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Free Trial Bottle of CBD Oil – Scam Alert

The website is NOT affiliated with this scam in any way. We are a consumer education website that warns people to avoid this scam and advises you what to do if you’ve already become a victim. 

The best thing that you can do is to immediately contact your bank or credit card company. Explain the situation to them and tell them that you did not authorize charges by the company listed on your statement. They will likely suggest that you cancel your existing card and get a new one issued. They can also help you get a refund for past charges.

Now let’s talk in more detail about how this scam works and what you can do to get the charges to stop.

How the Free Trial Bottle of CBD Oil Scam Works

“Get A FREE Trial Bottle of CBD Oil or Gummies.” Sounds like a great deal, right? You’re told that you just have to pay a small shipping charge on your credit or debit card. But you have good reason to avoid this common CBD scam at all costs. That’s because giving them your credit card number could end up costing you hundreds or thousands of dollars.

The true intent of these scammers is hidden in the fine print of these “CBD free trial” offers. By accepting their “free trial”, you have authorized them to start charging you up to $90 or more each month if you don’t cancel your “subscription” within a few days. To make the scam even worse, the product itself is extremely low in quality and customer service is shady or non-existent.

You will likely have problems canceling your subscription if you are able to contact the company. Their “customer service representatives” will try to talk you into keeping your subscription or paying a lesser amount. You may also start seeing other unauthorized charges on the payment card that you provided for the “free trial of CBD.”

Brands and Celebrity Names Associated With This Scam

A few of the brand names tied to this scheme are: HempVive, Pure CBD, New Leaf Naturals, True CBD, Miracle CBD, Pro Naturals, Sky CBD, Assure CBD, Divine CBD, Pure Med, Organix, Isolate Direct, CBD XRP, Optimal Choice, Zen Labs, Star CBD, Serene and Serenity CBD.

Celebrity names associated with this scam include: Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil, Oprah, Willie Nelson, Sean Hannity, Donald Trump and Steve Harvey. In reality, these celebrities have nothing to do with the scam and their names are being used illegally.

The names change but just know that any offer of a “free trial of CBD oil or gummies” where you just pay shipping is typically a scam.

What If I’ve Been a Victim of This Scam?

Here’s what we recommend you do if you’ve been scammed. If you don’t take immediate action, you will continue to be charged every month.

Call Your Bank or Credit Card Company Immediately

Let them know that you did not authorize any charges other than the small shipping fee. Ask for their help in getting a refund and preventing any future charges to your card. This often means filing a “fraud chargeback” with your bank to recover the money that has been taken from you.

The bank will likely recommend that you cancel your existing card and have a new one sent to you. This may be inconvenient for you but it really is the only way to ensure that the scammers can’t keep charging you.

Calling the Scammers is Usually a Waste of Time

You can try calling the company that is charging you but this is typically an exercise in futility. The scammers operate out of call centers in foreign countries and are skilled at separating you from your money.

If you do call them, firmly demand a full refund of all charges. Be prepared to get the runaround. They will try to talk you into either a lower monthly charge or partial refund. Don’t accept anything other than a full refund.

Tell them that you will be filing a fraud chargeback with your bank and contacting your state’s attorney general if they don’t refund all of your money and stop the charges.

Even if the scammers say that they will cancel your subscription and issue you a refund, we still strongly recommend that you still call your bank or credit card company. Many people have reported continued charges even after they were told that their subscription was cancelled.

Next Steps After You’ve Talked to Your Bank

Don’t beat yourself up about being a victim of this scam. These scammers are preying upon thousands of people who just want to try CBD products. Chalk it up to a lesson learned about the reality of these “free trial” offers.

Please tell us your story in the comments sections below to help warn others about this scam.

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Legitimate Low Cost CBD Samples

If you’re interested in trying CBD, a much better alternative is buying quality CBD samples from a reputable company without obligating yourself to future shipments and charges.

Free CBD samples are rarely offered by respected brands given the high demand for these products. But there are many safe and reputable companies that do offer affordable samples.


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Hidden Terms and Conditions of the “Free Trial Bottle of CBD Oil” Scam

The website is NOT affiliated with this scam in any way. We warn consumers to avoid this scam!

If you’ve been scammed, contact your bank or credit card company immediately to dispute the charges.

Free Trial Bottle of CBD Oil Scam

156 Responses

  1. The company ReLeaf Ease pulled this on me and they say they have been trying to reach me for payment for over a year.
    They have called three times this week with different numbers. I keep blocking.
    Luckily the card I used is no longer good and I have moved. That’s why they keep calling.
    I told them to bill me but they say they cannot do that.
    They cannot charge my old card so they say it will go to collections. That concerns me – if they can actually do that.

  2. I just got a phone call from Holistic CBD. They claim they are not a scam and I subscribed to them. They also claimed it was a 14 day trial and I owe them 90 dollars. Well, that does it, I’m changing my credit card.

    1. I fell for this with some shampoo and they never said that it was a trial and I had to send back the bottles or whatever and then all the sudden I receive some more in the mail and I called the company they offered me reduced prices on it and everything and I said what part of cancel me do you not understand nothing’s free always remember if it sounds too good to be true it’s too good to be true

    1. It’s best to spare yourself the frustration of dealing with the scammers directly. Call your bank or credit card company and tell them you’re the victim of this scam. They will cancel your existing card and issue you a new one. That’s the only way to make the charges stop and fix this.

  3. Green Canyon CBD has a scam that follows the usual playbook. Celebrity (John Oliver/HBO with many other celebrity endorsements on the Green Canyon web site) says he’s send you a free sample; you are only charged shipping. Didn’t read the fine print and lo and behold my credit card company sent me a fraud notice (Well done, Chase!) that I told them to reject. I contacted the credit card fraud department who informed me about the shipping charge which I did agree was correct; but I didn’t read the fine print about automatic subscriptions. The CC Fraud rep gave me the number to call to question the charge and cancel my subscription. When I did this they wanted a “one-time” cancellation fee of $19.95. My response was to ask where they are located because I want to report this shady business practice to the local attorneys general. He put me on hold, then came back and said they will cancel my subscription with no additional charge; and even sent me a “cancellation confirmation number” via email. If the charge persists I know Chase will continue to reject — I will probably cancel/replace my card if that occurs again.

  4. I paid $10.90 for a free trial order of the Alex Trebek pain relief-Peace CBD which was for the shipping and handling. I received a bottle of CBD tincture and a bottle of CBD capsules. A short time later I received another bottle of each. I then noticed a withdraw on my account for $99.98 then another for $89.96. I called the number the bank statement had. The guy said I was not able to get a refund. I never authorized any payment except the $10.90 for shipping and handling. The CBD came from Premium CBD. I returned the bottles. I haven’t heard back from them yet.

  5. Yeah this company herbal pure CBD cream free sample ended up charging me a couple hundred dollars will not refund my money I never authorized any of it in fact I had called immediately and emailed and every other thing I could think of they say I didn’t what a scam these guys are out of California 844-696-9191 is there a number one address is in Los alamitos and then they have another address in Fontaine valley California when I asked about the two addresses the guy would not answer me

  6. Northern Sense CBD oil is another one to be wary of. I had two charges of approximately $100 on my card. Each from the same company that lists itself with different toll-free numbers. After calling the phone numbers, I contacted my credit card company and in the process of disputing the charges.

