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Green Roads Reviews for 2024

User reviews and ratings of Green Roads CBD products are shown in the comments below.

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95 Responses

  1. I’ve used several products from greenroads and they are generally excellent. I settled on full spectrum “Relax Gummies,” a combination of Delta-9 THC and CBD. I use them as a sleep aid and purchase the double strength; each gummy contains 10 mg Delta-9 THC and 20 mg CBD. The first month using the “Strawberry Sunset” flavor I was thrilled, because in addition to doing exactly what I needed them to do they were the very first gummy product I’d used that tasted good (no skunky-weed aftertaste in my mouth) and that were coated in what appeared to be a light coat of extra-fine sugar to prevent sticking in the container rather than extra-large crystals of sugary badness. (In addition to the superior taste when this fine coating is used, this coating is far, far more effective in preventing the gummies from sticking together than the extra-large sugar crystals.) In addition, they were thin, easy to eat & easy to break in half if I needed to. However, the formula was evidently changed, with zero fanfare: nothing on the website indicated that this was a new formulation. When I received my order the following month I was beyond disappointed: the newly formulated gummies are thick like gumdrops, much closer in texture to a gumdrop, coated in extra-large crystals of sugary badness, and, if I may say so, they taste like crap. I’m jealous of my partner’s gummy situation as they are thin and coated with that extra-fine dusting, but it’s a different product (Delta-8 and zero CBD) and I didn’t react well to them. So I’m back at square one, maybe worse, because I found what I considered the perfect product only to have it unceremoniously taken away. Look, I understand preferences for flavor, coating, etc. are subjective, but that the product was changed — dramatically so — with absolutely no warning has soured me on the company. If you find something you like, it might soon be replaced with something you don’t like, and as we all know this stuff doesn’t come cheap. Buyer Beware.

  2. Been taking 2 times a day since 5 days ago, don’t notice anything, glad I’m only out about $6 for sample, maybe 300mg is not strong enough

  3. Very happy with Green Roads. First time user for severe arthritis pain. Customer service very helpful. Charlotte the first person I spoke to help me get started on right product. First time in so long that I can remember I am getting nearly a whole nights sleep.

  4. I do like their product. However, it isn’t right NOT to be forthcoming on what happen to online orders between July 9th – October 9th. Many people that purchased their products had their credit card information stolen. I was one of them out $500 on a sale we did not make at some random merchant. All I recieved was a notice and that they were sorry. That’s it! Not good enough! I will never purchase their product again with such loose and insufficient security on their website on sales.

  5. My DR recommended this brand because of the good results he’d been hearing from some of his patients that were in pain.HE also uses it! I’ve been on GR’s 4 months.The 1st I bought was at a store with no discount at all! Then I learned with a 100$ order shipping is free & I got to try the gummies & several things at a discount with a coupon(which they always have & now there’s 30% off). I love that there’s a chat box & someone helps with your needs, IF you don’t have a discount coupon, the person in the chat box WILL Give you one. I’ve NEVER had a problem with it! Started at 250mg & worked up. Great taste except the huge doses. Have the 550mg & 350mg both on hand now. Take the oil 1st thing in the morning, it lasted all day til the weather changed + I do have a lot of things going on+ lack of sleep.I am so thankful they are so nice & it’s formulated by a team of pharmacists. I’ve always got it in 2 to 3 days, don’t know how they do that. Pricey, but Great service, helped more than the isolates & other oils I’ve tried!

    1. I’m very impressed with this product line benefits for boosting my immune system, relieving knee pain from injury and encouraging better sleep.

      Full 100

  6. I’ve been using his product for about 3 weeks. I started on 1.5 ml of the 1000mg concentration and have decreased it to 0.5ml. I initially started it for neuropathy and chronic back pain. Yes it tastes terrible but a bit of juice afterwords helps.
    So far it has helped the neuropathy and sleep but not the chronic pain.
    I will probably try another brand because of the cost but other than that I really have no complaints. However if the claim about the company not wanting to disclose third party testing is true, I won’t buy it again.

  7. The product is mostly a big dud. Doesn’t work well at all compared to other brands and costs more than most other brands. Customer service is inept, shipping is way high and don’t like the company’s ethics.

  8. The CBD oil taste is terrible! And so far it has done absolutely nothing for me. And, the bottle cap broke the first time I ever opened it. I won’t be buying again.

    1. I have bought several bottle of greenroad cbd 550mg i have broken glass in 3 bottles be careful. It was stuck on the side dropper other time it was inside dropper when i got the dose out for the day.

