What Are CBD Patches and How Do You Use Them?

CBD patches are popping up left and right as new featured products from many brands. Patches are a great option for the active individual seeking a convenient and straightforward CBD dosing method. Unlike most other CBD products, the patches are single-use only and feature the unique ability to transport CBD directly into the blood stream via the skin.

How CBD Patches Work

Sometimes labeled as “topical” patches, these patches are actually transdermal. Transdermal differs from topical in the sense that the CBD actually enters your blood stream through the skin. Topical lotions, on the other hand, cannot penetrate the skin. Special permeability enhancers are typically needed to achieve the effects of a transdermal since CBD alone cannot cross the third layer in the skin. While topicals cannot benefit internal conditions, such as anxiety, transdermals can.

Advantages of CBD Patches

Patches are typically sold as having 8-12, 24, 36, and 48-hour time frames. These patches have a “time-release” effect, giving you a steady dose during the specified time frame. Because of their long wear time, these patches are usually waterproof or at least water-resistant so you can shower while wearing them.

Instead of having to stop whatever you’re doing to take a mid-day dose, you get to keep carrying on with everyday life as the CBD is slowly released into your body. They’re discrete and only have to be replaced after their use time is up. Additionally, since they are applied to the skin, they are a great product for users who dislike the taste of CBD oils.

Disadvantages of CBD Patches

One of the main disadvantages of CBD patches is the higher cost compared to sublingual drops and other delivery methods. Prices for CBD patches typically range from $10 per patch up to as much as $40 per patch. The high cost is restrictive for most users when looking at them for daily use. Because of this, many users reserve their patches for days of high activity when they won’t be able to carry their normal oils with them. Patches can also be saved for high pain days when you need a steady release of highly bioavailable cannabinoids.

How To Use CBD Patches

For best results, thoroughly cleanse the skin of dirt and oils with alcohol wipes before application. Most patches state they are best applied in veinous areas, such as the inner wrist or ankle. However, this can depend on the “strength” of the permeability enhancers used. So double check that your brand doesn’t require you to apply closest to the area of physical pain.

CBD patches can typically be cut in half if you require a smaller dose or wish to save half for the next few days, effectively extending its use life. Mary’s Nutritionals is a notable brand with this feature. Additionally, you can always add extra patches if desired. And if at any point you start to experience negative effects or no longer need the patch, they can be removed and the steady flow of cannabinoids into the body is immediately halted.

Where Can I Buy CBD Patches Online?

For those interested in buying CBD patches online, here are a few recommendations. All of these safe and reputable brands have been vetted for product quality, customer service and positive consumer feedback.

Social CBD – 24-hour CBD patch with 20mg ($10.99 each or 3 for $29.99) or 60mg ($19.99 each or 3 for $49.99); use coupon code “save20” for 20% off your order

Palmetto Harmony – 12-hour CBD patch with 30mg of CBD; $19.99 each; use coupon code “cbdoilusers” for 10% off your order

Pure Ratios – 96-hour CBD patch with 40mg of CBD; $18 each or 5 pack for $75

Mary’s Nutritionals – 8-12 hour CBD patch with 10mg of CBD; $10 each or 10 pack for $90; use coupon code “cbdoilusers” for 10% off your order

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  1. are these patches full spectrum? Does it matter? I have fibromyalgia and am looking for a pain relief alternative and nothing in pill or drop form

    • Palmetto Harmony and Mary’s are full spectrum. I believe the others are broad spectrum. Whether it matters or not just kind of depends on the individual. Generally, full spectrum may be the better choice for you but everyone is different. I hope that you find the relief that you are looking for!

  2. How can I get a transdermal pain patch? And where to apply it… near the pain or near a veinous site?

    • It’s generally recommended that you apply the patch to a veinous area such as your inner wrist or ankle. We have a list of some recommended brands that offer CBD transdermal patches in the article above.

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