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Charlotte’s Web Reviews for 2024

Charlotte’s Web is a world-renowned brand of CBD products with a simple purpose: to better the planet and the people living on it. 

They have been a leader in the CBD industry since 2013 when they gained national prominence from being featured in a CNN Special Report by Dr. Sanjay Gupta. The story of Charlotte Figi and how the high CBD product developed by the Stanley Brothers helped her ignited the public’s interest in CBD oil.

Today, their proprietary full spectrum hemp extract continues to make them one of the most popular CBD brands on the market. Their product line has grown to include tinctures, gummies, capsules, topicals and pet products – all featuring their unique formula.

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Which Charlotte's Web CBD Oil is Right for You?

The Charlotte’s Web product line consists of 4 full spectrum oils, 1 isolate oil, 3 options of gummies, 2 options of capsules, 3 topicals, drops for dogs and 3 options of dog chews. All of their products are now CO2 extracted, with the exception of the Original Formula (50 mg) product. The Original Formula oil still uses the original IPA extraction process.

All of their products use the same source hemp extract. You may see some differences between the Original Formula (50 mg) and the rest of the line (7 mg, 17 mg and 60 mg) due to the different extraction processes. The 7 mg, 17 mg and 60 mg tinctures can generally be thought of as the exact same product. The difference is the potency or increasing degree of concentrated, full spectrum hemp extract.

If you haven’t used CBD before, the 17 mg tincture is a good choice to start with. It’s lower in potency than the 50 mg or 60 mg options, but it is an affordable way to try the Charlotte’s Web product to see if it works well for you. 

One benefit of buying the higher-potency products is a lower cost per milligram. Another benefit is that you can take less oil to get the same dose. For example, you would need to consume 2 milliliters (dropperfuls) of the 17 mg tincture to get 34 milligrams of CBD whereas you would only need to consume 0.5 milliliters (or a half of a dropperful) of the 60 mg tincture to get 30 milligrams of CBD.

CBD Gummies

The Charlotte’s Web gummies are available in 3 different formulas: “Sleep”, “Recovery” and “Calm.” Each of the 3 options come in 60-count containers and contain 5mg of CBD per gummy. All of the CW gummies are full spectrum and contain over 80 naturally-occurring cannabinoids plus terpenes. 

The suggested serving size is 2 gummies for each of the formulas. Since each gummy contains 5mg of CBD, that is a total suggested serving size of 10 milligrams. If you’re taking one serving per day, then each 60-count container will last you a month. The suggested serving size is just a suggestion. You may find that you need to take less or more than 2 gummies for you to get optimal results.

In addition to being sold individually, there is also a CBD Gummy Mix Pack. It contains a container of each formula for a special price that is 20% off the cost of buying each individually.

Do Their Products Contain CBD?

Charlotte’s Web products are labeled as “hemp extract.” As a result, you may be unsure as to whether CW products contain CBD. Rest assured, Charlotte’s Web products do indeed contain CBD! It’s not uncommon for brands to say hemp extract on their labels for regulatory reasons.

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Charlotte's Web Dosage Guide

How much Charlotte’s Web you should take depends on a variety of factors, including the specific product that you’ve chosen. Their CBD oil drops range in concentration from 7 milligrams of CBD per milliliter to 60 milligrams per milliliter.

With all Charlotte’s Web products, we recommend starting “low and increasing slow” to find your “sweet spot” dosage. This means taking only a small amount of CBD at the start, and slowly increasing it over the course of a few weeks.

A common starting amount would be 5-10 mg of CBD per day for a week. Generally, this is split up into 2-3 daily doses per day. You can then gradually increase the amount over time until you find what works best for you. 

When starting out, using a dosing log is recommended. Keeping track of how much you are taking, how often, and what benefits you are experiencing will help you find your optimal dose.


How to Use the Charlotte's Web Coupon Code

Charlotte’s Web makes it very easy to enter your coupon code and save money on your online order.

After you’ve added all the product that you want to buy to your shopping cart, click the “View Cart” button. Below the products shown in your Shopping Cart, you’ll see a “Discount Codes” section. There is a coupon code field in that section of the shopping cart page.

Enter your coupon code into this field and then click the “Apply” button. You should then see a message that says “Coupon code was applied.” You’ll also see the discount applied to your order.

