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Flora Sophia Botanicals Reviews for 2024

Flora Sophia Botanicals is a small, “seed to sale” CBD company based in Oregon. They take great pride in the quality of their products and grow their own hemp on their Oregon farm. They also offer a special Chronic Care Program with wholesale pricing for those in need.

Popular Products

Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Tincture – ethanol extracted and blended into organic MCT and organic hemp seed oil. Potency ranges from 800mg to 2100mg in a 30 milliliter bottle.

Full Spectrum Raw Hemp Tincture – rosin-infused and extracted with minimal heat to preserve the natural cannabinoids and terpenes. 750mg in a 30ml bottle.

Full Spectrum CBD Honey Sticks – produced using organic clover honey and ethanol extraction. Each honey stick contains approximately 15mg of CBD.

High Potency CBD Pain Salve – full spectrum topical made from organic olive oil and a special formulation of organic essential oils. Each salve comes in a one ounce tin and contains between 550-600mg of CBD.

Flora Sophia Botanicals Reviews by Users

User reviews from real users of Flora Sophia CBD products are shown below.

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18 Responses

  1. I’m a long time user of Flora Sophia, I truly tried others but always come back to Flora always… You cannot go wrong with their products there’s times I cannot afford it but I’m going to try the one on sale this week during this Pandemic my nerves are frazzled as we’re self employed so our cash flow is zero but I need Flora Sophia now. Thanks Much Greg I trust in you and your always consistent products.

  2. Be wary. They have a terrible return policy. I recently purchased a Flora Sophia Botanicals CBD tincture. Never having had THC, I had a horrible experience. I have been using THC Free CBD drops for about a year and had wonderful success in being calmed down particularly in order to slow my mind down to sleep. Upon using the Flora product, however, my mind was fixed on specific things and I did not sleep for another four hours. I have been trying to return this product for three weeks and the customer service has been horrendous. Caution before you buy.

  3. I’m on my last drop of my first bottle, and the second is on the way!! I want everyone to know how awesome this is based on my own experience. I use it to help everyday stress (diagnosed with general anxiety, PMDD and PTSD). After extensive research on products (huge skeptic, especially since the market is exploding with CBD and hemp products), Flora Sophia Botanicals won by a landslide in terms of quality and care. I can attest to being right in the middle of Discontinuation Syndrome and I still feel more and more alive. I’m off of fluoxetine, dramatically reduced my marijuana consumption, eliminated alcohol and so on. It’s like my emotions can stretch and breathe comfortably rather than restrictedly on the medication, or even being high. This was just my experience, of course – it’s helping me incredibly become less irritable, less panicked, reduce headaches/migraines/back pain. I encourage everyone to at least try CBD oil, especially a full spectrum hemp product like this one because it’s safe and reliable, and truly helps! Good luck and be you 🙂

  4. Absolute amazing product. The customer service is the best I’ve found. I can’t say I’ve tried others because after using Flora Sophia there was no need to shop around.

  5. Wonderful product. I might add this ointment also helps my 95-year-old father with back problems and wrist arthritis.

  6. I have been using Greg’s products for my anxiety for over a year daily. I’ve always been extremely satisfied. He really knows the plant and the end result shows that. Highly recommended products.

  7. Amazing! The best cbd on the market. It has helped my daughter with anxiety and mine too! She is able to go to school now with a smile and I am eternally grateful ❤️

  8. I have tried different products in the past three years, many did not help, many were flavored which didn’t work. Others had stevia,which messed with my blood sugar. The oils we’re not correct for other health issues with my liver from years of use of IBP which damages the liver. It’s now been 7 months and I am down to one pain a day. Myy liver has healed to a mild state and my lymphoma is reversing. It does heal the body. This is by far the best product on the market. I am a nurse and Respiratory Therapist. I pass my testing each month at the doctors and am down to one pill a months. After 38 years, there is finally something to fix the problems. My seizures have stopped, my anxiety is almost gone and I feel like a new person. Thank Flora Sophia!!!

  9. Flora Sophia CBD oil completely eliminated the pain in my arm from tendonitis. The pain relief lasted for 24 hours and then I took another dose and it immediately helped. I can work again! Thank you for an exceptional product. I have not had results nearly as good as this with other CBD oils I’ve tried.

  10. I purchased Flora Sophia CBD oil for my dog ( and myself). He was attacked by another dog on Sunday afternoon. His sternum was ripped open requiring surgery. Pain, trauma, anxiety. I’ve given him 3 doses so far, he is now able to comfortably sleep and the inflamation has gone down. My anxiety is lifting. I suffer from PTSD and this incident is very difficult. We are both healing, Thank you !!!!

  11. By far this the best CBD oil that I have used. I have tried different brands and was disappointed. Finally I reached to find a CBD oil for pain patient. I found it. Flora Sophia 2100MG. Wow what a difference. The grower is a great person and I know what he does controls the product to achieve the best out come. Educated and knows what he is doing. If you are looking for the best on the market, this is it.

  12. I finally found the best CBD oil on the Market…. FLORA SOPHIA , hands down the best. I have tried so many that I thought I’d there was none that worked. I reached what was best and the best oils that were most acceptable to the body and brain. I use the 2100mg, due to chronic pain. Off the charts….. .best oil. You will not be disappointed. I’ve put it in capsules for my son. But after all the flavored ones and ones with Steve. This is the best. If you want results. This is it. PS try the honey sticks!!!

  13. I started using CBD oil in July. I have bad osteoarthritis and an auto immune condition. I’ve tried 3 brands until finding Flora Sophia. I need an oil that works against inflammation. I order Flora Sopia raw and full spectrum. What intrigued me was the way they process their plants. I should say minimally process. The raw not only has CBD but CBDA, which is usually lost in the processing. CBD and CBDA in combination give a double whammy against inflammation. The raw also includes CBG, CBN and essential terpenes. It has eliminated my day long pain and the full spectrum at night gives me a pain free restful night. Lots of accolades by many people who have tried this up and coming company. I give it a score of 10++++

  14. I also use Flora-Sophia, I use the 1600 mg and his RAW 800 mg with CBDa. I find the combo of both really helps me with the pain from an arthritic hip.

  15. I’ve tried at least 5 other brands all from the top recommended brands. High potency and regular, gummies and capsules. But none of them gave me the kind of relief I’ve gotten from Flora Sophia. Someone posted about it in our Facebook page almost a month ago and it was such a glowing review that I had to check them out. They had awesome prices and it sounded good. I bought the 2100mg 30ml bottle and the 800mg raw 30ml bottle. I was able to get them during a 20% off sale, both were $134 with free shipping. Came from Oregon to Virginia in 2 days! I take 1-2 drops of each strength x2 a day. I’ve ordered the honey sticks but haven’t arrived yet for me to try.

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