      1. SAME THING HERE!! Nasty taste, tastes like it went bad, and there were little chunks in it. Threw it away, waste of money. As for the effectiveness no idea. Whatever I had didn’t seem to do anything, but the taste, tastes like its spoiled, not good.

        I’m guessing I had a spoiled bottle or if it just tastes like that normally, gross. As in I never tasted anything worse so it must have been spoiled. Not cool.

  9. Long story short: I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in 2017 after having a benign breast tumor removed in 2016. The pain started in my wrists, moved down my body, and I couldn’t walk.
    I was put on Methotrexate, which has basically been a lifesaver for me. However, my wrists are giant, swollen, and in tons of pain. Between 2017 and today I have been on Humira, Enbrel, on Prednisone and off Prednisone, on and off Celebrex, cortisone injections, steroid shots. Nothing has helped my wrists.

    I’ve tried Charollets Web CBD oils and creams. I got a medical marijuana card, went to my local dispensary, tried everything. NOTHING helped. Yes, I gave it time.

    (05/03/19) I received my order from Green Roads. I got the beginner’s relief bundle.
    I’m trying the daily oil, the daily relax gummies and the pain cream.

    (05/04/19) I woke up and felt AMAZING. It took me time to fall asleep, I think the gummies gave me a boost of energy. I woke up this morning and used the under the tongue oil, waited 2 hours then had a gummy. I’m using the pain cream as needed but I feel great. My pain went from a 10 to a 6 in my right wrists, and a 10 to a 3 in my left wrist.

    I’m crossing my fingers.

  10. I’ve been trying several different brands of CBD oils over the past year.
    Have purchased Green Roads several times and find it ok. Seems to help promote sleep
    better than others I’ve tried but does not alleviate my pain as well. I find the price much higher
    than other other brands I’ve purchased and with no discount for chronic pain/illness sufferers,
    I probably won’t buy again.

  11. Had a problem with my order. Customer service person’s job seems only to be to answer the phone and pass you on to company’s support email. Both CSR and email rep were oddly vague when company would ship replacements they agreed to send. Wha??? No reputable company puts you off when they screw up. Lesson learned.

  12. Very first experience with CBD was with green roads. I was in a lot of muscle pain, period pain, and at a theme park with my family. Had a toad (25mg) and felt amazing. It was too much cbd but that was due to bad advice not green toads fault. I then ordered more 25 mg toads and 550mg oil. I received a 50% discount for being a veteran, and my shipment arrived in 2 days. I also got a sample of the coffee, but am on the fence of effectiveness. It tastes fine but I don’t get the desired result from it. So far it has not made me drowsy unlike the other oil brand I have. Overall I am very satisfied!

  13. Green Roads is my first experience with CBD oil & in less than two weeks, it has improved my quality of life drastically. Knee pain is gone, neck pain is gone, and severe arthritis in my ankle has improved by 60-80%. Also did wonders for my husband after oral surgery, when his prescription meds were giving him zero relief. 110% worth every dime!

  14. I have found this brand has worked better for my anxiety than others that I tried. I had trouble with the taste of other brands but I don’t have that problem with GreenRoads actually like the taste better and don’t mind the stickiness. I like that the dropper has lines so it’s easy to measure my dose instead of having to count drops like with other products.

    The price is higher than other brands I’ve tried but they always have some discount available, I have yet to pay full price. Customer support has been quick to reply and professional. They helped me find local stores that carry their products.

    What I don’t like is that shipping is pricey for a small order and they don’t take care to protect the package so I end up with crushed packaging, thankfully no bottles have broken in transit. The bottle cap/dropper seems low quality, my most recent bottle had the dropper at an angle on the cap which led to the bottle leaking.

    I plan to continue using this brand but will purchase locally instead so I don’t have to worry about shipping.

  15. I bought the 550 mg cbd oil at a local smoke shop. It tastes so very horrible that it’s hard to make myself take it! At $97 though, I have to choke it down, like it or not! It hasn’t been as effective as I’d hoped it would be for my pain, but it does have slight positive benefits. Still, the flavor and thick, sticky consistency is so disagreeable, I won’t be buying it ever again.

  16. Purchased 1500 mg oil, fruit bites gummies and muscle/joint cream.
    Yes the stuff works but is VERY expensive. I’ve used other brands, don’t notice a big difference in effectiveness.
    I wrote and submitted 2 – 3 star reviews on there site reflecting being too pricey, they were never posted. I looked at most all feedback for most of their products, no star ratings below 4 stars, hundreds of ratings on certain products and none below 4 stars. That’s hard to believe.

