to me says product safety for the consumer is paramount, which is very critical to me in a business that is largely unregulated.

    I wished I would have saved the post from this group that suggested Vape Bright, because I owe this person a HUGE debt of gratitude.

    So the only thing I can do is “pay it forward” in hopes that someone in this group will see my post and give Vape Bright consideration in their quest to find inner peace from whatever ails them.

    + PROS: Excellent product! Integrity in what they sell
    - CONS: Can be pricey for some
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  2. Overall product rating

    This is my favorite vape. Consistently effective and never harsh (I have asthma so I’m sensitive that way). Flavor does vary, though. Sometimes it has almost a clove-like flavor, and sometimes just a mild dope flavor. The hardware does seem to be a little better quality than some other brands I have purchased, and holds a charge a long time.

    + PROS: Not harsh Effective Clean taste
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  3. Overall product rating

    Love vape bright. Great customer service.
    Works for me!

    + PROS: Taste great Works
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  4. Overall product rating

    I felt absolutely no effects after 10 hits of the CBD. Extremely disappointed looking for it to help with pain and anxiety.

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  5. Overall product rating

    I love Vape Bright.
    Easy to tell it’s working.
    Great to get immediate pain relief!

    + PROS: Easy to use, fast acting.
    - CONS: Pricey, but worth it.
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  6. Overall product rating

    The best CBD Vape I’ve ever tried. Bought the Thrive vape pen about a month ago and it tastes amazing. Super clean oil, not too harsh. Would definitely recommend it.

    + PROS: Taste
    - CONS: If you draw on it for too long, it can be a little harsh
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