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Joy Organics Reviews for 2024

Joy Organics’ mission is to “create the most pure, organic and bioavailable CBD products on the market, all at a price people can afford.” 

Firstly, it’s clear to us that Joy Organics is focused on creating some of the highest quality CBD products out there. They grow their hemp in Colorado using 100% organic practices and they oversee their own hemp processing and extraction process. Furthermore, Joy Organics has also recently instituted some of the highest third party lab testing standards in the industry to help assure product quality and safety.

Above all, Joy Organics users give excellent feedback. A variety of flavors and potencies are available in their CBD oil drops. Their softgel capsules are also popular and include a version with melatonin. Additionally, they are one of the first companies to release its own line of CBD skincare products.

Joy Organics prices can be considered mid-range. Importantly, we love the fact that they offer free U.S. shipping on all orders and also stand behind their products with a 30-day money back guarantee.

  • Popular products: Full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD oil drops, gummies, softgels, topicals and skincare products
  • Source of hemp: Organically-grown Colorado hemp
  • Extraction method: Food-grade ethanol
  • Tincture carrier oil: Hemp seed, grape seed or MCT (vary by flavor)
  • Prices: Mid-range (as low as $0.06 per mg of CBD)
  • Shipping cost: Free shipping on all orders
  • Countries served: U.S. only (all 50 states) is reader-supported. If you make a purchase using links on this page, we may earn a commission at no extra cost to you. Learn more.

20% off with code CBDOILUSERS at checkout

Joy Organics Holiday Deals

How to Use the Joy Organics Coupon Code

After you’ve added all the products that you’d like to purchase to your cart, remain on the Cart page of the Joy Organics website.

On the cart page, you’ll see a summary of the products you are ordering. Below that summary is a field where you enter the coupon code. After you’ve entered the coupon code CBDOILUSERS, click the “Apply Coupon” button.

The Joy Organics discount will then display in the “Cart Totals” section. You can then click the “Proceed to Checkout” button where you’ll enter your billing address, shipping address, and payment information.

Joy Organics Coupon Code Field Instructions at Checkout

Are there any restrictions on use of the CBDOILUSERS coupon code?

No, the Joy Organics coupon code “cbdoilusers” will apply savings for all products. This includes tinctures, softgels, topicals and skincare products.

Is there any dollar limit on how much I can save with the Joy Organics promo code?

No, there is no limit on how much you can save. The coupon code “cbdoilusers” will get you 20% your entire order regardless of how much you purchase.

What if the coupon code isn’t working for me?

If you have any issues with the checkout process, you can contact Joy Organics customer service. You can reach them via the contact form on the “Contact Us” page of their website or by phone at (833) 569-7223 during business hours.

Joy Organics Reviews by Users

Reviews of Joy Organics by real users are shown in the comments section below.

Please take a few minutes to write your own Joy Organics review in the “LEAVE A REPLY’ section at the bottom of this page if you’ve used Joy Organics CBD products. Your review will help other users get informed and find the CBD products that are right for them. Thank you!

4 Responses

  1. Here’s a copy of my Facebook post & yours is the only product I have used:

    CBD Oil was a taboo discussion, now it’s everywhere. CBD is now being sold at 24 Hour Fitness!
    I heard people talking about the benefits of it and thought maybe it’s just snake oil. So I began to do my research.
    As a kid growing up in the 70’s weed was everywhere. People smoked to get high and that was it. So when I started hearing CBD & Hemp it immediately brought me back to those days. Then what used to be illegal (marijuana) is now being legalized all over the Country first for medicinal purposes, then just recreational, which just meant getting high.
    In doing my research I found that CBD is Cannabis, but not marijuana. There are 2 cannabis plants, marijuana which has THC (what gets people high) and Hemp which only has traces of THC. I realized there is much confusion abut this. The next question is will it work for me?
    I have osteoarthritis in both of my knees. I am bone to bone with zero cartilage and have developed bone spurs. Basically being told, knee replacement in both of my knees is eminent. Lucky me! After seeing the surgery on YouTube, of what is really an entire knee transplant, cutting out my entire knee, I started to seriously look at every alternative after physical therapy & getting HA (Gel) injections into my right knee. I also have a pain in 1 finger which developed arthritis years ago. Oh and let’s not forget spinal stenosis which I discovered after having a MRI due to severe sciatica pain. Sucks getting old!
    This is where I decided to give CBD a try, especially after my pharmacist recommended it. So I found a company that has pharmaceutical grade CBD. Organically grown full spectrum and zero THC. There’s a lot of crap out there and it’s important if you’re going to try this, do your own research as well. This stuff is not cheap, so I started with what are called tinctures. Basically reminded me of eye droppers & just put under my tongue.
    I was living on Advil, Tramadol and Lidocaine patches which got me from a 8-9 in pain to maybe a 5-6. But if there was a lot of walking not even this helped, which I experienced on my trip to Israel & Jordan. I even needed to buy a cain.
    I introduced CBD into my system 3 weeks ago. After 1 week stopped taking Advil & Tramadol. Week 2, stopped using patches and pain level down to 0-2. Week 3 and pain in my finger completely gone. I had forgot it hurt. Just received CBD Salve & going to use it if I’m going to have heaving walking days or am starting a day with more pain than normal.
    I am also researching stem cell therapy, but not yet convinced. Hopefully I can go some years with what I’m doing now.
    Some other things I am doing is greatly reducing my sugar/carb intake and in the gym every other day doing cardio that includes knee movement (Bike, elliptical, rowing machine, leg lifts to strengthen my quads).
    CBD Oil may not be the answer for everyone and I’m not anticipating it will cure anything, but if it is drugs or something organic to alleviate pain, I’ll take the organic option.
    Hope this helps! Good luck in your journey…

  2. Joy Organics really cares and look out for their customers. I researched several CBD oil companies and Joy Organics was one of the top rated and I like that they are organic, unlike most other companies that use harmful pesticides and chemicals to treat their plants. This company also shows you where they get their resources and lab results of their products. I decided to give them a shot and the mail service lost my package. I emailed Joy Organics to let them know what happened and to my surprise they emailed me right back stating that they will send me the same product along with cbd gummies in the overnight mail. I look forward to trying their products and will leave an updated review later on. It is also nice to know that this company is community based and is involved with charities and volunteers nationally and internationally.

  3. For the first time in a year I am almost pain-free from rheumatoid arthritis in my spine it just takes a half a dropper and any pain I have goes away. Mucas in my nose and throat has cleared up. Can’t say enough good things about capsules and oil. Great customer service. So glad I found your store.

  4. I’ve been using the joy organics sublingual for approximately 5 week and I have to say I am very impressed….the fact that I’ve been able to stay at the same dose for the majority of the time while using it is also a plus .(No Increasing) ot has quite a powerful impact on my spinal pain as well as my OA issues as well . I am a multi product user and I use this product 2x a day .I’ve had no issues with tiredness or being over energized. The taste is a light mint and earthy taste but definitely tolerable. Over all I’m very pleased with this product!

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