    I called today and calmly inquired about the feedback. The gentleman I spoke to didn’t appreciate my inquiry raising his voice saying he doesn’t deal with feedback issues, he only deals with website issues. Aren’t the feedback on the website? I told him there’s no reason to raise his voice, he replied he’s not gonna waste his time dealing with this. I replied thank you and hung up.

  17. I’ve been using Green Roads for a few months and have made several purchases with them. I’ve never had a reason to contact customer service, so I don’t know how that is. I love their products and they have been so helpful for me and my dog!! My favorite product is the Sour Diesel terpenes.. it gives me a boost in energy, boosts my mood, and I just feel great!!!! My dog is on their dog version and it has been a blessing for her. My dog has battled breast cancer off and on for 6+ years and has arthritis in her back and knees along with luxating patellas and since she has been taking the cbd oil, she is definitely reaping the benefits!!! I get to see my 13 year old chihuahua run around almost like a puppy again.. she is eating better, playing more.. it has been a game changer!!!

  18. I have had psoriasis all these years. Now I am a regular customer of CBD oil from Green Roads World where I could see positive changes in just some days itself. Highly recommended product as far.

  19. Meh, I’ve tried a few CBD oils & gotta say – for better/worse this one certainly tastes different. The others have tasted like olive oil mostly, which I don’t mind. This one tastes like sweet/syrupy weed. Gross. Texture is nasty, yep – I agree with the folks who say like semen. I take CBD for nerve pain/anxiety/sleep – it tends to be a wonder drug, I came across Green Roads from the woooonderful reviews posted on their site – what a dummy. I’m going to continue to use what I have & hope it gets better (it ain’t cheap & apparently returns are a waste of time with this company) – at least my bottle doesn’t taste caustic/burn my throat.

  20. I have been giving my dog Green Roads King Knine 300mg dose for 6 months for severe anxiety issues with noise and leash aggression. Less than a week into trying it the results were already evident and he had a much less severe reaction to Thunderstorms. Also was not as aggressive to dogs passing by during walks. Fast forward 6 months , he also had a golf ball sized fatty tumor on his neck when we started him on the CBD. Here we are with practically no sign of a tumor at all. It is now smaller than a pea. My dog thanks me for not having it surgically removed. He is on a Quarter of the suggested dose for theraputic use.

    I ordered some for myself tis past week from Green Roads and it arrived in 5 days, but did have a routing issue with UPS.

  21. I would steer clear of Green Roads. I don’t think this company is properly vetted and there are too many questionable circumstances that can’t be dismissed. 1) They do not disclose any lab reports on their product, yet they claim they 3rd party test. We have no idea what exactly and how much we are ingesting. 2)They bottle cheap (dropper is cheap as can be.) 3)Overpriced. 4)They only post positive reviews and I have actually seen one of their reps, trolling CBD threads while I was on Reddit, he was doing damage control and peddling their product. I also saw this same rep troll 2 other threads/websites I visited. Are they that hard up for business? But, most importantly, any company that won’t provide lab report is not legit.

  22. The dropper tops are cheap and crack when you reseal. One $85 bottle was sent with a broken top and the customer service gave me a week long runaround with no satisfaction. The product was leaking out when it arrived and contaminated. I am out $$$ and it’s not worth dealing with the lack of service. Changing brands today.

    1. Excellent product. I buy 1500 full spectrum. Love the taste. Definitely helps Multiple sclerosis. No more pain. I take 4 drops daily. Thanks Green Roads. Great product.

  23. I was an athlete before 10 years, but had to stop after an accident and was suffering from joint pain till last month. With the suggestion from my friend I started using CBD pain TheraGreen pain cream. It is very effective that I am able to walk and sleep without any pain.

  24. I have been using the KingKalmCBD for my 16 year old dog who cannot hear or see good and who has separation anxiety as well as just regular anxiety at certain times of day. I originally gave her what was recommended but it was too much as it knocked her out. I now give her about half or 3/4th of the recommended dose and it seems to be just right. I had problems with getting the cap off the bottle and therefore when I closed it I did not close it good and half of the contents spilled out when the bottle unknowing to me had tipped over. I do wish the product came in a tasty treat form so that I would not have to hold me dog in place and open her mouth. I have bought a second bottle of the KingKalmCBD as it does work for my dog and she needs it! Giving the product to my dog helps my anxiety as I do not worry as much about her anxiety and her pacing or wandering around the house looking for someone.

