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Can CBD Oil Cause Weird Dreams and Nightmares?

If you’ve been having weird dreams or nightmares since starting CBD oil, you aren’t alone. Many members of our Facebook group have told us that they’ve experienced this as well. While there isn’t yet any scientific research that proves CBD is the cause, there is a large amount of anecdotal evidence that it’s a common occurrence.

For many, bad dreams when starting a daily regimen of CBD is a temporary side effect that only lasts for a couple of weeks. Others find that they need to switch products, lower the amount they are taking, or change the time that they’re taking it.

The purpose of this article is to discuss why CBD may cause vivid dreams and what others have done to get bad dreams to stop happening. As with most things when it comes to CBD, it affects everyone differently and you may have to do some experimenting to find what solves the issue for you.

Why CBD May Cause Vivid Dreams

CBD promotes homeostasis, or an overall sense of balance and stability, within the body. With regard to sleep specifically, studies have shown that CBD can help restore your natural sleep cycle. This includes the REM (rapid eye movement) stage of sleep where dreams start to occur.

Sleep Stages Affecting Dreams When Taking CBD Oil

So an onset of vivid dreams may be because you are experiencing more REM sleep or a deeper state of the REM stage than you were previously. You may also be going through a “catch-up” phase if you were having sleep issues before starting the CBD oil.

Another reason that you may notice changes in your dream activity is because of product ingredients other than CBD. For example, many CBD products that are specifically formulated to promote sleep contain melatonin. Melatonin is a natural hormone that regulates the body’s sleep-wake cycles. When taken as a supplement, it has also been shown to induce weird and vivid dreams in some people.

What You Can Do To Stop Bad Dreams from CBD

Most users who say that their sleep has improved since starting CBD are welcoming to their increased dream activity. But some people have reported terrifying bad dreams or nightmares which can have the opposite effect.

If you started having bad dreams or nightmares that you think may be caused by CBD, we recommend that you try to give it a couple of weeks. As mentioned above, they stop for most people as their bodies adjust to it. If they persist, here are 3 things that you can try to stop them from happening based on the experiences that users have shared with us.

1. Change the time that you are taking your CBD. There is no best time to take CBD for everyone but most people take it at least twice a day. If you’re experiencing unwanted sleep effects, you can try taking your last dose either earlier or later than you have been.

2. Lower the amount that you are taking. Less can often be more when it comes to CBD dosing. Taking too much can result in unwanted side effects and taking less can eliminate those.

3. Switch product type or brands. Every CBD product has a unique combination of cannabinoids and terpenes. These are the naturally-occurring cannabis compounds that determine the specific effects on you. If you’re having bad dreams from a full spectrum product, you may want to try a broad spectrum or isolate product. Or vice versa since some studies show that THC can reduce REM sleep.

16 Responses

  1. Definitely weird dreams taking CDB gummies. A mismatch of different places and people, all moving very fast. One moment I’m at the beach with an old boss ignoring me, and the next minute, I’m frantically trying to get out of a building where the doors keep changing.

  2. My first CBD was a broad spectrum, nighttime turpine mix. This one I don’t think I’ll use anymore cuz everytime I get extremely vivid nightmares and I have rarely gotten nightmares before. I was still wanting to try using CBD for anxiety tho so I got a full spectrum one more for daytime use and that’s been working wonderfully. So I’m wondering if it’s the other components that have that affect. (Also it’s important to keep in mind that everyone reacts differently to different substances.)

  3. CBD gummies give me extremely vivid dreams. Sometimes they’re interesting and exciting “lucid” dreams, other times they’re super awkward and bizarre.

  4. I have bad dreams with the cbd oil but not with the capsules, it’s the same brand each time, they are sort of horror film type dreams with a comic element, very bizarre, with the capsules my dreams are vivid and I remember them but they are pleasant enough. With the oil the dreams seem to get more pleasant as the night goes on, as the effects start to wear off.

  5. People are mentioning THC but I believe that has nothing to do with it. I used to smoke a little Indica before bed and only had enjoyable dreams – actually looked forward to them. First week trying CBD oil and the dreams are terrifying so far.

    1. That’s because thc withdrawal causes nightmares and using cbd during withdrawal makes the nightmares even more terrifying. At least that’s what I think that happens to me.

  6. I take full spectrum cbd 1500mg for anxiety and fibromyalgia but had to stop taking it right before bedtime as it gives me faint hallucinations every time I shut my eyes at night and actually stops me from sleeping. I believe this is because it has a small amount of thc in it. I take it in the morning and at teatime now and that is much better. They say science has no proof to back this up but I can assure the scientists that this is the case.

  7. I take CBD oil (THC free) 6 ml at night and 6 ml in the morning. Have bad nightmares sometimes shouting. I take it for RA. Please advice me. I have been taking it for 2 and a half years now .

  8. I have used cbd oil for 4 yrs for ra which had an extremely low amount of thc and last week i tried just cbd oil with no thc .Last night I had a scary vivid dream there was a mouse right near me eating food in a cardboard tray. I panicked and shot out of bed. From now on I will take the cbd earlier in the day. once was enough…

  9. It’s the remembering of CBD induced disturbing dreams during the day (and sometimes at night) that’s disruptive for me. I’m playing with dosage and schedule to see if I can manage it. I’m using very small amounts of a tincture I like, and it’s hard to administer consistent amounts with a dropper. I tried cutting up gummies in the past but I didn’t like the available brands effect. Bottom line is, the vivid dreams and remembering part when using CBD is real, though not everyone experiences it.

    1. I use a very small syringe without the needle. You can get them at any drugstore as people with type 1 diabetes use then for injections. I can measure from .01 ml to .10. Much more accurate than using drops.

  10. I have found that if I’m having negative thoughts before sleep, I have bad dreams..positive thoughts, good, vivid, weird, funny dreams while using cbd at night.

  11. I take a 30mg CBD Gummy every night before bed for the past year, I have very vivid dreams but I actually enjoy it. I never have bad dreams just weird dreams that I find funny 😂 I used to have bad dreams and I know there are people out there they wouldn’t believe this but I wear a cross around my neck. I never take it off and have been wearing it for years. I never have bad dreams. It could be a placebo effect, if I believe it works then it works for me. Just thought i should share it 😃 I’m not a religious person but I do believe in God.

  12. I have been taking CBD for sleep for approximately 2 years and it has worked amazingly, however for the past couple of months I have been having very vivid dreams and some nightmares, which is very strange because for most of my life I have never woke up remembering my dreams. I am still sleeping but I feel that I am semi-conscious for a lot of the night and I am now waking 2 hour before my alarm (at around 4:00am). I am going to try some of the above suggestions but am worried I may need to stop taking CBD which has been like a sleep miracle for me.

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