How to Add Terpenes to CBD Oil

CBD is the main player in CBD oil, as the name implies. But did you know that terpenes can also be beneficial? Full spectrum CBD oils contain terpenes already, but the practice of adding specific ones has been slowly rising in popularity. For some, this practice is exactly what they need to get what they want out of their CBD experience.

What are Terpenes?

Terpenes are found in almost all plants and cannabis is no exception. They contribute to the scent and flavor of vegetables, fruits, flowers, and herbs, and they also have individual medicinal properties.

Terpenes are similar to essential oils and are generally treated the same way. When you smell lemons, which are often associated with an invigorating and uplifting effect, you are partly smelling the limonene terpene in them.

Why Use Terpenes?

Full spectrum CBD oils already contain terpenes in addition to other naturally-occurring cannabinoids and flavonoids. The amount and variety of terpenes in the product can depend on the extraction method that was used. The specific terpenes that are present depend on the source plant or strain. Certain strains are higher in specific terpenes than others.

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to purchase CBD oils knowing which strain that a brand uses. It’s typically not disclosed, or the brand uses a mixture of source material to make their products. Additionally, terpene testing is not as common as regular potency testing for CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids.

This is why some people are choosing to supplement their CBD oils with the use of additional terpenes. This is especially useful with CBD isolate oils because they lack terpenes and other cannabinoids entirely, which means there is no entourage effect. Essentially, there is no synergistic effect when CBD is used alone. Adding in other components, such as terpenes, can boost the effects of the CBD.

How Do I Add Terpenes to CBD Oil?

There are a few different ways to supplement with terpenes. One can add them to their existing CBD oils. Others choose to create pure terpene oils without any CBD, and take them separately depending on their daily needs. And some choose to make their CBD oils from scratch with concentrates and carrier oils, and add their own terpenes. Terpenes can also be added directly to concentrates, such as wax or slabs, sparingly.

Some of the most common terpenes that can be added are:

When purchasing pure terpenes, be sure to follow the dilution guide that should be provided by the company. Terpenes are similar to essential oils in that they should never be applied “neat”. Meaning, they should always be diluted before application or ingestion. Usually, a few drops is all it takes for an entire bottle of CBD.

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