  25. Don’t jump on this bandwagon too fast. This is not for everyone. I tried Green Roads 250mg CBD oil for about a week at a low dose for arthritis and sleep issues. It made me feel a little tired and gave me diarrhea. May lower the dose more and try for a little while longer but can’t say I am very impressed with this. As with everything you put in your body, do your homework. FYI was not able to leave a review on the Green Roads site.

  26. I purchased my first bottle of Green Roads from a local shop. I Researched a lot of products before my purchase. I have been very happy with the results.
    I have also ordered three other kinds of CBD oil from other higher rated products. I’ll dtick with Green Roads. I have ordered online from them too.

  27. I ordered from Green roads a small bottle of CBD oil, it took a long time before I got it, I was worried they lost my order.
    It tells me on the bottle to take 15mg, It did nothing, next day double the dose nothing.
    It was very hard to get that gel out of the dropper to thick.
    So I went on there website to leave a review, I checked on that review a couple of days later and it was gone, so I e-mail green roads about it, nothing they never e-mailed me back so I went to there facebook page did the same, and nothing they would remove my review.So I message those people and all I been told they get back with me, ya right. I will never ever order from them again and hope that people will look at their reviews they got 4-5 star ratings (only), really!!!! beware (I guess I stay with my edibles CBD cookies that I can buy close buy at a store).

  28. I recently purchased Green Roads’ 1000mg oil in place of its 100mg oil, which is clear and has a mild taste. My understanding was that the 100mg and 1000mg oils were the same aside from the difference in concentration. I did not realize that a terpene blend is added to the 1000mg oil. The addition of the terpene blend results in a green-yellow color and a very unpleasant taste. I am disappointed that the product page on Green Roads’ website does not give any indication of the difference in color and taste. I contacted customer service with my concern. Instead of acknowledging the website’s lack of transparency or offering to issue a refund, the agent replied, “If you were to try the actual terpene products with their designated flavors, you would notice a large difference in flavor.” I noticed a large difference in flavor between the different concentrations of CBD oil; the flavor of the actual terpene products is irrelevant to my concern. Moreover, I find it highly unprofessional for a customer service representative to be so dismissive. I was offered a discount on a future purchase but after this experience, I will be taking my business elsewhere.

    I regret to add that several days ago, I attempted to post this review on Green Roads’ own website. Multiple reviews have since appeared on the site but mine is conspicuously absent. Not only does Green Roads’ provide poor customer service to dissatisfied users, it censors them when they complain. A word of caution to anyone considering Green Roads.

  29. Is anyone suffering from psoriasis? Have you tried CBD oil before? If no, please purchase it and start using immediately. Dosage is twice daily before or after bath. This is my own experience I rate this product as awesome. I am completely relieved from the worst psoriasis condition and I don’t have itching anymore. Please share your experience here and let the world knows this product is the best for skin diseases.

  30. Pineapple Express 100 mg is great for energy , focus, and arthritis pain .
    Have been on this for 3 months now and have noticed great improvement !

  31. I love their Terp Toads but I cannot buy them from the Green Roads website! I have to buy them from other retailers and last time it took a month to get them. Not cool!

  32. Beware of the bogus shipped email notice! My email of July 12 said shipped, but in actuality item shipped July 19!
    There was even a handwritten note on the packing slip dated the 18th.
    Here is my most recent experience
    1) I received the wrong item (after waiting so long)
    2) The packing slip stated that I indicated I was ok with the substitute via email! (not true)
    3) I was told the reason they substituted was because item I wanted was on backorder. I was later told same item is discontinued.

    When I called customer service, the woman on phone was very abrupt and insistent, and when questioned stated she left an email and phone message to which I failed to respond. (which directly contradicts the note that says I ok’d it via email) There is absolutely no email or phone message of the kind. The only email from Greenroads is the order confirmation and shipping.
    4) was told I was refunded multiple times, but the bank does not reflect it.

    There is too much dishonesty and conflicting statements with this company. Even if some of their products are okay, they are not worth dealing with, it’s the principle of the matter.

  33. I was lucky enough to be referred to a local smoke/head shop here in my small town, they only sell green roads and even hand you a pamphlet about the reopened and how they go about their processes, which is insanely helpful, though some of the info printed on copy paper is of poor quality.

    Have been using the pain cream along with the 250mg tincture drops going on three weeks, use five drops under the tounge twice a day as recommended by the shop person and it has helped with a number of ailments, mostly pain from my sciatic nerve and back pain that I have also been seeing a chiropractor for about the same length of time. Just within less than a month I have almost no severe pain and can walk better, though sitting for long periods of time does no good on my sciatic nerve pain, can’t be avoided when driving. Love the green roads products.