  7. I was scammed too. They used Don Lemon as the celebrity. Said he was selling this stuff. I wanted to try it, so I bought a bottle of CBD Gel Caps and a bottle of CBD Oil from “Organic Recover” for $13.76. I wasn’t asking or signing up for a free sample. I was simply paying for the two products. The products did arrive a week later. By that time I was already suspicious so I have not tried the products or even opened them up. A month and a half later I see fake charges on my credit card. I cancelled the card and now have a new one. After that I received some cancellation confirmation emails from care@organicrecover[dot]com. The legit charges on my credit card were listed as being from “PEAK IMMUNITY ELDERBERRY 855-668-8157 AZ”. The later fake charges were from “BRILLIANTWELLNESSHEALT 844-8448982” and “NATHEAL* 855-6688157”. What a scam. How is it these folks can get away with this? I think this is the first scam I’ve fallen for. I just didn’t think they could go so far as to claim some celebrity was selling this stuff. Obviously illegal. How is it that they didn’t get shut down immediately!?

  8. I did it too. I will swear on The Bible that the site I ordered from stated I was ordering a free sample (not trial) of Phil Robertson’s CBD and I was only paying shipping. I searched for any tricky terms & conditions because I’d had a problem with a diet pill years ago. I saw no terms & conditions anywhere. I paid for shipping on cbd oil and it came with a cream. After I added the extra charge for rush delivery the next screen gave me the option to add cbd capsules. I paid to the shipping to get the free capsules as well but there was not an option o expedite. I placed the order on January 3rd. My card was charged on Jan. 4th. I received a Bloom Green pure isolate CBD oil & a pain relief cream. The oil wasn’t sealed. Oh, and I’ve yet to receive any capsules. The cream was sealed with a tiny sticker. I tried the oil and could tell no difference whatsoever.
    On January 19th I received very vague email invoices from the same email that acknowledge my free samples. I also noticed two credit card charges for over $100 each. They were from different companies than before and both transactions were from different companies. So none of the charges On my cc pertaining to this CBD have been from the same company.
    I called their customer service, demanded full refund and got nowhere. They offered $40 for each. I told them I was going to have it tested cause I thought it was fake so she put me on hold and then offered me $60 back for each transaction. I still demanded the full amounts. She said I agreed to the terms and conditions so I finally asked her what the terms and conditions were that I supposedly agreed to and the phone went silent. I finally hung up after 15 minutes and called my bank.
    I had to write their customer service to make sure my subscription (which I never agreed to) was cancelled. They wrote back confirming and threatened that I would never win if I disputed the charges. Here’s hoping!

  9. I too fell victim to this scam. At first they offered to refund 50% but as instructed above, I told the scammers I was going to “file a fraud charge back” with my credit card company. This seemed to work and they said they’d give me a 100% refund. But when I received the refund, it was only about 80%. Their excuse was that it cost them to send me the product and they had to pay a restocking fee. I said this was not acceptable and that I would go ahead and “file a fraud charge back” with my credit card. They sent me another $25, but I was still out of pocket $15. So I emailed them again to say I would “file a fraud charge back.” I wrote that it was no sweat for me to do so. And why should I be out of pocket for their fraudulent business practices. Finally they sent me the remaining $15.

  10. I was a victim of this scam and my credit card company declined the payment. Now the company called trycbdboost has sent me to collections. I never even noticed the fine print about the charges of $219. Not sure what to do about the collection agency.

    1. Hi Andy, I just dealt with my bank credit department today. I was charged for some sample and I never ordered. The credit card was refunded until January 12th, 2021. The company name is no longer listed and I don’t have a number to call to discuss the issue. This was charged to me in October, the amount was $135.47. I was told by the bank fraud investigator that business has all my information, and I now have to pay. I at least would like to know what I’m paying for and see it. I never received a sample let alone a parcel. It just galls me that I’m the one scammed but they’re getting money for nothing! It sickens me.

  11. Organic Recovery CBD. Fell for a free trial then charged me $97 two weeks later, I called them by using the number my credit card company provided and canceled and asked for a refund. They offered me a 50% refund, I refused and was told no manager was in. They said a manager would call. Called the next day and was offered a 70% refund, I refused and of course no manager was in to talk to. I called a third time because by that time they charged me a third time. They agreed to refund the second charge but not the first. I then called my credit card company and they accepted the billing dispute. They used Peak Immunity Elderberry 855-668-8157 and Brilliant Wellness 844-844-8982 as business names on my charge account.

  12. How I wish I would have read all of these comments from unsuspecting, innocent people before making the same mistake. No matter where or how we became “lured” into this putrid world of CBD oil scammers via the internet, the story is basically identical. I am not going to go into the beyond frustrating details of my discovery of being scammed and my hopeless attempt to dispute with the scammers. I have cancelled my credit card through Citibank and they are sending me a new card so that this does not go on as it most certainly could. I appreciate this venue but wish there was something I could do to warn others in advance but they are operating under numerous names and sites and really have this down to an art. This is a scary world and the internet can be a blessing and a curse. This is a clear example of a curse. Best of luck to all in the future!

  13. I got scammed by the trygreencbd com and am in the process of filing a fraudulent charge against them. Going back and looking at the website I ordered it from I see now in very fine light print the terms of what I thought was a free trial. My question is if the monthly cost is $118.88, wasn’t $6.78 deducted from this amount for my “first purchase.” Regardless, it is a HUGE scam and they know exactly what they are doing. When I sent an email to cancel my “subscription” they sent me a copy of the terms and said, “Sorry, but you agreed to this, so you aren’t getting your money back. Have a great day!!!” How infuriating!!! I heard about this offer from my mother, so I know she is getting scammed as well. How much money are they stealing from people who can ill afford to lose it right now. Shame on them!!!!

  14. I don’t believe I fell for the scam for Pure Healing CBD oil associated with Kevin Costner’s name. Within a few minutes of ordering it, my gut told me to check the internet to see if it was legit. I wish I would have checked first. I called my bank and had my card blocked. I had to say it was stolen because there was no option on the recording for me to tell them I was scammed. I will go to the bank tomorrow and explain it all. I hope they didn’t take money out immediately. I was buying cbd oil because I can’t sleep. Now I really can’t sleep!

  15. I was drawn in by Pure Green CBD oil that was supposed to be affiliated with Kevin Costner. Free trial all over the page but never an amount if purchased and they didn’t accept PayPal…which should have thrown up that red flag for me. But I tried it for S&H of $6.95. 17 days later they hit me up for $118.88. Needless to say I called immediately and got their customer service reps which was a third party site and I did give them Hell! They sent me an e-mail stating that my subscription was cancelled along with a cancellation number so we’ll see. I will talk to my bank and see to it that this never happens again to me but I would love to put this out there where everyone is aware of it. Does FB know of these scamming sites that are targeting their audience?