To finalize your order, click the “Go To Checkout” button. During the checkout process, you’ll enter your billing address, shipping address, shipping method and payment information.

Charlotte's Web CBD Coupon Code Checkout Instructions

Are there any restrictions on use of the Charlotte’s Web coupon code?

The coupon code is not valid on bundles or bulk packages.

Is there any dollar limit on how much I can save with the Charlotte’s Web promo code?

No, there is no limit on savings from using the Charlotte’s Web coupon code.

What if the coupon code isn’t working for me?

If you have any issues with the checkout process, you can contact Charlotte’s Web customer service for assistance. You can reach them by phone at (855) 790-8169. There is also a contact form via the “Contact Us” link at the bottom of their website.

Charlotte's Web Reviews by Users

Reviews of Charlotte’s Web by real users are shown in the comments section below.

If you’ve used CBD products from Charlotte’s Web, please take a few minutes to write your own review in the “LEAVE A REPLY” section at the bottom of the reviews shown on this page. Your review will help other users get informed and find the CBD products that are right for them. Thank you!

Important disclaimers:

The following Charlotte’s Web reviews are made by consumers. Charlotte’s Web does not endorse, support, or affirm the reviews or recommendations.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Charlotte’s Web products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

51 Responses

  1. I take Charlotte Web for my seizures. It’s helped me stop my seizures. When I feel a Aura when my leg jump or my heart starts to beat fast. I take a tube full and go lay down and take a nap so I want fall and hurt myself. When I wake up I feel like normal. I haven’t had a seizure for a year now.

  2. Extremely disappointed by their customer service. I had been using this product for a while and really like it. Spent a lot of money with this company. The last bottle I received had glass chards in it. I sent them an email with pictures. The shards were small enough that they could have been suck up through the dropper. I had used about a third of it before I realized that there was an odd sound in the bottle. I filtered it and found a glass portion of another dropper and the shards. Bottom line they replaced the bottle. I personally believed they should have offered more than a replacement. I wrote them regarding this two different times and never heard a peep. Suffice to say, I’ll never use them again. Be aware, customer service is horrible, watch your bottles for glass, and feel fortunate, after proof of glass shards, that you get a replacement and NOTHING more.

  3. We really like CW’s CBD Gummies in our home, both the “Calm” and the “Recovery” Gummies. They work so effectively for us that we will continue to use them. Our only disappointment with Charlotte’s Web is that we have had several very poor (or nonexistent) customer service experiences. We had a question about a product so we called the customer service line and on three separate occasions no one answered after considerable periods of time on hold listening to music. Then we tried entering our question into their messaging system. We did receive an email telling us that someone would reply within a certain number of business days but no one has ever replied. The products we have bought have been excellent and we will probably continue to purchase them but CW is apparently not interested in answering questions.

  4. Update! I am happy to inform that I finally got to speak to someone on the phone and they were quick to send me a replacement. To anyone struggling to contact them, I recommend using the phone number (I had no luck with the web chat or the email address). After speaking with someone on the phone, I am delighted by their customer service and truly happy to continue buying from them, since as I said in the previous post the products in my first purchase a few months ago were excellent.

    It saddens me to leave a negative review for Charlotte’s Web since my first experience with them was excellent. My second order never arrived and I have been unable to reach anyone at Charlotte’s Web about re-shipping the misplaced order or receiving a refund for it. It is quite a lot of money to lose on a purchase, and I had hoped for better customer service to help resolve this issue.

  5. I have been using CW 60 mg oil for a few months. I use 1 to 3 full droppers a day to help with calming. I do wish that their dropper was calibrated in ml for more accurate measurement. My main complaint is that their customer service and shipping have degraded since COVID hit CO. My last order took three weeks to arrive via USPS so next time I will use their UPS 2 day delivery. I also had problems with getting thru to customer service via phone and not having phone calls returned. At least their quality is top notch but expensive.

  6. I have been looking for a product to help my 10 year old Malinois pup feel better and less sore. I have tried your hip and joint for dogs and I’m amazed!!! She is so happy and she acts like a pup again! I ran out once and could immediately see the difference so I ordered quickly and she’s back to her normal Malinois self. Thank you so much for having this option for my pup and me.