  34. Ordered two items from Green Roads and they did not personally work for me. I spent around $100. I tried calling customer support to return products (within 30 days), and was denied the option for a refund. Right after I said I wanted to return an item, the lady on the phone was very rude and her tone was unacceptable for customer service. Will never shop here again, I’m more unhappy with the way she talked to me and her rudeness. Their reviews on their website are only 4 and 5 star reviews so you know that they delete and filter the bad reviews. I left a review on one of their products and it does not show up. From what I have seen, other people agree that their customer support is very rude. No company should treat their customers like that. Steer clear from Green Roads and go for another company. Green Roads is overpriced anyway so you will save money.

  35. The product I ordered wasn’t shipped in a timely manner due a special promotion I wasn’t aware of and when it finally shipped there was a problem with the barcode so it has been looping between distribution centers and may take up to 2 weeks to arrive. I contacted customer support but they were very rude and made very little effort to resolve my concerns. The USPS is making efforts to track the package but they stated that the temperatures are controlled during transit so the product might be significantly degraded by the time it arrives. I am still waiting for a potentially degraded product. If you are ordering this for pain you might be an opioid addict by the time your package arrives.

  36. I am lucky enough to have a smoke shop right near me that sells only Green Roads. I seem to like the Vape better than the Tinctures. I won’t try any other brand this one serves me well.

  37. Tried the green roads oil recently for my chronic cough yesterday, lets see how it works. So far I think taste is great. Hope this works because the cough syrups made me drowsy and didn’t work.

  38. I was seeking a good quality CBD terp oil which did not taste horrible. I am currently running on my second bottle. It dissolves quickly under the tongue.

  39. A glass bottle sliced open my hand and did some good nerve damage. Have been using pain Cream on it. After a week’s use I see it healing real nice and fast. Really glad I tried it.

  40. As a cancer patient for last 8 months, I will give anything to increase the chances of my survival. Have been going through chemo and meds daily had drained me out. The worst thing about these treatment is pain and depression. I often suffer from mood swing which tends to affect my social life. Found out about Cannabidiol oil on news and thought of giving this a try and I’m glad that I did. Cannabidiol oil has been very helpful whenever I felt lightheaded and nauseous I took one drop of it and felt better after a while. Still struggling for life but I’m glad there is something that can reduce the pain.

  41. Just picked up Green roads 550 mg today at a local shop, severe arthritis pain, stage 3 kidney disease , other problems, helped pain very fast, I will stay on it. Smokers Den Normal Il was very helpful. Got gummies too. Very happy with this. Tasted good too.

  42. Thank you so much for creating this amazing product.!! Absolutely love the cbd gummie blocks. I eat a block daily. It is definitely one of the top fruity gum candies of my list.

  43. The taste is great and it is very effective CBD supplement source that helps in engaging more intense workouts. Few benefits that I noticed after starting daily dose was improved hydration, quick recovery and top notch taste. I start my morning with one daily dose and after that whole day I feel like full of energy. Due to hectic work schedules I more than often skip my meals and Greenroads CBD have helped me to fight fatigue.

  44. Cbd gummy bears have helped in boosting my immune system and that too naturally, without any side effects. I have tried many products from live markets but always felt it dint have real cbd in it. When I tried theses gummy bears I could easily tell difference between market ones and greenroads ones as hands down greenroads sells cbd products with high quality cbd. Very happy with them, I rate them 5 stars.

  45. My coach referred me this website as I often suffered from muscle strain and sore muscles from practice.These products have become my-good-to-go supplements that has helped me for a faster healing.

  46. I don’t see myself staying myself away from cbd products anytime soon. The thing I like the most about them is the taste, consistency and good quality. I am going to stick with company for long time.

  47. The coffee by green roads is very tasty and full of antioxidant. It did wonders on my skin. My complexation looks healthier.

  48. I recently got CBD capsules for my father who suffers from PTSD. He was on meds for a long time but nothing decreased his triggers. After starting the use of CBD he has been a lot calmer and his triggers have been noticeably reduced. It was becoming hard for him to go out and live a normal life but lately everything is turning out to be fine. I’m thankful to Greenroads for it has helped us a lot.

  49. Green Roads customer service is awful! I have ordered from them twice and both times the delivery was unbelievably slow and the company’s customer service was stunningly lacking. I am waiting for a shipment and have called twice and emailed twice. They have debited my account for the purchase but have never emailed me a confirmation or tracking number. How can they still be in business which such terrible customer service??? My suggestion is find another company for your CBD that is more dependable!!