    1. I too got scammed by a Facebook ad with Kevin Costner promoting free trial size offer, just pay shipping of $5.45. 2 weeks later I get charged $106.47 from primePrestigelifestyle. Disputed this charge. They closed that card and issued a new one. They tried again for $107.54. At least that transaction was declined because card was replaced.

  16. ‘QuickEliteCBD’ or ‘QuickElite500mgCBDTincture’ is another ‘trial’ scam that says nothing initially about the trial really being a subscription that you have to cancel – but offers no means of doing so other than obfuscation. Had to cancel my credit card to preempt the ‘subscription’.

    1. Just realized my stupid mistake by ordering from a Facebook ad, called my credit card company, paid my balance off minus the 12.90 pending charge from these criminals, than closed the account.

  17. I can’t believe I fell for this too. The company that I was scammed from was called trygreencbd aom And after getting my free bottle with shipping, they charged me $118! So outrageous! Disputing the charge now…

  18. I also fell for the advertisement on Facebook thru Sean Hannity of Fox News. Free samples of Ava’s Hemp. Just pay shipping fee of approximately $7.00. Nothing else. After second package arrived, that I really had no need of, called and spoke to man to cancel additional shipments. No problem. But when credit card statement came, had two 7 dollar charges, then about 20 days later, two charges of $95.00! Business was listed as Mountain Springs Detox and M.S Skin,out of Salt Lake City. Scammed!

  19. I tried one supposedly Steve Harvey’s product and the product came in a box with a return address: Shipping Center P.O. Box 21266 Phoenix, AZ 85036. There was no Invoice in the box. I can’t locate any information on this company. No invoice was sent to my email. I also bought into one using Dr. Oz as a reference for these products. Thank you for your advice on handling this situation. I will be following it tomorrow when I contact my bank.

  20. In regard to California Green Farms CBD Oil free trial offer. Call 1-855-730-2899 immediately. This takes you to a customer service center. If you cancel, they will give you a cancellation number, an RMA number (if you want to return a shipment) and an email to confirm your cancellation. They will refund you $35 on the day you call. There is a $9.95 restocking fee and you will get the rest of your refund after they receive your product. I am going to write the RMA they provided me on the outside of the package that it arrives in and put it right back in the mail – I will also write RETURN TO SENDER – did not order, DO NOT WANT! on the package. I don’t plan on spending one more dime on their product! I let them know that this is a shady practice and I wanted my “subscription” cancelled immediately! I was VERY firm and they complied.

    The Return Address is:
    California Green Farms CBD
    PO Pox 84
    Ashland, OH 44805

    Best of luck to everyone! I absolutely HATE that there are companies that are just waiting to take advantage of people in this manner.

  21. Very big scam!! Free sample, just pay postage, and in a month you receive a bill for 108.00 and another for 103.00 plus change. SCAM written all over this product.

  22. Facebook posted an ad yesterday that Ziggy Marley working with MaxxLabs CBD OIL was offering a free sample for just $4.95 shipping. Endorsed by Oprah, Tom Hanks and a few others. I didn’t get a confirmation and a few hours later saw 2 other ads stating different celebrities were making the same offer as Ziggy Marley and their product was also endorsed by Oprah, Tom Hanks etc. I called my bank and blocked my card. Today I will cancel my card. I have never fallen for a scam before and even though I figured it out before real damage, I am angry that Facebook condones this fraud. The ads have disappeared today.

  23. Premium CBD Oil for $4.89. There were no terms and conditions shown on the order page so I did not catch the continued $90+ “subscription” charge. I ended up closing the page but the order went through. However, I saw your page about 15 minutes later so called the number shown on the emailed order receipt. Long story short, he would not cancel the order. Said the label had been printed. I said labels can be discarded. He absolutely refused to cancel it out. Said that once I received the product and tried it, I could then cancel. He maintained that they wanted feedback. So now I have to wait to get it and then call again a few days later and go through this again. I will then mention fraud if they do not cancel. I may have to resort to contacting bank as suggested to get a new card. I did tell him I would cancel the charge via the bank at one point but it made no difference. I have recurring charges on this card and would rather not cancel and get a new one, but may have to.

  24. I ordered Dr. Golden’s CBD oil free trial sample as seen on Facebook (endorsed by Dr. Phil). I received the product but 2 weeks later they tried to charge my card $94.94 (VIVANATURALSKINCREAMNOW) Luckily my bank shut it down and I have a new debit card on the way. Buyer Beware!

  25. Beware of Canadian Extracts hemp oil and creams. This company is not Canadian but is in New York USA. Also a “free trial offer scam“ — so dishonest!!!

  26. I was also scammed by Sean Hannity’s CBD oil free samples for postage cost only. Without time to try product, which tastes horrible, they started charging for monthly supply. I held my ground with them and got a full refund of over $170.00!! This was done on 8/10 and on the next statement was a charge on 8/24 for $19.99 to VYA*8449783137PlannedMea at 498 W. End Ave. Apt 10, NY 10024. I’ve never heard of this company nor did I ever order anything from them! I called them, got quite the run-around – not answering questions like name of company, what product did I supposedly buy etc. Told them I was reporting fraud charge to my credit card company. She went into panic mode. Finally told me they were an add-on to the CBD oil I purchased. I did not cancel their product so they charged me! Could not tell me where to find this add-on in the oil offer. What did they charge me FOR? Who are they? Finally answered – it’s physical fitness sent in form of brochures! I came unglued. I’m 81 years old and on oxygen! Demanded refund now! She offered $9.99. I’m madder. Then $14.99. Now I’m really mad! Told her refund of $19.99 or reporting her as fraud. She told me to agree to not filing fraud and she will refund $19.00. I’m not stupid, just old. Refund first then I’d consider her fraud charges. How many other companies have “piggy backed” onto the CBD oil offer? Check your statements carefully!

    1. I also was scammed by this “free” offer. I am using every resource available to recover my money and stop the monthly mailings. I have also gotten a new card # and contacted consumer affairs and the BBB.

  27. ReLeaf Ease CBD oil and cream is what I got scammed on. The company product is distributed by:

    ReLeaf Ease Natural Dietary Supplements
    San Francisco, CA 94115

    I purchased what I thought was going to be a trial size bottle. Paid shipping and handling only. Never saw where it said you have to “call and cancel within 14 days”. Two weeks later I was debited $177.78. So I called the bank, cancelled my card, was credited the money back. Well, today I see that the very same amount was taken OUT of my account again. Now mind you …. I have a totally new debit card with a new number. Please tell me how they can get the bank to remove that money from my account, when it’s not even the same number? Be assured that Monday I will be calling the bank again and getting to the bottom of it.

    1. My name is Katie Burton on July 7th I mailed in a letter cancellation to stop any more orders that they have and to put my money back in my account. I only ordered the trial size. They sent me six bottles of gummies and have charged my account twice overdrawing my account both times after I have sent the cancellation notice!

    2. Your new debit card is still linked to the same checking account because I remember years ago this happened to me. Perhaps the bank considers this your legal responsibility as an ongoing contract or assumed you wanted it transferred over to the new card, so make it very clear to them to block this company.

