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Hemp Bombs Reviews for 2024

Hemp Bombs exploded onto the CBD scene in mid-2017 and has quickly established itself as a leading CBD brand. All of their products are broad spectrum so have zero THC based on manufacturer lab testing.

Unlike many other companies on the market, they mainly specialize in CBD products other than tinctures. In fact, gummies and capsules are their most popular products. Their vape e-liquids have also quickly gained popularity. Other products in their line include CBD syrup, a CBD pain rub and CBD energy shots.

Hemp Bombs has quickly built a loyal base of customers who order their products online or get them at local retail stores. Based on everything we’ve seen so far, they will continue to be a popular brand choice for those looking for CBD products without THC.

  • Popular products: Broad spectrum (THC free) CBD oil drops, gummies, capsules, vape liquids, topicals and more
  • Source of hemp: High-quality industrial hemp cultivated on environmentally conscious and sustainable farmlands
  • Extraction method: CO2
  • Prices: Mid-range (as low as $0.05 per mg of CBD)
  • Shipping cost: Free shipping on U.S. orders over $50
  • Countries served: All 50 U.S. states is reader-supported. If you make a purchase using links on this page, we may earn a commission at no extra cost to you. Learn more.

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How to Use the Hemp Bombs Coupon Code

Hemp Bombs makes it very easy to enter your coupon code and then complete the checkout process.

After you add a product to your cart, you’ll be directed to the My Cart page. There is a coupon code field just underneath the list of products in your cart. You enter your coupon code into this field and then click the “Apply Coupon” button. You should then see a message “Coupon code applied successfully.”

To finalize your order, click the “Proceed to Checkout” button. You can also enter your coupon code on this page. You will be able to see the savings from the coupon in the “Your order” section of the checkout page.

Hemp Bombs Coupon Checkout Instructions

Are there any restrictions on use of the Hemp Bombs coupon code?

No, the Hemp Bombs coupon code “cbdoilusers” will apply savings to all products in the Hemp Bombs online store.

Is there any dollar limit on how much I can save with the Hemp Bombs promo code?

No, there is no limit on savings from using the Hemp Bombs coupon code. The “cbdoilusers” coupon code will give you a 15% discount on all products in your cart.

What if the coupon code isn’t working for me?

If you have any issues with the checkout process, you can contact Hemp Bombs customer service for assistance. You can reach them via email at [email protected] or by phone at (800) 589-9098. There is also a contact form on their website through the “Contact” link.

Hemp Bombs Reviews by Users

Hemp Bombs reviews by real users are shown in the comments section below.

If you’ve used CBD products from Hemp Bombs, please take a few minutes to write your own review in the “LEAVE A REPLY’ section at the bottom of the reviews shown on this page. Your review will help other users get informed and find the CBD products that are right for them. Thank you!

76 Responses

  1. Hello. I’ve been using Hemp Bombs for 2 years and I loved using the e-liquid for my anxiety and headaches. But the new formula is giving me a harsh smokers cough. I still have some of the old formula so I switched back to that. And the cough is gone! I don’t know what I’m going to do with all this new e-liquid I bought. Please go back to the old formula. 😀

  2. I used to love HempBombs gummies and capsules. Unfortunately they changed their formula and removed some of the ingredients that made them unique and effective. I switched to another brand.

  3. I have been taking Hemp Bombs for 2 years now. I have had only 3 migraines. It has truly been a total life changer for me. I do not get the daily headaches along with the migraines anymore. I vomit for hours when a migraine hits and I haven’t thrown up in over a year. I don’t have to carry a barf bag with me everywhere I go anymore. The CBD has helped me more than all the pharmacuticals that I have taken over the years.

  4. I used to love the Hemp Bomb capsules for my anxiety and depression. Then they changed the formula. I now use CBDMD Night and it works great. Sorry Hemp Bombs, new and improved wasn’t such a good idea. A lot of people have stopped taking it and found something else.

  5. I have chronic back pain due to an old car accident. I have survived for years by taking pain relievers(ibuprofen,aspirin,etc). I have been on the 600 mg oil and have not had to take any meds for back and neck pain since starting. Great natural relief and best sleep ever!

  6. Hemp Bomb high intensity capsules are the only CBD product that has helped me sleep. I’ve tried probably 6 other products that made my insomnia worse or didn’t help me sleep. I love that I can always find a coupon code, they share on their Instagram account. They also have lots of giveaways. My only negative is that they use an isolate and no terpenes. If it was full spectrum with terpenes that would be awesome.

