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What Happens If I Forget to Take My CBD Oil?

Taking CBD regularly is considered crucial by many when it comes to optimal effectiveness as a preventative. Usually this means a consistent, daily dose taken at set intervals throughout the day. But sometimes things happen.

Skipping a dose might happen to you at some point because you forget to take it or run out of your product. Many people wonder what will happen if they miss a dose. Will you immediately experience withdrawal symptoms? Or may you just have a recurrence of previous symptoms? Thankfully, the latter is closest to the truth.

Will I Experience Withdrawal Symptoms?

CBD is not a substance typically associated with withdrawal symptoms. Physical dependence or addiction to CBD has not been reported. For normal hemp-derived CBD use, starting and stopping requires no tapering due to the lack of withdrawal symptoms.

What Can I Expect if I Miss a Dose?

If you forget to take your CBD oil and start experiencing problems, chances are you are experiencing a recurrence of your previous symptoms rather than new withdrawal symptoms.

If you are well into your CBD journey, with months of consistent CBD use in your system, skipping a single dose will likely have a minimal effect. You might not even notice a difference until you’ve stopped taking it for multiple days.

For brand new users, with less CBD built up in their system, the same may not hold true. But if you do forget to take your CBD, you only really need to worry about your ailment-associated symptoms returning.

Tips to Avoid Skipping Doses

Consistent dosing of CBD on a regular schedule is considered the key by many trying to keep their symptoms at bay. So, if necessary, we recommend setting alarms or using tracking apps on your phone to help you remember when it’s time to take your CBD.

Choosing the most convenient and effective method of CBD that fits with your lifestyle is also highly recommended. If you are the type of person who is always out of the house, perhaps a more portable version, such as gummies or capsules, is more convenient that carrying around your normal bottle of CBD oil.

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