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CBD Samples – Our Top Picks Under $60

If you’re wanting to try CBD oil for the first time or experiment with a new brand, starting with affordable CBD samples is a great option. Buying a sample size allows you to try CBD at a low price and see if it works for you before committing to a larger purchase.

We’ve carefully selected a few sample CBD products from highly reputable brands that are popular with our Facebook group members. You can be assured that all of these recommended products are safe based on third party lab testing and from a company that is committed to exceptional customer service. 

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Full Spectrum Tincture Samples


Fab CBD Citrus Drops Tincture

30% off with code CBDOILUSERS at checkout

$39 (before discount) for a 30 ml bottle of full spectrum CBD oil with 300mg of CBD. Available in citrus, mint, berry, vanilla or natural flavor. U.S. only. 30-day money back guarantee.

Lazarus Naturals

Lazarus Naturals CBD Oil Tinctures

20% off code ONETIME20 or 5% off code CBDOILUSERS

$40 (before discount) for a 30 ml bottle with 1,500mg of full spectrum CBD oil. Free shipping on U.S. orders over $50. Also ships internationally to most countries except Australia, Canada and the UK. 90-day money back guarantee.

THC-Free Tincture Samples


CBDistillery Broad Spectrum 500mg

25% off with code CBDOILUSERS at checkout

$32 (before discount) for a 30 ml bottle with 500mg of CBD. Broad spectrum (THC-free). Free shipping on orders over $75. U.S. only. 60-day money back guarantee.


cbdMD Broad Spectrum CBD Oil Drops Tincture

20% off with code CBDOILUSERS at checkout

$59.99 (before discount) for a 30 ml bottle with 1,500mg of CBD. Broad spectrum (THC-free). Available in natural, mint, orange or berry flavor. Free shipping. U.S. only. 60-day money back guarantee. 

CBD Gummies Samples


CBDistillery Relax Gummies

25% off with code CBDOILUSERS at checkout

$60 (before discount) for 30 count pack of broad spectrum CBD gummies. 30mg of CBD per gummy. Total CBD in bottle: 900 milligrams. Also available in Sleep formula. Broad spectrum (THC-free). U.S. only. 60-day money back guarantee.

cbdMD Gummies

cbdMD Broad Spectrum Gummies

20% off with code CBDOILUSERS at checkout

$59.99 (before discount) for 30 count of broad spectrum CBD gummies with 50mg of CBD per gummy. Total CBD in bottle: 1,500 milligrams. Free shipping. U.S. only. 60-day money back guarantee.

You might also be interested in this CBD Sample Pack:

CBG, CBN and CBC Tincture Sample

Extract Labs Essential Starter Pack

25% off with code CBDOILUSERS at checkout

$49 (before discount) for three 5ml bottles of CBG (cognitive support), CBN (sleep) and CBC (relief) tinctures. Ships to all countries except Canada.

What are the Benefits of Buying Sample CBD Products?

Quality CBD products aren’t cheap and they certainly aren’t free. Finding the brand or product that works best for you often takes some experimentation. Many users try a few different products until they find the one that is best for them. Buying full-size products of multiple brands can make this an expensive proposition.

Luckily, there are many reputable companies that offer CBD products in smaller size options and sample packs. Buying CBD samples is a much more affordable way to try different brands and you can then more confidently buy a larger size going forward once you find the brand and product that works well for you.

How Should I Choose One of the CBD Samples Above?

All of the sample CBD products on our recommended list are high-quality products from safe and reputable brands. They are all excellent values that will allow you to see if that brand works for you. Your choice should be based on how you want to take CBD and whether you want a full spectrum product or one that is THC free. 

Will a Sample Size Be Enough to Know if it’s Working?

Yes, in most cases. The average daily serving size for users is between 10 and 25 milligrams of CBD per day. Some need more and others need less depending on the severity of their concern and how their body responds to CBD. But on average, a product with 250 milligrams will last for between 10 and 25 days. This is usually enough to time to feel some effects and know whether the product may be a good one for you.