  7. I absolutely love the 200 mg CBD Pain Freeze, and so does my husband. I put it on my shoulder, and it helps me sleep. It does not have a long lingering odor, and is not greasy. My husband uses it for his arthritic knee. We both urge you to try it.

  8. Best CBD products I’ve tried. My wife made the first purchase and after a few days has me using HEMP BOMBS. All the items I’ve tried ( CBD capsils, Gummy Bears and the Syrup) the Gummy Bears are my favorite but for the fastest relief I find the Syrup works best for my uses.

  9. I am just now trying the Hemp Bomb products and so far I love everything and very excited to try/learn more about everything.

  10. I’ve been using CBD oil for over a year now. It has made my artharitus disappear completly. It’s in my elbows and was getting hard to bend my arms.

  11. I only used the gummed ,but it definitely brought on a better day and I suffer from ptsd. I do recommend them especially for the gummes and plan to try more products.

  12. I buy the gummies from a local store and the pain freeze and I absolutely love them. The gummies are great for helping me fall asleep and I love the flavor they have. The pain freeze is one if not the best I have ever tried. I suffer from fibromyalgia , tendinitis, arthritis, migraines, insomnia, and anxiety and your product help with my conditions and are affordable.

  13. Got the gummie sample pack as a giveaway!!! My 14 year old has been suffering from migraines for a month now and using these gummies gives her instant relief! Ordering some more for her now

  14. I have vaped for about a year and decided to try CBD in one of my tanks. I started with another brand and it worked for relieving my knee and ankle pain. The only problem was I didn’t like the taste. I ordered the Strawberry Milk and the taste is great. Still no pain and i really enjoy the vape with Hemp Bomb

  15. I’ll be honest, I was really REALLY skeptical of CBD – I was hearing all these miracle stories and I started to wonder how many were legit. I tried one that I got zero from and I wrote off CBD in my mind.

    Then I rec’d 1 x sample 15mg gummy from Hemp Bomb – wow. I was completely blown away, it honestly made me think that the other stuff I tried had to be fake / a whole lot less potent.

    I’m a customer for life, HB is my go-to

  16. I received a sample pack, very quick shipping !
    I noticed I was missing an item, emailed them and they sent it out right away !
    The gummies didnt taste bad, but I wouldnt have a problem overeating them !
    Unfortunately for me, I didnt feel any difference in helping me sleep at nite,
    except every time I tried (3x) I ended up with a headache in the middle of the nite.
    I gave the rest to my son who was very happy !

  17. Placed an order on 6/28 and still has not shipped. Left messages and still have had no response. Very upset about this and will never order from them again.

  18. Hemp Bombs was suggested to me by a family member and couldn’t be more satisfied with their gummies and capsules .. I get much better pain relief than I ever got with the opioids I had been on for years!

  19. I wanted to try CBD for pain relief due to very bad knees and a bad back, as well as severe depression. After researching sellers for reviews and costs I decided to try Hemp Bombs first. I ordered the 600mg bottle of oil (10mg/dose) as it seemed like a good place to start, price and dose wise.

    The directions were a 1/2 dropper 1-4 times a day. I started out using a dose of 1/2 dropper twice a day. I gave it about a week at that dose but felt nothing, so I increased it to 3-4 times a day. After a few days I still felt no relief so I doubled it to 1 dropper 3-4 times a day. It still did nothing for me.

    Having taken it more often and at larger doses meant that the size bottle I bought was only going to last about 2 weeks at the most, not a month like I had hoped. Ultimately this would be too costly to try an even higher dose from this company. I emailed them to let them know that it wasn’t working for me. They refunded me as they offer a money back guarantee, and didn’t even ask me to return the unused portion as I would have expected, which was nice and convenient.

    Probably not a bad company or anything, their oil just didn’t work at all for me.

  20. Life Changing. I have used a lot of different brands and Hemp Bombs is rated as one of the best with me!

  21. My wife and I both use Hemp Bomb Gummies and we love them. We just received our second order and we’ll definitely order again. My wife uses them to help her sleep and I use to help treat my Ménière’s disease. I highly recommend the Hemp Bomb Products.

  22. Use the oil during the day and capsules at night. The oil seems to help with anxiety but hasn’t done anything for pain yet. The capsules are absolutely amazing for sleep. I have had insomnia my whole life and sleep like a baby after taking one .

