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How Long Does It Take CBD Oil to Start Working?

Two of the top mistakes made by new users are not waiting long enough for it to “kick in” and work, or just not using a high enough dose to begin with. There’s a lot that goes into whether or not a product will work for you, but those two elements are key and tend to go hand in hand.

Should I Expect Immediate Results from CBD Oil?

When you first start using CBD oil, it’s normal to want to feel relief immediately. In fact, most expect to get immediate relief. Unfortunately, that’s not how CBD tends to work in reality. When taking CBD for the first time, most must ease their body into it. This usually means gradually increasing the dose you take over the course of a month or more, or by microdosing.

The Importance of Finding Your Ideal CBD Dosage

By gradually increasing the dose, you are giving yourself time to figure out your “sweet spot” dosage. All too often we see people who take a single drop of their product for months on end, only to wonder why it’s not working. And on the other end of the spectrum, we also see people taking way too much right away which can be just as detrimental as way too little.

CBD tends to work on a bell curve. This means that there is a single point at which you will reach max benefits. After that point, the benefits take a turn and start declining. The key here is that you need to slowly build up to that point of peak effectiveness on the bell curve. This is an important point that many people don’t realize. Otherwise, it is difficult to know what amount of CBD your ideal dose is.

It’s also important to note that the benefits of CBD build up over time with consistent use, similar to other supplements or pharmaceuticals. This means that CBD shines in terms of its use as a preventative, rather than when used as-needed for acute therapy.

How Long Will It Take For CBD To Work for Me?

How long CBD takes to work is highly dependent on you. Since you won’t automatically know how much CBD works with your body, you need to gradually increase the dose to find out. Perhaps an individual’s ideal dose is going to be 50mg of CBD per day. With this in mind using the typical dosing guidelines of 10mg per day the first week, increasing by 10mg each subsequent week, you could expect to reach that working dose in 5 weeks.

Other users may want to take it even slower and increase by only 5mg per week, resulting in 10 weeks to reach the ideal dose. If you find you are having negative effects immediately, it’s possible that you fall into this latter group.

How Will I Know When I’ve Found My Ideal CBD Dosage?

Generally, the absence of symptoms is the key element. Many users don’t actually feel anything with CBD and it’s much more about what they no longer feel. If at any point you start feeling worse, it’s easy to just back down to the previous dose and try again later.

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