  50. Can vouch for that!! I really believe in multi-cure herbs and plants. I have Diabetes and most of things or candies I consume have adverse effects on it but not CBD Froggies. I love the taste of them and have like 1 CBD Froggy each day before going to sleep because it is a great relaxant and helps me sleep better.

  51. This stuff works for me in many ways. I take two drops of CBD oil for pain relief, as I often suffer from backaches and sore muscles. This oil is cheap as compared to other company products especially during sales.

  52. Bought this for my furry cat. She used to barf all over the floor in anxiety and was extra feisty. King kalm have done wonders on her, she’s much more calm and healthy now, even her hair falls down less.

  53. I am a quite anxious ridden girl and time to time suffer from panic attacks. First I heard about CBD and its calming effect, which I think I needed the most, so I started using CBD syrup. The panic attacks are still there but have decreased, and my anxiety is almost gone. I am going to use it day after day now!

  54. My first try at CBD oil- using the very low dose-
    I will purchase I different brand next time- as this is unpalatable

  55. I started using CBD Oil a year ago and have no complaint so far! I have a severe anxiety problem and this oil has been a great aid that helps me calm my jittering nerves. The smell and taste is a bonus!

  56. Have noticed a big difference with my husband after 2 months use. He had severe chronic pain for a long time. The effects were noticeable after the 2 weeks of use.

  57. The only other product that I have to compare it to is Hemp Bombs – which didn’t have any effect. I have recently been reacquainted with a back pain that I’ve not felt for over 10 years. I do not like to take man made chemicals beyond vitamins and aspirin – nothing. The products that I tried first were the gummies – the GR Relax 300 mg worked – pack ’em under the sides of my tongue and let them dissolve for a sublingual effect. When I went for a refill – found that they did not have any of that type – anywhere that I looked – so decided to try the dropper – 550 mg. By the time I purchased the dropper – my back was pretty well hosed. Took total of 5 drops when I got it – and it started to work and now a drop here and there maybe every 4 or 5 hours. Excellent relief – and would purchase again. I have to say though that I did like the Relax gummies as far as the taste. Kinda had that peppery/piney taste like chewing on the stem from the ‘kind’.

    Why are people trying to smoke this product? It’s got vegetable oil in it for crying out loud!! Get that hot enough and you are literally frying your throat!

  58. I’ve been using their 350mg drops sublingual, and I am usually relatively pain free in a half hour. I only take 9-12 drops, so the bottle is lasting me a long time. It’s the first product I used, and since it works so well, I’ve never tried any other brand or any other product than tincture.

  59. These products have helped my husband and I with not only extra energy during the day but for pain and sleeping at night. Has done wonders for my 12year old son that has bipolar and ADHD. We love the sour diesel terms for day use and the blueberry og for nightime relaxing and sleep. The strawberry ak works well on my son.

  60. I use CBD oil to manage my chronic pain from endometriosis and tried Green Roads while on vacation since I forgot to bring my usual oil with me. I was nervous about how effective it would be because typically I use a CBD/THC Indica blend (non-intoxicating) rather than a pure CBD oil, but I was pleasantly surprised!
    I purchased the 100mg bottle and used 5-6 drops at a time under my tounge (rather than the 1-3 drop dose recommended on the label) and that kept me pain-free for about six hours at a time. When I would take the oil in the mornings while experiencing pain I could feel the effects in about fifteen minutes. For reference, prior to swapping to cannabis products I used a hydrocodon prescription to manage my pain, gets severe enough I vomit and/or pass out if I don’t take anything. I also had trouble sleeping and this easily cut the number of times I woke up during the night in half.
    The Green Roads oil does look kinda gross; it’s very thick and cloudy, it looks straight up like semen, but that’s just because it’s a glycerin based oil—I’m used to a refined coconut oil base. It’s taste is fine, kinda hard to describe. It took me a few tries to decide whether or not it tasted chemically (I guess not?), but again I think it’s because I’m used to a different kind of oil and what I usually use is mildly citrusy from essential oils.
    Overall, this product did exactly what I needed and wanted from it. It effectively treated my pain and improved my sleep. I won’t be making this my go-to since I’m not a massive fan of the consistency/taste, but I am impressed with the quality since I got it at a random head shop in the Keys.