  28. Just wanted to say THANK YOU to this web site. My husband fell for the scam. I use quality CBD oil daily (with amazing results!). He thought he could get some cheaper to try. When it arrived, it contained an extra product and an extra charge that he did not order. We thought it was fishy, so I started researching online and somehow found the info on your website just in time for him to cancel his credit card before they charged it again. He actually spoke to the scammer on the phone and they said to cancel the charges he would have to send the product back to them . . . but they could not give him an address!

    1. Is there a GREEN CBD company at this address 10018 Lower Azusa Rd #D ElMonte CA 91731? I thought that I was ordering a free sample of Steve Harvey’s product but found out it might be a scam.

      1. I did a survey online and chose this product to continue the survey but then I decided to cancel it the same day, next thing the product arrived and was charged $85.00. So I called my bank and told them what had happened. I was charged for the free sample shipping fee too.

    2. I got oil and cream $200 dollars. I thought I would get trial bottles. What a scam ! I am 70 yrs old. I can’t get money back. Sarah Clark

  29. Mine was a phishing scam. It showed up as something T-Mobile was sponsoring. It had the logo and everything. I paid the shipping cost for the oil and upscale the cream. Actually the products were very good. I didn’t find out this was a scam till I went to reorder and saw this page. My security software won’t let me go to their site. I have to go look again at the bank statement. Thanks for talking about this.

  30. Everyone of these reviews are absolutely correct. How do they get away with this. I was ready to go to Seniors vs. Crime and Better Business Bureau. Ripped of from Caligarden and another company popped up on my credit card. Name: Active Slimming Formula and Active Diet Fusion. Charged my card $87.43 and $89.65. This is a lesson I will never forget. I guess you can’t trust free offers. Yuck.

    1. I purchased a bottle for $39.95 and they sent me 6 bottles of gummies and charged my bank card $250.00. This company has Dr. Oz as a back up name. I am a senior and live from my social security check. They are stealing from anybody. When I tried to talk to the supervisor, he igonred me and hung up on me. He didn’t have time for my claim.

    2. I think I may have just fallen for it. Premium CBD from Chandler AZ was the sender. I paid shipping only but product arrived in plastic USPS bag with no receipt or and other pertinent paperwork. Have I been had?

      1. I got scammed by Pure Green Labs. Supposedly endorsed by Sean Hannity. $4.95 shipping and was charged plus $84.95 for the subscription. A LasVegas, NV company.

        1. After several stressful weeks of multiple trips to bank and many phone calls, I was able to return the unopened product for a complete refund. Change your debit card. Be persistent and demand your money back. Total scam. A good bank employee can definitely help.

      2. I also got scammed by Pure Green labs. They charged me an additional 4.98 for a cream I didn’t order. A few says later, I was notified of a fraud alert from my cc company of an attempted charge of $94.92. I wrote the Company and email telling them it was going to be investigated. They tried calling me and I didn’t answer. They had the nerve to leave me a message saying they would be glad to cancel my order. I wrote a follow up email to let them know I never places an order and was reporting them to the BBB, filing a complaint with Sean Hannity and proceeding with a fraud investigation. I also advised them to respond in writing and not to contact me by phone again. I also am changing my credit card #. Be careful. It’s a shame there are so many shady companies out there.

      3. A bit of advice for those that were scammed. I almost sent for this “trial” bottle OF CBD. Then I remembered reading about how celebrities never endorse or approve anything, so I checked online and found yes it is a scam. I almost got taken! I was scammed one other time on something that looked to get so innocent-looking and professional for another trial of a face cream product for women. Then about a week or so later there were two more charges on my credit card. Each one had the name of a fake beauty company next to the charge.

        I called my credit card and sure glad I did! They had already charged me another $79 on my credit card, but it had not yet posted. My card company said that it was a “recurring charge” and how they may charge you $5 or more the FIRST TIME. Then the charge amounts get bigger and bigger and soon they have hundreds of dollars they have fraudulently charged.

        Don’t wait to call your credit card. Call them as soon as you have noticed extra charges that you did not charge. If you ordered something and then realize it was a scam, call your credit card company right away! Tell them you believe you were just scammed and have charges on your card you did not charge. They will cancel your card right that second after you give them your secure information and they will reissue you a NEW CARD. Ask for the fraud department when you call, or Customer Service will transfer you to the fraud department. Your money will never be charged to you by your credit card company, and if the money had already posted they will refund it to your card. They also helped me find another charge that was pending but had not yet posted to my account. They immediately cancel your credit card and send you a new credit card with a new number. The fraudsters will not get a dime from you or your credit card company.

        Call your bank that your card is from and file a report. You can do this by phone or on your credit card site you log into. Do not call the scammers! They will never give you back any of your money even if they say they will. Your bank is the only call you should make and not the criminals. They have caused you enough trouble already. They will only add to your worrying and lie and/or threaten you. They will continue to charge your card with more charges to your card forever – or as long as they can. Cancel your card ASAP! Always check every statement carefully every month. You would be surprised how scammers can get your card information.

  31. Buyer beware, scam. My story is exactly like everyone else. Naomi Avalos exactly like mine. Received and paid about $6 each for oil and 30 capsules under the name of Pure Grow Farms. I then get a charge on my credit card for $88.52 and $89.71. I never ordered it nor have I received any. It was billed under another name of Nutrirenuplus. Phoned them and demanded a full refund. After a lot of time on the phone they would agree to only a $100 refund. Called my credit card company and stopped all payment.It had already been flagged as a potential scam.

    1. Thank you for all this advice on here. I noticed today that 2 payments have been taken out of my bank account. I have contacted the fraud department at my bank who is going to stop the payments. I didn’t even know what the payments were for. The bank saw a ‘free trial’ and knew right away it was a scam. They have also advised me to contact the company where I got the free trial from but there was no paperwork with my delivery! All I know is that this company trades under the name of ‘Proheal’ and I can not find any contact details for them on searching. Has anybody on here had dealings with this company also please? If so, could you possibly let me have any contact details for them. I want my money back.

  32. There is a sister charge that goes along with this from a company BESTYOUNGERL on my credit card. Also from AZ charging on the same day each month for $89 and some change. Credit card company is quick to refund that one so they must know about it. We’ll see what they do with MedCell.

  33. My story is pretty much the same as everyone else. I spent 20 minutes on the phone with “Peter Thompson” who only wanted to tell me how I should be using the CBD and how if I did what he was doing with his bottle of the product, I would definitely like using it. I’ve spent hours online searching for a website and contact info for this company to no avail. Planning to call credit card company to request “fraud chargeback” and get a new card. I feel very stupid and ashamed I fell for this scam, but when you are in constant pain and on a fixed income, $4.95 for a bottle to try will sound pretty darned good! Lesson learned. My daddy always said “when it sounds too good to be true, it probably is just that.” I’ll not fall for another one! Shame on Facebook for allowing these fraudsters to advertise on their website!

    1. This company is a capital scam. BBB you can see for yourself what they’re doing to innocent people. I am trying to cancel but they do not have a phone number to connect with. I was told to call my credit card and also if they did not do anything to request a new card ASAP which I did but charges continued to go on my bill three more times after I spoke with them.