  7. I tried gummy bears for sleep; however, they did not work for me. What did work for me was their INCREDIBLE customer service. I was off the phone with a refund in a couple of minutes. I also would like to put in a good word for my customer service rep, Monica Dickson. She was incredibly efficient and knowledgeable – not only in the refund process, but answering some questions that I had about other products. It was a seamless experience, and I will highly recommend Charlotte’s Web to my family and friends. Bravo to a great company!!!!!

  8. I’m 70 years old. I have been taking Charlotte’s Web 60 mg strength 2 x a day and am able to get out of bed and pretty much function. Not running races but can do my self care and be pleasant. Works for me.

  9. A full dropper means this: squeeze the dropper’s contents to make sure it is empty into the bottle by compressing the rubber tip with your fingers. Keep it compressed as you stick the dropper further into the bottle. Open your grip on the rubber tip to promote the liquid entering into the dropper. A full dropperful is as much as will go up into the dropper. Rub the sides of the dropper along side the inside of the bottle to remove excess. It does not mean to the top of the dropper. The measuring is done in advance.

    Now, I just bought some. 7 mg per serving because I am VERY sensitive. I have not tried it yet. I am sure I will love it. Will let you know soon!

    1. I have been using Charlotte’s web for almost 3 years now. I highly recommend trying it. You need to take it for a full month though before you will truly be able to tell if it’s working or not.

  10. This oil has been so helpful. I was taking it daily but noticed after a month I wasn’t feeling it anymore. So I stopped for a month and now take it only as needed and it works like a charm.

    1. Life-changing product has saved my life, my job, and gets me up and moving everyday without needing caffeine or anything else. Most of the other stuff on the market is junk. Charlotte’s Web is the real deal.

  11. Charlotte’s Web extra strength hemp oil extract olive oil flavor calms my mind when I go to bed at night and helps me sleep.

  12. This stuff is amazing!!! It has done wonders for me! I HIGHLY recommend trying it. It has changed my life!!!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    1. I was on the lookout for CBD oil. Not just any kind because I wanted the best. I began studying and doing some research to understand what CBD oil was because I was hearing it was helpful. I decided to go into this this place here in Oklahoma that I pass by every day. I am so glad I took that step forward. The women were very helpful with information of what I needed I purchase Charlotte’s Web CBD oil 17 mg lemon twist. I took it at 12:30 that afternoon and by 3 I had this feeling of aliveness. That evening I realized that I wasn’t as tired and exhausted. I’m sure no doubt in time this oil will help me to live a better quality of life. I’m so ever grateful for finding this piece of the puzzle for my life. I look forward to enjoying life again. CBD oil is a product that changes your life for good. Thank you Charlotte’s Web – keep up the good work.

  13. In the first dose it provided relaxation but we need to wait to see how it evolves. The quality is so good that you can feel the effort that was put on the process. This might work for some and not for others as all bodies are different.

  14. I began experimenting with CW about 2 months ago. I highly recommend the mint chocolate flavored oil. Thank you, Stanley Brothers, for helping me with an issue that I thought would never resolve. When you have hope, you have everything.

  15. Have used the tincture of everyday advanced for over a year. I take one dropperful twice a day. It really helps.

  16. Charlotte’s Web has been nothing short of a miracle for me. I’m so grateful. Yes, it’s pricey but if it works, then I think it’s worth it. I use the Mint Chocolate and don’t have an issue with the taste.

  17. I love the product. But it cost a lot and it is hard to measure. I like the old bottle. I really wish I can get the product faster in the mail. Always afraid I will run out and I can’t be without it.

  18. I tried 3 different brands before buying this. I had some success with one previous brand but it was cost prohibitive. Full spectrum was important for me. I started out with one drop 3xs a day and worked my way up to 10 drops 3xs a day. Charlotte’s Web Advanced gave me life back. Because of the cost, I decided to try a popular brand that’s half the price. I’m miserable and can’t wait to buy Charlotte’s Web again. I will never stray again.

  19. A bit of a mixed review from me on this one. I started my CBD journey with CW Everyday Advanced (the highest potency they offer). I used it in varying amounts for the first three weeks and didn’t get any relief. One day I’d try 1/4 dropper, the next 1/2 a dropper. I read an article about a woman who used up to 2 dropperfuls at one time, so I tried a full dropper. Then I took it 2x per day or 3x per day – basically I was all over the map, which was a mistake on my part. During this time I started noticing some changes. I also started to really enjoy the chocolate mint flavor. At first, it tasted like chocolate mint ashes to me… but later I found myself putting one drop on the tip of my tongue before using the rest sublingually.