  23. The 25mg gummies has helped with ptsd, headaches, back pain, and arthritis. (In just one person) This company has turned me into a believer of CBD.

  24. I ordered the gummies but by accident got the capsules, they told me they keep them and are rescinding the gummies. I have to say I took one of the capsules and I have never slept better! I’ve had trouble sleeping for the last three years and it’s amazing! I also have lumbar injuries from a car wreck and today I’ve done housework and I can’t even feel any pain!❤️

  25. I use the Hemp Bombs capsules. You can take 1-2 a night, but one is just right for me! I started the product when I was amidst a 70 days of migraines out of 75. Prior to that I had dibilitating vertigo and was experiencing drop attacks. I am migraine free and only experience short episodes of vertigo, like when I turn too quickly, etc. BUT, the attacks don’t last days, minutes only now. I am getting my life back!

  26. For the CBD gummies: Everyone was saying how these helped them have a good night sleep. I tried 1 and a few nights later I took 2.
    I guess it helped with pain and I felt very relaxed and super tired but couldn’t fall asleep. I was so drowsy I couldn’t do much but lay down for hours so not a very enjoyable experience for me but am sure it works for others.

  27. This review is for the gummies, haven’t tried any of their other products yet. I think the taste is not bad, I feel like they are a bit numbing and tingly. It’s not necessarily a bad thing though and subsides in mins. I don’t take them every day, mainly save them for restless nights and when I’m near panic attack stressed and in that case I usually take 2. When I’ve taken 2 I do feel super chilled, kind of with out a care.

  28. Hemp Bombs sugar cookie kryptonite 300mg vape is AMAZING! Tried it for the first time last night and helped with easing pain and I slept incredibly well. Used again this morning for pain and it works!! Great product!! Also very calming

  29. I have been using the CBD pills for 2 months especially this last month pain going down back both legs found out I have arthritis degenerate dease lower spine. For first time I was able to sleep with out pain pill. My arthritis is much better. The difference is like day and night. I recommend it to anyone with arthritis or aches and pains try it a month you will notice a difference. Only thing wish the shipping was faster I would gladly pay for 2 day shipping. They are amazing company. The products work do your self a favor and try it.

  30. Tried the pain freeze and my husband and I both agree it’s the best topical we have found for my arthritis and his neuropathy. Thanks for this product and opportunity to let others know tgat it’s legit pain relief – not hype!

  31. Hemp Bombs Pain Freeze …I used it for the first time this morning…I got about 3 hours of pain relief when I put it on my back. It is way better than supermarket cream for pain. My only con is that is smells stronger than any other cream I have used so far. It feels like slime and goes on feeling very cooling.I have tried many cbd creams and while it’s not the top on my list ..I do like it ..and I will continue to purchase this brand.I would recommend this for pain.

  32. I was skeptical because nothing has relieved my pain…but these capsules do!! And my mood was amazing!!!

  33. I love the hemp bomb products. I have had extreme anxiety for years. I bought the 300mg oil and capsules. With in a day or 2 I felt anxiety free. Am able to sleep good at night. I take a few drops of the oil and 1 capsule daily. Just wushed they had this product 30yrs ago when my anxiety first started.

  34. I ordered their Vape E-Liquid in Sugar Cookie Kryptonite. Oh my goodness! Smells & tastes amazing. My husband says it smells like I’m baking cookies!!

    I’ve only been taking it for a couple of days but I’ve noticed relief when I vape. I will probably go up a dose, though. Only using 75 mg right now. Wanted to start low and slow.

    I was very pleased with the price and cost for shipping. I placed my order on a Saturday, it shipped out on a Monday and I received it by that Thursday! I was amazed how quickly it arrived!! Will definitely order from Hemp Bombs again.

  35. Love the CBD oil just ordered my capsules can’t wait… There so helpful whenever I have questions and it’s the best ever…

  36. I’ve tried the cbd vape oil and it worked wonders for my neck and shoulder pain. I’ve always been supportive of natural remedies and after using Hemp Bombs I’m going to be telling the world how wonderful it is

  37. I’ve tried 2 flavors of the CBD vape liquid. The taste is awesome and the liquids are potent pain relievers. I add them to my other flavored vape liquids to make even more intense flavors

  38. The Hemp Bombs CBD Gummies are awesome! I purchased some at a local store and they are wonderful!

  39. Hemp Bombs are my fave for cbds. The gummy bears and also the watermelon vape fluid is a new find that I love. Thanks so much I take hardly any Xanax anymore

  40. I’ve been using their 250mg CBD vape oil & their CBD pain relief gel for the last few months to treat chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic migraines & anxiety. Wish I would’ve found these sooner because it would’ve saved me from playing the medication test dummy game.