  61. I believe all of the bad reviews on this site. I just recently purchased the 450 mg of Pineapple Express shatter from Green Roads. I wanted to try a CBD product so that I could sleep instead of drinking myself to sleep. I will say that I did feel something but I’m not sure if it’s the CBD’s. Something I noticed right off the bat was the taste. It was awful. It did not taste like pineapple or anything piney for that matter. I’m using a Glass Straw to inhale the shatter. This product tastes like some old school meth that I smoked in the 90s. It is also snowflaking the inside of my glass straw just like if I were smoking meth. Something is not right. Buyers beware if you go to someone site and they have nothing but five star reviews something is up. Even if you have the best product in the world you can’t please everyone. They have 44 pages of reviews. Of the 44, 40 are five stars the rest are four stars. I did review their product on their site and I gave it 2 Starz. I bet if you go to their site you won’t be able to find it. That should be a red flag rite there. Dummy me for buying into the hype. Flashy website and fake reviews.

  62. Doesn’t help me at all as a person in severe chronic pain looking for relief.
    Used another brand it worked and the lady I got this from insisted this is better. This CBD oil has no benefit for serious chronic pain sufferers. In fact this oil gave me a headache- while I am told there are no negative side effects of CBD oil there was for me. No guarantee from the lady who swindled me and no refund on the oil that does not work. Waste of money

  63. Was having luck with reducing anxiety but somewhere the taste went from bad to much worse, it tasted like caustic household cleaner. My throat and esophagus were literally burned and it took weeks for them to heal. I contacted the co-founder who feigned concerned and had me send my bottle directly to him with a promise to send it to a lab for evaluation. I never heard another word from him and it has been weeks. I think they are so mass producing now who knows what is happening. I switched to Kat’s Naturals and have been satisfied so far. I agree with another reviewer that this oil will make you gag.

  64. I’ll never buy green roads again. I notice nothing for anxiety and it tastes so bad I gagged. It has the consistency of semen. No response from them yet but they have a return policy. Like the above poster said, the dropper is useless and it’s cheaply made. No point in having a dropper then! Keep looking!

  65. I purchased the Daily Dose 1500 mg at a local shop, after consulting with the manager, who had severe bone pain due to cancer & chemotherapy. She said it was the most effective treatment for severe pain. I have intolerable back, joint & muscle pain & severe migraines from a myriad of diagnoses. After putting the oil under my tongue I felt instant relief. My entire body relaxed and felt warm..I enjoyed a pain free, productive day for the 1st time in years. The downside is that I am on disability and it is quite pricey. My supply will run out in a couple days and I can’t afford to buy more.

  66. I started my vaping journey with Strawberry AK terpenes. This terp has made my vaping experience smooth and rich, I actually don’t miss smoking at all. I usually mix this terp with CBD oil and then vape and it obtains a sweet and potent haze, for which I have acquired a love for. This product is for people who like a touch of earthiness in their vaping

  67. it took me about 2 weeks to decide the company to buy CBD oil and finally settled on Greenroads and I love it! Although I haven’t tried any other companies, I can say this CBD oil is potent, tasty and effective because I know good quality when I see it.

  68. It is with great disappointment that I write this review. I was truly hoping to find a natural way to help with insomnia. As I did order the product through my doctor, I initially had no contact with customer service at Green Roads Wellness. I was using the product 1-2 ml at bedtime and noticed no effect whatsoever. And the taste!!! It is beyond putrid! I did reach out to the company and spoke with not one, but two, fast talking, shamming, misrepresenting sales people! Not naming any names…I’m being kind! I was told by one of them that there was no money back guarantee and then of course the other sales person said he would look into getting a refund and I have never heard from him again. So basically, if you are not completely satisfied, you are out of luck. For me personally, it’s not the money. It is the terrible, awful customer service by these two particular people. I could have pursued these people, but have decided instead to write this review.
    If this product works for you, that’s great. But if it doesn’t BEWARE. No one there really has your back!

  69. I have been looking for something to help with my Anxiety for a long long time now so I can get off my xanax. I believe this is helping me. I only have 100mgso I am going to go up. Very impressed

  70. I started using this oil after Charlottes Web wasn’t very effective. I really loved the benefits and could absolutely tell it was really helping. I started at 100 mg then bumped to 350 mg….all was GREAT. Then the last bottle of 350 mg I purchased was very different…the consistency was clearly different and the taste was practically caustic. It was like I had just swigged a hit of bad household cleaners. My throat and esophagus were burning terribly after a few days of this…I tried adding mouthfuls of water when I swallowed it followed up by more water, but nothing got that horrible chemical taste out. I had to start using Prilosec of all things to try to help with the severe burning I had (it didn’t help). I don’t know what they did or added or how they are processing it, but it is truly awful. I have no choice but to find another brand, as I have zero faith in whatever it is that they have added to their product. Whatever it is, it cannot be good.

