CBD Oil Without THC Recommendations

Question 2: How do you want to take your CBD oil? (click one of the 6 buttons below)


Drops (Tincture) – Oral tinctures are the most popular way of taking CBD oil. Drops are placed under the tongue and absorbed sublingually into the blood stream.


Vape Oils (e-liquids) – Vaping is the second most popular way of taking CBD oil. A vape pen or mod is required to vape CBD oil that is formulated specifically for vaping.


Gummies – Similar to capsules, some prefer gummies due to the ease of use and taste.


Capsules – Taking CBD capsules or gelcaps can be convenient and easier for dosing.


Topicals – Creams and salves that are applied to the skin are another popular way of taking CBD.


CBD Isolate – 99+% pure CBD isolate can be purchased in various forms including powder, crystals and shatter. Isolate can be used to vape, dab or to make your own tinctures or topicals.