  34. I was scammed for a second time by this free trial. They refunded me back the first time now a month later they charged me again $89.92. So i called and now there number says there mail box can’t take my message so I’ll have to report them a second time to my bank.

  35. I was charged 89.91 from MedCell for the free bottle in addition to the shipping fee. Then one month later another 89.91.

    I have contacted Medcell to cancel all subsequent orders and the Bank to cancel my credit card.

    Also, the product sucks. Did Not help me at all.

  36. My Elderly Mother was a victim of this scam! Might have to get a new credit card. Very upsetting! Charged $90.00. She told me the only reason she bought it was because Alex Trebek advertised it. Shame on you Alex Trebek! Shame on this company!!! There is a place in hell waiting for these scammers!

    1. I fell for the “pay shipping charges only” – I feel like a total jerk cause I should know better! Experience cost me almost $200. Refused a refund grrrrr

  37. I was scammed on the CBD oil and something needs to be done. They shouldn’t be able to get by with this.

    1. I was SCAMMED BY STEVE HARVEY CBD OIL & CREAM for $203.88 + S&H. I am 69 years old, on Social Security and disabled. He must be stopped, lying to make a dishonest buck. Shame on you Steve Harvey, God will get you for all your evil ways, laugh all you want but we will get the last laugh, God will burn you in hell, ha, ha, ha !!!

      1. I feel sure it was not really Steve Harvey. I saw one yesterday that looked like it was on Fox News. It was Sean Hannity and President Trump. I saved the link to watch later. Today it is no longer there. Searching for information about it is how I ended up here. I don’t think even Trump is stupid enough to endorse something like that.

        1. That’s the one I fell for! I ordered it and then read in some comments that I agreed to auto delivery for a whopping $96 a month! I tried to cancel but couldn’t get through to a person at any phone number I could find. I finally cancelled my cc before they could charge my card again. I did pay for the “shipping fees” and I did get the product. I just didn’t want more at that price. What a scam.

        2. I too was scammed by the Sean Hannity CBD trial offer. My question now is about the product being safe or not. The liquid drops taste awful like green grass. Also I have been using the cream on my hand and can not tell any difference.

      2. I was scammed by the Steve Harvey CBD too. I am so angry they took $200 from me when I only ordered a sample for $6.95 shipping.

    2. Innovative Natural Products is in no way associated with this product or any of these companies. We have received several calls in which our name (partially) appears on the credit card statement of individuals. That name os not our merchant name so please report it as fraud.Thank you.

  38. Also add Natural Grow RX, Ziol and Lunaziooil to the scam list. I ordered a FREE bottle of CBD oil and gummies to try – only pay shipping and handling from a Facebook ad. I cancelled within the free trial timeframe but was charged $89.92 back in March. Yesterday I was charged by a company named LUNAZIOOIL for $89.92. SCAM SCAM SCAM. I’ve contacted the Florida Attorney General and filed a complaint online. Also had to cancel my debit card and order a new one.

  39. I also have been scammed and fell for the “just pay for the shipping and handling” to receive a sample bottle of CBD oil. I told my bank that it was a fraud deal and they did a chargeback for $118.88. However they recharged me for the total amount because, after investigating, found that I had not canceled the order (which I didn’t know a thing about) or contacted the seller after calling the bank. However, I did one good thing. I cancelled the card to ensure that future charges could not be made against my card! The reoccurring theme is trust of crooks! Pretty stupid.

  40. Took a free trial Golden CBD oil from First Class CBD and was charged $91.92. I am having a difficult time getting in contact with them to cancel and get my money back. Free trial is a scam.

  41. I ordered free samples from Hannity/Trump endorsement. Love both products, looking to re-order! Didn’t know there was a scam until I’ve been reading all the complaints on this page. If you have purchased cbd oil before, you know it is not cheap so I expect to pay 80-$100 for my next bottle. I hope the “scam” doesn’t show up next month or the next!

  42. I was just scammed by Premium CBD. They billed me for items I did not want, took money from my account, and refused to refund for the items I did not want. Said they are going to bill my account monthly. I had to call my bank to prevent any further theft from this company. This company is a fraud and scam. Do not ever use this company!

    1. I thank my bank for alerting me for unauthorized transaction of $198. Then they gave me the number to the company. I was able to talk with someone and promptly ask to cancel. They said I had to return the merchandise and pay shipping or pay for the merchandise at a reduced amount because I didn’t notify them in time. I never had that info. I canceled my credit card. What a scam.

  43. I just fell victim to one of these scams and I’m usually good about researching these things and avoiding them but no where in any of the fine print did I see anything about a 14 day trial and I read through what fine print there was.

    Here is a copy of what I sent to the BBB and Rip Off Report websites.

    I saw an ad on Facebook for a Free Sample of CBD oil if I just paid the shipping and handling. The check out page for the item had a web address of which has since disappeared and can’t be accessed now.

    I received the product which is nasty, very oily and a strong mint flavor. They charged my debit card for the shipping cost and it arrived in a small box with nothing else in the box, no paperwork, nothing showing a receipt for the charge to my card, no order forms for further product if I wanted more (I don’t!). That should have been my first red flag. Also, the email I got confirming my payment for shipping and handling didn’t say anything about a trial or cancelling before 14 days were up.

    Today I got a charge on my debit card for $95.21. I called my bank and then immediately called the number listed on my checking account beside the description of the charge, 1-888-340-2258. This is not the phone number listed on their website, they have two other numbers listed on that site. Those numbers are 301-526-9999 and 301-742-9000 and the phone number on the confirmation email when I paid for shipping is 855-439-7546 and emails are coming from a that web address doesn’t take you to a company website.

    The woman on the other end tried to say that the bottle I got in the mail was a “trial” and that it stated that there would be further charges on my card if I kept the “trial” beyond 14 days. I read over that web page fully and completely, there was never a mention of a trial or any further charges to my account anywhere on that web page or on any of the pages when I check out to pay for the shipping for this sample. I asked what the name of the company was since didn’t take me to a website just back to the checkout page for the product. She told me the name of the company was Premium Total Health. A search for Premium Total Health leads to the page

    Also I asked her for the physical location of the company and its address but she said she could not provide me with that. What kind of legitimate company can not provide you with their physical location and address?

    The woman on the other end of the conversation cancelled my account but only offered 33% of my money back. I let them know (in somewhat colorful language by this time because I was angry) that this was not acceptable. After a lot of arguing back and forth I asked for a supervisor, I was informed that a manager was not available but she could give me 66% of my money back. I kept her on the phone and let her know I wanted a 100% back. Eventually after I kept insisting on her finding a supervisor (who she kept insisting wasn’t available) she agreed to send me 100% of my $95.21 back and I got a confirmation email saying as much. The email stated I would have my money credited back in 3 to 5 days. We shall see. I can’t afford to lose that much money and I am prepared to keep fighting with them if need be until I get a full refund.

