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How to Recycle or Reuse CBD Tincture Bottles

If you use CBD oil regularly, you may find yourself with a growing collection of empty tincture bottles. The good news is that there are some eco-friendly alternatives to just tossing them in the trash or stashing them away. They can be recycled or reused in some creative ways that may not have occurred to you.

The purpose of this article is to discuss how to recycle your empty CBD tincture bottles and also pass along some ideas for reusing them that users have shared with us.

Can CBD Oil Bottles Be Recycled?

Yes, in most cases your glass tincture bottles can be recycled. You can check your local recycling program guidelines to confirm that glass bottles can be placed in your regular recycling bin. If not, your community may still offer curbside pickup or drop-off locations to recycle glass.

If you’re going to recycle the bottle, it should ideally be clean but it doesn’t have to be spotless. Rinsing it out with warm water should suffice. You should also remove the dropper top and either dispose of it or reuse it separately. For example, some users keep an extra dropper on hand if they are sharing their CBD product with a pet.

What are Some Ways to Reuse a CBD Tincture Bottle?

Here are a few creative ways for reusing a bottle based on feedback from our Facebook group members. Before reusing it, we recommend a thorough cleaning. To do this, wash the bottle with warm soapy water. If you want to remove the label, letting it soak in hot water may help remove it easier. After you’ve cleaned it, rinse it out and let it air dry upside down. If necessary, vinegar or rubbing alcohol can be used to remove any leftover residue.

1. Make your own CBD oil blend

Some users like to make their own CBD oil that is customized for their needs. By reusing an empty bottle, it can be even more cost effective to make your own tincture.

2. Use it for a travel bottle

If you typically buy larger bottles of CBD oil (60 – 100 milliliters), then a 15 or 30 milliliter bottle can make a great travel size. Whether you’re going on a trip or just want a smaller bottle for your purse, you can reuse an empty one to make it easier to take your CBD oil on the go.

3. Mini flower vases

Placing a small flower into your empty bottle can make a stylish decoration for nightstands and end tables. It can also serve as an ongoing reminder to take your daily dose!

4. Bottle lights

If you’re the crafty type, you can put mini LED lights in your empty bottles or incorporate them into a string of holiday lights to brighten up your home.

5. Store other homemade items

Empty CBD tincture bottles can be reused to store homemade items such as vanilla extract or hand sanitizer. If the dropper top doesn’t work for your purposes, you can buy a different bottle top on Amazon or your local craft store.

6. Convert your bottle to a roller ball

If you sometimes apply your CBD oil topically, you can replace the dropper top with a roller ball top. Having a separate roller bottle will make it easier and more convenient to apply it directly to your skin. 

7. Give them to a friend

Most people have at least one friend that is an avid user of either CBD oil or essential oils. Chances are that someone you know will be able to put your empty bottle to good use.

How Recycling or Reusing Bottles Helps the Environment

Recycling CBD bottles is one way that you can help reduce pollution and waste. Here are a few facts about how recycling or reusing glass can help the environment.

Glass recycling is sustainable because glass can continuously be recycled without losing its quality or purity. In addition to being environmentally friendly, recycled glass is an inert material making it impermeable and safe for food.  

Recycling CBD bottles benefits raw materials and resources by reducing the need for new glass extraction. This ultimately helps to conserve virgin materials such as sand, limestone and sodium carbonate. 

The life cycle of producing recycled glass is not as time consuming as people may think. In fact, it can take as little as 30 days for glass to go from a recycling bin to grocery store shelves. 

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