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Receptra Naturals Brand Review

Receptra Naturals prides itself on only using hand-picked premium floral hemp. This means that their products only use the hemp flower and aerial parts. No seeds, steams or stalks. 100% of their hemp is sourced from family-owned farms in Colorado where it is organically grown to ensure the highest quality.

Receptra Naturals CBD products are known as some of the highest quality on the market. We recommend them as an excellent choice for those looking for a higher quality product at mid-range prices.

Popular products: Full spectrum CBD oil drops, capsules and topical balm

Source of hemp: Organically-grown Colorado hemp; flower and aerial parts only

Extraction method: Cold-ethanol extraction

Tincture carrier oil: Coconut MCT oil

Prices: Mid-range (as low as $0.07 per mg of CBD)

Shipping cost: Free shipping to all 50 states

Countries served: All 50 U.S. states and internationally

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  1. Targeted topical: Of all brands I have tried, this is THE BEST! Brings my severe chronic pain from 9.5 down to 2! And an application lasts several hours!
    TRULY a miracle!

  2. I bought this for pain relief but it didn’t seem to help. I am willing to try it again because overall it gave me a pleasant feeling and I was taking a small dose. I initially bought it because I was looking for an oil that did not make me sleepy as most brands did. If I took a little more than 15mg I started feeling a little sleepy. Also, some brands make me feel anxious or emotional but I did not get that from Receptra Naturals.

    I tried the Active 250mg bottle. I got the bottle without the turmeric extract.

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