Can I Vape My CBD Oil Tincture?

Is It Safe to Vape CBD Products?

Vaping CBD is one of the many popular methods of consuming CBD products. Moreover, we have seen an ever increasing amount of individuals completely new to the world of vaping, not just new to CBD. Certainly, with this influx of new vaping enthusiasts, we want to make sure that consumers are staying safe and using their products and vape devices appropriately. However, we often hear from people who have been instructed that their CBD is safe to use in their vape when that may not actually be the case.

Consequently, the general rule with vaping is to only vape CBD products that are specifically made for vaping. For example, never vape “regular” CBD oil drops or tinctures that contain oils. As a result, this rule can be confusing because many CBD vape products are referred to as “CBD vape oils.”

However, when we’re talking about oils, we are referring to the CBD product ingredients. In short, oils, such as olive oil, hemp seed oil, grapeseed oil, and coconut oil, just to name a few, should never be vaped or inhaled, so it’s important to make sure you know what is in the CBD product if you want to vape it.

Why Can’t I Vape Regular CBD Oil Drops?

So why do we say not to vape oils? Two words: Lipoid PneumoniaLipoid Pneumonia is caused by the inhalation of lipids (or fat particles) into the lungs. To put it simply, the lungs cannot absorb these oils and in turn you can get lung inflammation and all the symptoms associated with that.

Can I Vape CBD Products With MCT Oil?

Meanwhile, the newest wave of vaping CBD products are those containing the controversial MCT oil. For example, the idea behind MCT oil is that it contains medium chain triglycerides (MCT) and behaves more like glucose instead of a fatty acid. On the other hand, most of the typical carrier oils (such as hemp seed and olive oil) contain long chain triglycerides and the fatty acids are unable to be absorbed. Supposedly, this is not the case with the MCT oil.

However, the research on this is very limited, and there are little to no studies on absorption of MCT into the lungs, so the use of MCT as a safe vape carrier is still controversial. Above all, we recommend doing your due diligence on this and deciding for yourself if you want to vape MCT Oil. Please note that this does not mean you should vape your sublingual oil that contains MCT oil. Most importantly, only vape products explicitly made for vaping.

The Bottom Line on Vaping CBD Tinctures

To sum up, some sublingual products are formulated with vegetable glycerine (VG) or propylene glycol (PG), and can be used sublingual or via inhalation. However, the vast majority will instead have an oil as their base ingredient. To clarify, double check the ingredients to verify the formulation. Above all, don’t be fooled by those saying their oils are “pure hemp” and therefore should be safe, because most of the time this means they used hemp seed oil as the carrier oil, which should not be vaped.

Looking For A Safe, Reputable CBD Vape Product?

Check out our Best CBD Vape Oil Reviews page for vetted brands and coupon codes. Alternatively, if you dont want to vape liquids at all, our article on how to vape concentrates may be of interest.

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