Beware of the “Free CBD Sample” Scam

The popularity of CBD products has been on the rise and many people interested in trying CBD oil have been lured by promises of a free CBD sample. You may have noticed some of these “free CBD” offers in your email inbox or on social media. When something seems to good to be true, it usually is. In this case, it definitely is.

The typical offer is that you can get a “free trial bottle of CBD oil” for a small shipping charge. But hidden in the fine print is language that you are agreeing to monthly subscription charges of up to $90 every month. To add insult to injury, the CBD products that they send to you are of extremely low quality and made with potentially unsafe ingredients. These scammers are only after your money and wanting to charge you as much as possible until you notice the charges on your credit card statement. 

Hundreds of thousands of people have fallen for this scam and we encourage anyone who has been victimized to contact their bank or credit card company immediately and file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. The scammers make it very difficult for you to cancel your subscription and pressure you to keep it when you do. Most people have to cancel their current credit card and get a new one issued to get the charges to stop. For obvious reasons, you should avoid these “free CBD sample” offers and only purchase legitimate CBD samples from reputable brands.

23 Responses

  1. I am a huge fan of Lazarus Naturals. I buy the CBD isolate in 5 or 20 gram bulk. I mix 1.5 grams into an ounce (30 ml) of MCT oil. Put this in a tincture bottle and get about 50 ml shot under the tongue. Works great and is a fraction of the cost of buying it anywhere.

    1. The thing about Amazon is that most of the products that show up in a search for CBD oil are just hempseed oil products that contain no CBD. That’s because selling CBD products is against Amazon’s terms of service. Given the complexities of that, we recommend that users buy directly from brand websites or in local stores.

  2. I too ordered some oil from a “free sample” site. About 6 days ago I received an email telling me it had been shipped. Yesterday I noticed a $6.78 charge on my credit card from someplace called KetoProducts or something like that. I didn’t recognize the source so I immediately contacted my carrier and instituted a fraud alert. The carrier cancelled my card right away and I am awaiting a new one with a new #. Having read this site I am glad I acted as quickly as I did.

  3. Yes! I am one of the MANY people who’ve been scammed with the “free sample, just pay the postage, offer” After 2 weeks, a charge for $89.96 appeared on my online bank statement. Calling them was almost impossible. On the online statement, you’ll notice a series of numbers that look close to this “8664523567.” This will be the phone number of the merchant, but they change their company names and phone numbers frequently. If you happen to get a customer service rep on the phone they will offer you smaller and smaller charges. The best thing to do is don’t even get involved with ANY of the “free samples/just pay shipping” ads. 99% of these ads are scams. If you do get scammed, call your bank to cancel the card used for your purchase and get a NEW CARD, because some of these scammers will have the nerve to make additional charges on your original card. You will also need to notify card member services to file a fraud denial claim. It really becomes a pain in the neck and iot isn’t worth the bottle of low quality CBD oil.

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience with the “free trial bottle of CBD” scam. Unfortunately, MANY people have been taken for hundreds of dollars and we try to educate as many people as we can to avoid this scam. It’s always best to stick with safe and reputable brands when purchasing CBD products.

  4. I ordered Sonoma Valley CBD oil and capsules. I NEVER received an email conformation of my order. The package arrived about a week later without any paperwork. I tried to contact them to cancel the subscription they make you take and return the product. Got a run around. The trial period is very short. In the midst of all this we have the COVID 19 pandemic to deal with. I forgot about it. I checked my account and they charged me $89.82 and $89.84, 2 days ago, for the subscription for products w/o any notification of mailing. I finally was able to contact them today. They refunded $90.00 to my account to cover the cost of the samples. That still leaves me with a charge of $89.66 that they refused to refund. I now have spent $90 on air. They were not very pleasant to deal with. BEWARE OF WOLVES IN SHEEP’S CLOTHING. THEY ARE SCAM ARTISTS. NEVER AGAIN.

    1. Same thing happened to me. Had to cancel my card and am now in disputes with them. It’s frustrating to be taken advantage of when I’m just looking for relief. This stress is making it even worse. Never buy Sonoma valley cbd. Scam scam scam!