    1. I was also scammed. But after hours of trying to find a good phone number I started to read all the comments and see I’m not the only one. But thank you for listing all the different phone numbers I finally got the 1 888 340 2258 number to work. After a long conversation with a guy he said he would refund my money but just could not find me with email, phone number, address. He wanted my card number which I would only give him the first 4 even though the card had been canceled. I just didn’t feel good about it. He said he would have his supervisor contact me and refund me in full. Fingers crossed. If I don’t get it back at ;east it will be the last charge and lesson learned.

  44. Our CBD company, Harvey’s All Naturals, has had many consumers reach out, confusing us with one claiming to be affiliated with Steve Harvey. I feel terrible for these buyers as many of them tell me they can’t afford to be scammed (who can?), and wish I could direct them toward someone who can help them get their money refunded. Any recommendations?

    1. We also get many inquiries from consumers who mistakenly think that our website is affiliated with this scam. Which it most certainly is not. We warn people about this scam and advise them on what to do if they’ve become a victim. The best thing that you can do is to advise them to contact their bank or credit card company to file a fraud chargeback and get a new card issued so that they don’t continue to be be charged by the scammers.

  45. I just fell for this one. Got the $5 bottle to try, then all of the sudden a $94 charge on my credit card. I had NO information on this company, they didn’t send me an email receipt, nothing. The only thing I knew from my bank was that it was a company called CNO health, and there was an 800 number. Called and got “customer service” and fought with the guy for 15 mins. I told him there was NOTHING that said it was a trial and I would be charged. He played the “let me go talk to my manager” game twice offering to credit $40, then $60. There was NO way I was going to let them get away with it. So, I asked him for the web address so I can go look at their terms and conditions. He gave it to me, I typed it in 5 times, there was no such website. While still on the phone I told him there is no website and I would like you to tell me where I can see this information. He kept saying the website and I said it doesn’t exist and if you don’t refund the full $94 I am going to claim it as fraud because you guys are scamming. He went to talk to his manager again and came back saying they could refund the full amount and it would take 7-10 business days. I don’t know if I trust them but will definitely cancel that card.

    If you call them make them show you where you can find the information, or give you any proof. The guy I got could not do that.

    1. I did it. I thought it was a product from Steve Harvey the show host. He stated that he’s in the CBD oil business. And so I bought it. I checked Harvey’s brand and it looks totally different?
      Now I see this scam report. Awful people out there. Shame on them.

    2. I was scammed for $180 and they would only refund $90. I was scammed by Sonoma Valley Health but on my card statement it says Dreamstar Nutrarenewal have no clue who they are. So after speaking with them I went back to read the terms and conditions and it reads much different then the one you have on here. The one on the website I got scammed by says by paying shipping I’ve entered a monthly subscription and will be charged ___ amount if you don’t cancel in ___ amount of days. So how am I suppose to know how many days I have to cancel and how much I’m being charged they don’t say just left blank.

      1. Yes, I agree! I was charged for products Hannity recommended, under a different name on my cc statement that I didn’t recognize and didn’t know were related to the CBD oil and they added an extra e-magazine I never ordered. Total came to over $600 before I knew what was going on! I reported it all to the Dispute Dept. of my credit card.

  46. Don’t buy anything from Life Dreams or Hyperfast. They are total scammers. I agreed to $4.95 shipping for 2 free samples. They charged my card $88.44 and $90.76 and when I called to find out why, they said I didn’t read the fine print that said I was agreeing to pay these charges if I opened the samples and was also agreeing to some auto-ship of the same 2 charges every month! Total scam. They only would offer $45 back, so I took it.

    1. Tried a “$5.00” sample. Plugged me for $90.00 for another bottle. Scammers! Don’t get pulled in like some of us did! Jerks. I don’t have $90 to throw away on this company.

  47. So Not Happy!!! I just checked my bank account and found a charge for $89.82, and a charge for $84.84. I called their support number and was told because I opened my trial size bottles they could not give me a refund.. After arguing for 20 minutes the man said the most he could do was $45.00 per bottle and cancel my subscription. I would not recommend this to anyone without a lawyer going through everything. This was a hard lesson learned for me I am a Senior citizen and on limited income.

    1. Unfortunately, the scammers are trained to say this and they are only after as much of your money as they can get. The best way to get a refund is to call your bank or credit card company and explain the situation to them. They can help you file a “fraud chargeback” to get a full refund for what you’ve been charged. They can also issue you a new card to ensure that the scammers don’t keep charging you in the future. Sorry this happened to you.

      1. This is a scam! Charged my card for 160.00 when is all I wanted was a 6.00 trial bottle!

      2. I got scammed by TryGreenCBD. Paid $7.98 shipping and handling for a free trail size bottle back in mid August. I’ve yet to receive anything from them. They went in to charge my account for $118.98 and then $9.98 under the name of Keto Healthy Essentials. I contacted my bank as soon as I noticed, ordered a new card and filed a fraud complaint. I received a letter in the mail from my bank a couple of days ago advising that they will not reimburse my account because I had authorized the transaction…which I did not. I bank with BB&T. Very disappointed.

  48. Some of them are using Willie Nelson as the guy who created the company. That is what drew me in. I got the trial and they threw in a “free” bottle of calming CBD. Well as you know from above, not only was it NOT free but they charged me $94.00. The other bottled was $96.00. I don’t understand how companies can get away with this. Please avoid these scams.

  49. My husband got a bottle of cbd oil and a bottle of the capsules for free plus shipping for each bottle. It was Sonoma Valley Health which is by Dr. Phil and several other reputable names. The oil was delivered and then 14 days later he got charged $189 for it!!! There was nothing on the order form or receipts about being charged for anything other than shipping. So we are out $189 and trying to get the bank to do a fraudulent charge and get him a new cc number. It is crazy how many people are doing this type of thing.

  50. I just got scammed on Facebook by one of these companies. Product was free, just pay shipping. CBD oil to help stop smoking. I got the product, then I get a call from my credit card company asking me if I had charged $24.95 and another $95.00 on my card to an outfit HealthyWeight. I ordered through Facebook and my receipt shows the name myhealthycbdproducts dot com and signed Premium Support Team. No where on the site I ordered from was information about them racking up charges on my card after this purchase. So I now know NOT to order anything that shows up on my Facebook page. Lesson well learned!

    1. I got the same offer to just pay shipping and shipping fee. I was shocked to receive 5 bottles of gummies and they charged my account for $197. I was very upset. I’m on a fixed income and can barely afford housing and food. It is an unfair practice and I hope I can get my money back!

  51. The latest is “Alex Trebecks” Cali Naturals with rave reviews from Kelly Clarkson, Willy Nelson, etc.

  52. What if you work for a legitimate company and one of these websites is using your name or one letter off from your name in order to confuse people? There’s another form of victimization

    1. Their behavior is truly shameful. You may want to contact an attorney to send a cease and desist letter, and then be prepared to take legal action.

  53. This just happened to me. 6 bottles of CBD oil 500 mg for $25 dollers. Well I thought it would be a total price for all but was I mistaken. Was charged $62 pounds and I then phoned my bank. They took $62 and then another $192. They then totally cleared my bank account. I’m now overdrawn and can’t find any number for contact.