  71. I have been using the 1500mg bottle if oil for about three weeks. It makes me feel drowsy within about half hour. Makes it easy to fall asleep. After two weeks I notice that sciatica pain is no longer waking me. However, the oil is so thick it rather oozes off the dropper in a continuous stream. My first lid seemed to be broken, had to pry it off. Customer service sent me a new one and it works fine. Even with the veteran discount, $100 a month for 50mg daily is pricy.

  72. Husband had a massive stroke and nothing has worked for his pain. Purchased Green Roads CBD oil 250 mg 17 mil. From a smoke shop. Gave him 1.5 dropper full and his pain level went from and 8 to a 4 within minutes!

  73. I love green roads CBD oil. Started with the 250 and upped it to the 350. I like the cap and dropper. Not sure why people are having difficulty with it. Press down and turn folks. Helps with my pain and anxiety.

  74. It sets in quick. I’ve tried about 5 brands and so far I like green roads the best. I’ve only had the 100 mg. oil and it worked better than the other’s by far. And extract equilibrium brand was 600 mg. and did nothing near this company. I think it’s the 99% potency of the cbd plus terpines and cbda , cbn .

  75. Green Roads has done wonders for my fibromyalgia pain. I started with the 550mg bottle and noticed results within 3 days. I don’t know what I’m going to do when I run out of my next bottle coming, as much as it helps it’s too expensive to continue on a regular basis. I’ll be saving it for when I get bad flares.

  76. Bought the 1500 mg sublingual oil for migraine, sleep and joint issues. 3 drops twice a day. No migraines but otherwise not impressed. Had been using CW advanced and wasn’t having much luck with that either, so wanted to try an isolate.

    The taste and consistency of the Green Roads is awful. It’s sickly artificial and yet also acrid tasting, and a gloppy gelatinous mess that makes the dropper dosing pretty much useless. CW uses an oil base and this uses vegetable glycerin. It’s so thick it sticks to the outside and then leaks all over. If it worked better for me I could probably make do, but sadly still looking for my sweet spot.

  77. 300mg cream is fast acting and helps my anxiety. Still unsure of pain relief as of this writing. It’s been almost 2 weeks of use on the same 1.2 oz container.

  78. I received 2 sample syringes from them. The 2nd one was Relax CBD Syrup. It’s 60 mg, with 10 mg of melatonin. It’s cherry flavored. I didn’t like it. I never use melatonin, and 10 mg is too high. The flavor is too strong. It’s both too bitter and too sweet. Very misleading. I thought I was getting a bottle of grape flavor, and they sent me this. The 1st syringe was also supposed to be a sample bottle, but they sent a syringe which had honey in it. It was far too sweet. Their customer service is poor. They don’t answer questions or deal with concerns or resolve problems. They ignore all of it.

  79. Started with Green Roads 250mg and found it worked really well for my back pain and anxiety. Moved up to 350mg and it worked even better. I was able to stop my anti-anxiety meds.

  80. I started with green roads and since the beginning it has been very helpful. From their candy to terpenes to oil. I would always recommend them

  81. YUCK, I bought the sour diesel vape oil and it is beyond awful tasting and smelling. It actually caused a gag reflex. Its very thick (which isnt really an issue ) but there is something that always seems to float to the top of the bottle. I have another terpene vape oil and it does not float tothe top as much as this one . I dont really even notice an effect except foul taste . I also bought a Gummy frog and it also didnt help my DD who used it . I just think there are more effective products out there , at least from my experience with it . I havent tried any of the other products but so far its not been good so I doubt I will spend more money with them .

  82. Difficult to get cap off. Dropper doesn’t work well. I could not tell from the 1000mg bottle I bought if it helped in anyway. I think I may have had a defected bottle. I don’t think the proper amount was in bottle. I emailed Green Roads but never received a reply.

  83. I purchased the 100 mg oil and the vape. So far it has helped my anxiety and some of the back pain. It has only been two weeks, but it has been awesome for anxiety

  84. I ordered the green roads 250 mg isolate tincture and I was using 1-3 drops like it said at night but it made me incredibly tired ???? even the next day. So I wasn’t really able to keep using it. It also didn’t seem to work well enough for my back pain. I also have tried the green roads sour diesel terpenes and that seems to be good I wouldn’t say it’s incredibly energizing but it helps me not go for coffee or caffeine.

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