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Frequently Asked Questions

A common question asked by those looking to buy CBD oil products is, “What’s the difference between hemp oil and CBD oil?” It's understandably confusing since ...

So, you’ve decided that you want to start using CBD oil products for your ailments. You’re probably wondering, “What now? What type of product do I choose? ...

For better or worse, drug testing has become commonplace in the United States. People are subject to drug tests by employers, pain management doctors, law ...

Understanding the difference between the three major types of CBD products (full spectrum, broad spectrum, and isolate) is one of the most important first ...

Occasionally, we will hear about someone who is finding that their CBD product works great for one symptom they have but not so much for another. And so we ...

We often get asked why CBD oil drops from different brands are different colors. We also get asked why the color can vary even within the same brand. It is ...

CBD Oil Users

Where can I buy the best CBD products?

That’s a question that we hear every day from people in our CBD Oil Users Group on Facebook. The honest answer to that question is that there is no brand that is “best” for everyone or for specific conditions. The effects of CBD oil are highly individualized and everyone is different. Anyone who tells you that one brand is the best is probably selling it.


The CBD industry is still new and largely unregulated. There are an estimated 3,500 different CBD brands selling products today. Each of them would like you to think that their products are the best. In reality, there are many reputable brands and also some not-so-reputable brands.


It can all be confusing and overwhelming for those who are just starting their CBD journey. We help consumers make the right buying and usage decisions for themselves by providing educational articles and recommendations of the most respected companies in the industry. Our expertise is based on our own research and personal experience, as well as the direct feedback that we get from CBD oil users on a daily basis.


We do not sell any CBD products or promote any particular brand. We do maintain a list of safe and reputable brands to help narrow down the choices for those looking for recommendations. All of the companies on our best CBD oil brands list have been vetted for product quality, customer service and positive feedback from users.


We encourage you to do your research, ask questions of others and make the choices that are right for you. For those who are unsure where to start, our CBD recommendations tool walks you through the basics and suggests a few brands based on your answer to 2 questions.

CBD Oil Users