  54. Tried to stop “auto ship” by calling the number in the terms and conditions but the number cannot be connected. There is no email address or other ways to contact these scammers, my bank has blacklisted the company name but I suspect they will try under another name. Any more attempts to extort money will result in a fraud claim and a new card for me!

    1. I did the free trial and want to cancel. I can’t find out any info, email address or phone number to cancel my subscription. I really don’t want to get a new card. Any suggestions? How long do I have to cancel to not be charged? Please help.

      1. The people who are running the “free trial” scam intentionally make it difficult for victims to cancel their subscription. Even if you are able to contact them, they may keep charging you every month. We highly recommend that you contact your bank or credit card company. Explain your situation to them and it’s best to get a new card issued. That’s really the only way to know that the charges will stop.

    1. There are too many reputable companies out there selling CBD oil to do business with NEW LEAF NATURALS. There trial offer is a blatant obvious attempt to deceive the consumer. All trial disclosures should be in bold not fine print. Order from them at your own risk.

      1. Hi I did what you said and told them I wanted my money back and they tried to only give me $30 a bottle back. I purchased 2 bottles for just the small shipping fee by the way. Then I asked to talk to there supervisor then they got in the phone and told me the best they could do was $45 a bottle. So I asked to talk to their supervisor and they told me I was speaking with the most highest up person and that’s the best deal they can give me. I explained to him that I’m disabled and live on a fixed income and that I had bills to pay and that they just took $200 of my money and they can only give me $90 back its wrong and for something that doesn’t even work. It’s supposed to help with my pain and anxiety and it’s not helping either then I told him does he know how much anxiety he’s causing me right now. And that they say they’re trying to help people but all they’re doing is ripping people off. They didn’t care one bit. And my cards through Cash App so I can’t talk to a live person and all the app tells me to do is contact the merchant and requested a refund from them. So I don’t know how I can get the rest of my money back I’m so upset.

        1. You can try calling them back and demanding a full refund. Be firm but calm and tell them that you have notified your bank and that you are in the process of filing a fraud chargeback. It’s important to use that exact wording “fraud chargeback.” That is often the key to getting them to issue a full refund. Because if everyone filed a fraud chargeback against the charges, they would get their payment processing account shut down.

  55. I was another sucker. Paid $4.95 (shipping) for a “free” bottle of CBD oil. Only these crooks were pretending to be Steve Harvey’s company. The same day I was hit with the $4.95 charge for one company–the shipping charged I agreed to–then a second charge of $5.99 from a different company in a different state appeared. My bank’s fraud department questioned a number of charges that hit that day (I rarely use that debit card) and was able to deny the $5.99 charge. Tonight checking my bank balance it appeared lower than it should have. Looking through the list of transactions, the same company who charged me $4.99 successfully charged the amount of $95.21 yesterday. Since I noticed the charge a day late (it went through 2/20), my bank couldn’t reverse it, but I’ve filed a fraud refund request and have cancelled that debit card. The charge appears as Revitaserum8556023855-6023059 Ca 4851 on my bank statement. At least I should receive a credit from the bank and those crooks will not be able to charge any additional amounts to my debit card. I can’t believe I fell for this. I’m disabled and live in chronic pain. Had a feeling it was too good to be true. Next time I’m listening to my intuition! Don’t fall for it, people!

    1. This scam has happened to me with makeup supposedly being sold by entertainers. They took me for several monthly payments.

    2. When I received my shipment of oil and gummies the gummies are all melted together. I can’t possibly take them because they’re nothing but a puddle in the bottom of the bottle. I’ll be more than happy to send back the damaged product as long as I can get a bottle of them that I can eat. And please don’t charge me for anything else because I will fight the charges.

  56. I was taken in too. ,plus they sent a bottle of suplements which I was charged for and did not order.In Februray yesterday I received another package from them whic came to just under 200.00 They refused to take the unopened package for a refund.Tomorrow I call the attorney generals office. I did receive a call back from the company they said they would give me a credit for the free one We shall see.I am 88yrs old. on a fixed income. I suffer from cronick back pain. The add made it sound so helpful. Called mt bank They could not cancel charges. Then called CBD company. Was told that it said supposedly if I did not cancel contract within 14 days I would have to pay for the free sample.

  57. Yes I fell for the scam as well. They charged over $1200.00 under different company names and different products. I called Citi Bank. They have cancelled the card and are investing the fradulent charges and not holding me accountable for them. This is the last time I try ANY trial offer they all have the same small print that is too small to read!

    1. Yes me to. President Trump was giving a free bottle of this stuff. The problem is there where no terms & conditions. For just 6.95 shipping but they slipped gummy tablets which was another 6.95 to ship. One was 89.95 and another 89.95 that showed up a few days after. I’m still disputing.

  58. Everyone seems to have to have a problem getting this scam cancelled or their money back.The phone number for the scamming, 1 844 200 1084 .Call them and ask for the account to be cancelled,they will do this.As far as the charges , after I told them that I would call my states Attorney General they agreed to give a full refund for the charges. After this I found that there had been two charges of $89.92 , my credit card company filled a charge against the company for the second charge. I hope this will help someone.

    1. That’s good advice, Daniel, so thank you. Unfortunately, there are many companies that are a part of this scam and getting the contact information for them can sometimes be a challenge since they really don’t want to be found by their victims. It can be a good idea to first try and contact the scamming company but people typically find that they have to find a resolution directly with their bank or credit card company. Thanks again!

      1. I was scammed also. It’s an ongoing scam. Luckily I went to law school and told them I was not on the phone to negotiate, I wanted all my money back except the shipping and handling. Called the bank and disputed the charge, told them I was scammed and the bank got my money back. When you talk to them and they say, can give you 30% money back, tell them you don’t want 30%, 40%, 50% and so on, you want 100% of your money back or you’ll call states atty gen, better business bureau, fed atty gen, FBI, CIA, your bank and anyone else you can think of and you’ll get an atty to file fraud charges, pain and suffering, illegal use of a bank acct and theft.

    2. thanks for the telephone number I’m 78 yrs old and I live on social security. I’ve arthritic knee and was hoping this oil that was supposedly sanctioned by my two favorite golfers would relieve my pay. I thought that I trying a sample to see if I wanted. I was shocked to see $89 charged to my card. FOR WHAT?? I haven’t received anything else. thanks again for the advice.

    3. I was scammed for “A FREE BOTTLE of CBD OIL” if I agreed to pay the Shipping Charge of $6.95! The Company (Try Keto Life Now East Hanover, NJ, then subsequently charged my Visa two additional charges of $89.92 for items I never received! I notified CITI Bank card and they advised they would investigate!

    1. I was scammed. Never received a trial bottle. Was charged 99.99 on my card immediately. I did not order order face cream no night serum. They mailed them. When i called to complain, i was told i should keep them because they sold them to me at a good price. Said no refunds

        1. Mary, you can first try contacting the company that is charging you and ask them to cancel your subscription. But they don’t always do that even when they say they will. You should contact your bank or credit card company and have them cancel your existing card and issue you a new one. That’s really the only way to know that the charges will stop.