      1. The same thing almost happened to me. I got the free trial then I went and read the fine print. After about 14 days they will charge your credit card $89.84. I immediately called my credit card company. Fortunately just the shipping of $6.84 was on the card. I canceled that card and got a new number. However, I think the capsules are amazing.

      2. Same here with Sonoma Valley. $89.82 for CBD oil drops and capsules. Only myself to blame for not doing the research. But how do they get those famous people to endorse this stuff and be part of the commercial/sales pitch on camera?

  5. i just received free sample of Sonoma Valley drops and capsules for postage only. Does anyone have information on this? It was a Facebook offer from Dr. Oz and Dr Phil. Still trying to find the right one for me.

    1. Most “free sample” offers where you think that you are just paying a small shipping fee is a scam.Especially those with a celebrity name associated with them. The product quality is low and they are going to keep charging you up to $90 every month until you cancel your subscription with them that you probably don’t know that you signed up for. Please contact your bank or credit card company and have them investigate. You will likely need to cancel your card and get a new one issued to get the charges to stop.

    2. After realizing I was scammed and contacted my carrier who changed my number, she noticed an $86.00 charge, that would appear on my next statement, I had not authorized. I was given the company phone number to get the charge annulled, which they refused saying this shipment had gone out already, with the delivery accepted. I denied receiving the product as well as having asked to continue delivery after the trial sample, which was not effective. Of course the product was defended as being legitimate. (as water, I say).

  6. A Nutrax CBD oil “free sample” pop-up ad appeared on my Microsoft Edge browser page a week ago. Yep, just pay a low shipping and handling charge for a 300mg 30ml bottle. Then the order offers an additional Nutrax 300mg 30 capsule bottle for an additional shipping and handling charge. Both items totaled about $13 for shipping and handling. Delivery was held up by shipping delays according to DHL. Tried the tincture upon arrival and was immediately skeptical. Oil is a dark nasty greenish brown. If earthy scents and flavor mean it’s like a handful of dirt, twigs, and lawn grass, then that’s right on with a slight mint flavor added. Started web research of Nutrax to learn more about the products, sourcing of hemp, lab testing, and affiliations. Big surprise…none of those web searches revealed anything other than web page reviews only by Nutrax. These pages are nothing more than praising the products and leading to the same “Free Sample” order links.

    I researched multiple web pages about scams for free samples by unscrupulous CBD suppliers, Nutrax in particular. The “free sample” order page says nothing about automated future orders and charges. Microscopic print at the bottom of the order page provides a link to Terms and Conditions amongst other items. Clicking on the Terms and Conditions link leads to another page of more microscopic print that would confuse any genius. The terms stipulate that future orders and charges to the credit card would be forthcoming after the short 14-day “free trial” unless immediately canceled. If canceled, an outrageous bill for the so called free samples would be charged. Suppliers appear to be third party vendors using PO Boxes listing bogus company addresses. GOOD LUCK Nutrax seller from Tampa, Florida. My credit card account has been closed.

      1. Yes, if you read the Terms & Conditions in the footer of their website you will see that they automatically enroll you in an auto-shipment program at a cost of $89.95 per month.

  7. Before getting the “trial bottle” offer be sure to read the Terms & Conditions usually found in small type near or at the bottom of the website.

  8. I think I was tricked into signing up for the free sample and than I have received 2 more orders. How on earth do I cancel so I don’t keep getting charged. I find very little information about where to cancel.

    1. The scammers make it very difficult for you to cancel because they just want your money. Your best move is to call your bank or credit card company and have them cancel the payment card that you used and issue you a new one. That’s really the only way to know that the charges and potential fraud will stop. You can also have them issue a “fraud chargeback” on any previous charges to hopefully get a refund from the credit card company.

  9. Yes I think I have been scammed. I ordered the free trial and ended up paying for 2 different bottles the night I purchased it. I had a receipt saying when it was going to be delivered and tracking number my name and email address. Now I go on there and there’s nothing there except a delivery date that keeps changing everytime I go on chrome to look at it.

    1. All of the “free trial bottle” offers that we’ve seen are scams. Especially those that are supposedly endorsed by a celebrity.

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