    CW has become an emotional favorite of mine. I have a good association with it, I like the taste and it helps me. I use it as sort of a baseline, since my daily amount is more than some others need. I take 1/4 to 1/2 of my daily needs in CW then the rest I use another product. I’d recommend that CW is definitely worth a try.

    Make sure you request lab results for the batch you get. Then pay attention to the CBD mg/ml numbers. The label refers to “Hemp Extract” mg which is NOT the same as CBD mg. In my two batches, the CBD mg was about 60% of the “Hemp Extract” mg number listed on the label. LAB RESULTS RULE!

  20. I added 70 mg of the Charlotte’s Web capsules. It’s easier to get through a 13 hour shift.

  21. I started using CW Everyday Plus 1 month ago. I’ve been wanting to try CBD for a long time and finally decided to give it a try. It helps so much. I have tried 3 different brands and find Charlotte’s Web to be the most effective. It has had an accumulating effect so things are improving more each day. Thinking about trying the cream for target areas.

  22. Using the Charlotte’s Web Everyday Advanced helped me. I gave 2 bottles of CW for friends to try because I was so happy with the response I have had. I will still use the Charlotte’s Web daily.

  23. I have been taking Charlotte’s Web CBD oil for a few months now and I’m pretty sure I will take it the rest of my life. A friend told me about this brand. It has helped me so much! I never believed this could happen in my life again.

  24. I use Charlotte’s Web Everyday Plus. The relief I have received has been incredible. I will continue to carry and use.

  25. I take 1-2 15 mg capsules a day on a regular basis. I increase it if needed. They come in 15mg and 30mg. I start with 15mg and take 2 if it’s a rough day and another 15 mg at lunch if I remember. I tried another brand and it did not feel similar to this. It didn’t help me switch gears like Charlotte’s Web does. I definitely recommend.

  26. I have been using Charlotte’s Web for three months now. Nothing seemed to be helping..until I found this amazing product. I watched the Weed documentary from Dr. Gupta before and it sounded too good to be true. Well let me tell you what a difference it has made. I am in love with this product. I am so grateful. Thank you.

  27. I have used Charlotte’s Web exclusively for the past 5 month. CW has far exceeded my hopes! I’m SO very thankful for this!! I’ve never used another brand of CBD oil. CW is the only brand that my store carries. I don’t plan to try others either. I believe that this is the brand for me. I would recommend Charlotte’s Web to everyone. It has been a godsend to me. Thank you so very, very much!!!

  28. I have been using the CBD oil balm extra strength since the middle of August. This is like a miracle for me. A jar lasts me about 4+ months. Thank God for CBD!

  29. I have used Charlotte’s Web Advanced for approximately 4 months. The first thing I noticed was a relaxed but not sleepy feeling. I find the dosing to be easy with the large bottle. I got a syringe from the drug store and can measure very accurately my dose. This way you don’t have to guess and you never waste a drop. I highly recommend CW Advanced to anyone.

  30. I just stated using Charlotte’s Web and so far it’s really helping. I’m also using it for my dog and he’s playing like a puppy.

  31. I started using CW Everyday Advanced for my migraines and pain from my Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome joint issues. I dose 2-3 times a day with about 1/4 of a dropper and have reduced my need for pain medication.

  32. I was at wits end a year ago until I heard Dr. Sanjay Gupta discuss his change of opinion on medical marijuana and CBD oil. I take Charlotte’s Web Everyday Plus chocolate mint twice daily. Charlotte’s Web CBD saved me. I walk 2-3 miles daily and I’m back to enjoying my life. Excellent quality product! Within several weeks, I felt significantly better than I had for several years.

  33. I just started my second largest size bottle of CW Everyday Advanced. I like it better than my last two brands. It’s helping. I first started dosing too high. The only ‘negative’ of dosing two high for a few days was to make me extremely relaxed, way too relaxed. Not a bad thing, but not good when one has to take care of self and home. After starting low and raising slightly each day I settled on a good dose for my personal needs. I am very pleased with Charlotte’s Web.

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