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How to Make Your Own CBD Oil

Most people purchase their CBD products online or in local stores. But have you ever considered making your own CBD oil instead? It may not be as hard as you think. It can be an attractive option for those who are cost-conscious or wanting a product that is more customized for their needs. Here are our top 5 reasons to consider making your own CBD oil.

More Cost Effective

When you make your own CBD oil, you will definitely save money. CBD isolate powder can be purchased from reputable brands and is relatively cheap. For example, you can get 1 gram (1000 milligrams) of isolate powder for $30 from CBDistillery. That’s about half the price of their 1000 milligram isolate tincture. You can buy the source material and carrier oil ingredients in bulk to further reduce your costs. 

Customized For Your Needs

By making the CBD oil yourself, you get to choose the ingredients. This includes the type of carrier oil used. The choice of carrier oil is important for those who have allergies or sensitivities to MCT coconut oil that is common in “store-bought” tinctures. 

You can slso add terpenes that may provide the specific benefits you’re seeking. For example, some users add limonene to help with sleep or beta-caryophyllene to aid in pain relief. Just be sure to dilute them properly. Instructions for doing this are typically provided by the companies that sell terpenes.

You Know What’s In It

Some users have concerns about how a CBD product they purchased was made or about its ingredients. There are also some unscrupulous brands selling products that contain less CBD than advertised. When you make your own CBD oil products, you know exactly how it was made and what’s in it.

Less Chance of Running Out

It’s common for those buying online to forget to place another order before their current product runs out. This can lead to some panic and expedited shipping costs since most users rely on their daily serving of CBD. By making it yourself and purchasing the ingredients in bulk, you’ll ensure that you will always have the ability to make more as needed. 

Less Worrying About Things Outside Your Control

Shipping delays do happen. And sometimes the favorite products of users are out of stock or get discontinued. The reliance on forces outside of your control can sometimes lead to frustration. When you make your own CBD oil, you no longer have to worry about these potential problems.

How to Make Your Own CBD Oil

Making your own isolate-based CBD oil tincture is actually quite easy. You can simply buy CBD isolate powder and then mix it at home with your preferred carrier oil. Terpenes can be purchased from companies like True Terpenes and added for customized effects. You can also make your own vape liquids, edibles and topicals from isolate. We have two videos below that walk you through the process of making your own CBD products from isolate.

The process for making full spectrum CBD products is more complicated but very doable. You’ll need to purchase raw CBD hemp flower, heat it to activate the cannabinoids through a process called decarboxylation and then extract the oil from the flower. The instructions on how to do this are easily available through a Google search.

Links to Ingredients and Tools Used in the “How to Make CBD Oil from Isolate” Video

CBD Isolate Powder from CBDistillery

Digital Milligram Scale:

30ml Glass Bottles with Dropper:

MCT Oil from Coconut:

Coconut Oil:

Hempseed Oil:

How To Make CBD-Infused Edibles

Making your own CBD edibles such as gummies or chocolate bars is also a relatively easy process. The video below shows you how to infuse CBD in a chocolate bar. We also have a separate article with an easy CBD gummy recipe.

Links to Ingredients and Tools Used in the “Infusing with CBD” Video

CBD Isolate Powder from CBDistillery

Ghirardelli Chocolate Baking Bar:

Chocolate Mold:

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