  41. Great company and great products. Mine were stolen in the mail, they sent me a new one the next day. I am closer to pain free and sleeping a little better with these, the gummies are all that help. I love this company and their CBD gummies.

  42. After taking Hemp Bombs for several weeks and now one 15 mg capsule each day my blood Pressure is normal down from 190ish over 90ish. I have not had a panic attack since starting them. (I can now drive, alone, over the Memphis-Arkansas bridge.) my husband has noticed a huge difference in my demeanor as have my students. My future looks lovely with CBD Oil. My story has led friends to start taking with cheers that they have not had a fibromyalgia flair up since beginning it. Elderly parents are sleeping soundly through the night with no more agitation. Your product is pure gold!

  43. I recently purchased the 300 mg CBD oil. I have seen improvement in my sleep pattern and in my pain level. I think it’s too soon to expect miracles, so I’ll just keep using this product and adjust the dose So far I give the thumbs up.

  44. I have anxiety so badly that my jaws lock and it is very painful. A friend suggested hemp bombs cbd oil and I use 4 drops 3 times a day. After using hemp bombs for 3 days my jaw no longer locks and I also no longer shake horribly from anxiety and panic attacks. Also my blood pressure has been reduced due to no anxiety! ! Thank you Hemp bombs I will forever be a loyal patient!!

  45. My husband bought me these at our local convenience store about a month ago. I use these during the day as I prefer using the oil at night. Helps my anxiety and my joint pain. Thank you Hemp Bombs!

  46. I won the standard bundle and I’ve enjoyed every single product I’ve used. The gummies were probably my favorite. They taste great, are low in sugar and worked for me so quickly. The freeze cream worked amazing when I had back pain and the syrup was also very effective for me, even at a really low dosage. I’d recommend those, as well as the vape juice and capsules.

  47. I can’t say enough good things. The gummies and capsules have been a lifesaver to me with my chronic migraines and inoperable back issues. It hasn’t cured them but has made each day more tolerable and given me the ability to work in less pain and do enjoyable things with my husband and kids.

  48. I Love Hemp Bomb CBD OIL Products. They have great products at great prices. They are making a huge difference in the world, and in the medical world!. Providing medicine that people need wether they have anxiety, depression, loss of appetite, ptsd or just stress. They have everything you need at affordable prices. Thank You Help Bombs Cbc Oils for providing awesome products. Your products have helped me get through some bad days!. I’m so satisfied with your products and great customer service! Everyone Check out their page

  49. Hemp bomb is the most safest CBD line out .. I use it everyday after a long day of work and before bed time just rember With CBD stress and pain (C)an (B)e (D)estroyed..

  50. On a monthly trip to NY for cigs with my neighbors, I was given some gummies. I have to admit I had some doubts. I have arthritis in my knees, hips and back, which makes walking around problematic. I was pleasantly surprised when I was able to walk around pain free for the rest of the afternoon!! I’ve been using the gummies and capsules since then, and am truly amazed. It helps with my arthritis, with anxiety, with stress. Best thing I ever did was accept those gummies from my friend and neighbor Lois. Thank you, Hemp Bombs!!!

  51. I have been using Hemp Bombs CBD Oil for about 3 months. And an very happy to have it available. I have fibro, arthritis on my spine, a bad hip and a host of other health issues. Since I started using CBD oil, my pain levels have decreased by about half and I can sleep at least 4 bours without waking in pain. I have stopped taking all the prescription pain meds and I am happy to be free from them. CBD Oil from Hemp Bombs has made a huge difference in my life and I have nk intentions of stopping the use of it. I have recommended it to a lot of my family and friends because of the confidence that I have in the way it helps me.

  52. I love hemp bomb.. my son who is 16 takes it for his adhd. I have chronic pain in my back from a fusion I had. So I love to vape and eat the gummies

  53. I use the Freeze Cream by far the best product I have ever used. Instant relief of all my pain and trust me I have a lot. I have referred many people to this and everyone I have had use it love it and order online. I f you don’t try it you deserve to hurt.

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