      1. It’s extremely criminal that we’ve been scammed by these phantom CBD hemp oil offers. As if loosing the money isn’t horrible enough, what exactly is in the products?? The FDA needs to be contacted Immediately! This whole situation is very threatening and unsafe for society!!

  59. I have a siatic nerve that runs all the way down my leg and the livity cbd is a wonderful. Beats a pain pill anyday.

  60. Answered a Tiger Woods tv ad for the CBD commercial. Knowing that Tiger Woods would not have his name tied to a scam, that trust allowed me to get the free offer. But was taken from my CC 179.65. When I finally was able to get thru to an agent, they refused an d said I had agreed to all their conditions which were never even discussed. The man just hung up on me!

    1. This just happened to me with cbd oil & gummies! Over the weekend, 2 debis were taken out of our checking accounts for $ 89.?? each! This was for 2 separate products: one was Healthy & Glow & the other for Keto ???! They advertised it as product Sean Hannity & President Trump endorsed & agreed on together as a business venture for themselves! I feel so stupid! We live on a fixed income as my husband & I are retired. Makes me ill!!!

  61. I also was taken.keeped seeing this add for free trial bottle of CBD oil for acing pain and joints.Company (CALIGARDEN.COM) would send you a free bottle just pay shipping and handling(DONE).Then you get your credit card statement and it shows they charged you $89.99 when the shipping and handeling was anly $9.99.Called the company and was told I joined something and was to be billed every month for $89.99 cause I didn’t cancle within 14 days.Never saw the 14 day of anything.Still working on getting my money back.BE CAREFUL,ITS A SCAM.

  62. Got taken for the Free sample deal from Healthy Organics cbd oil and Gummies, just pay
    $6.85 shipping & handling. Now have been charged $89.91 and $89.85 billed from Ketoburning and from Bestyoungerlook will be calling to cancel and get my money back, and will cancel my CC and report as a SCAM.

  63. Count me in, Free samples are not free the next month. Know who you are dealing with and read the “Terms” at the bottom of the ad. I had ordered from 2 companies and they both were kind enough to delete my account. I got lucky. CBD oil works if from reputable companies. But reputable companies don:t need to scam people.

    1. Contacting the company who is charging you is typically a waste of your time. They are only after your money and often just keep charging you. You need to contact your bank or credit card company and tell them that you are a victim of this scam. Ask to file a “fraud chargeback” to recoup past charges and have them cancel your existing card and issue you a new one. That is the only sure-fire way to get the charges to stop.

      1. I fell for this scam. Luckily we were able to catch and deny any charges before they could rob us. My question is the original web site I ordered from was very quick to ship and deliver. The web site and name of company that tried to charge account was different than the one I originally ordered from. How do we connect the two, what appears to be separate company’s. Also, what is the possibility of getting them to email a copy of terms and conditions. When its nearly impossible to retrieve the original transaction?

        1. Your difficulty in trying to figure out company names and get a copy of terms and conditions isn’t surprising. These outfits do everything they can to avoid being found because they are all about taking your money and avoiding the eyes of the FTC, banks and others who would stop them from doing so in a fraudulent way. This is why we always recommend that consumers stick with reputable brands with quality products and a history of satisfied customers.

      2. I am dealing with a problem like that. One distribution took back bottle almost empty with Prime Natural located in Tampa Florida wasn’t t happy they accept it back i paid for shipping received 3 more bottles separate orders different family members same oil different address wont accept returns want $118.00per bottle big scam order free trail online just pay shipping! This companylocated from elders Florida 34680 p o box1365

        1. Thats the one that got me. My bank was smarter than me; they declined the charge of $188.88 and THEN notified me. I spent two days trying to contact them. Even their VM on hold is a fraud. It says ” you can press one now and leave a number for a call back” NOPE! After 20 minutes on hold for the 3rd time I got “Lily” Yeah. Right. I had sent them 2 cease and desist emails which got me an automated reply. After Lily telling me she couldn’t cancel my account unless I paid the $188.88 bc I had gone “over the 14 days free trial” (NOT ONLY didn’t it say that the email literally disappeared after I ordered the free trial. Long story short they have a bazillion different names so I cancelled my credit card so they could change the number. I will contact the Attorney General in New York and Florida.

        2. This scam withdrawn three times 89.69 dollars from my credit card with out my knowledge and authorization . I informed my bank accordingly and asked them to stop payments and change my credit card account .
          I request the authorities to investigate this fraud and do take the proper action .

    2. Got scammed paying £4.95 postage for a free sample. Nowhere did I see anything that stated I would be charged £69 within 15 days. The bank said it was a recurring payment and have no information about the company or person taking the money…. Fuming!

  64. Quest Fit Keto and Quest Fit Detox are a complete scam, they prey on pain suffers with no remorse, unly profits. I have reported them to my bank and stopped the charges and am reporting them to MO Attorney General’s office. They need to be stopped. The auto renewal is hidden so deep in the presentation that you need a magnifiying glass to see it and the phone number listed is no longer available. And the actual monthly cost (double any other supplier) was never shown when the initial sample order was taken. So beware of any dealing with this outfit.

  65. i ordered from First Class Herbalist on 12/03/19. Called them 2 times the last on 1/03/20. Received product 11/09/20. They said trial stated when I placed order even though had not gotten it yet. Was charged $89.95. Going to try to get the bank to file a fraud chargeback.

    1. SunRaised CBD Oil / Meta Boost Serumz is another fraudulent group. They sell you a trial sample that never arrives, charge you monthly for more product that never arrives, they tell you a refund has been processed and to date it has not. Our bank has been notified and my card is being changed. Lesson learned, only in person from now on . . .

  66. Brunin Skinny, Winning, and one other all tried to charge my card for product not authorized. Was notified by bank fraud alert. Card has been canceled.

  67. is the name they used and got me! $5.99 for trial sample! I called and told them to cancel all of it! They kept saying I had to try it for 14 days and then I could cancel it! It was some damn iranian or someone who could hardly speak English! Finally told them to get F—d went out to the bank and cancelled my debit card and ordered a new one ! I cancelled before they got me for more! Hope they dont find a way to charge me again??? and I havent even received the trial sample either but dont want the shit either

  68. I was also taken by canna blend cbd oil. There was nothing on my receipt about a subscription. I knew nothing until the charges showed up on my credit card a month later. Then it was impossible to get a hold of them to cancel over the phone. Canceled credit card, still trying to get my money back.

  69. I would like to have removed from my debit card ending in 6745 any future payments. I only wanted the free sample. I do not wish to have any more of this product . It was for New leaf naturals . My name Vicki D.

    1. Vicki, you need to contact your bank to cancel your existing card and have them issue you a new one. Otherwise, these scammers will keep charging you every month. They are only after your money and will not stop trying to take money from your account.

      1. I did cancel my bank debit card after I saw the first time charges, and the scam CBD company still managed to get my bank to revoke MY claim & give them the money back. I may just have to close all accounts with the bank.


    1. Got a Amazon 130.00 free giveaway with jeff bezos why not try something free!!!! Tried to get it “free” 10.90 later couldn’t cancel because “lily” said had to wait 14 days to cancel 14 day supply!!! When does 14 start? When I order when u recieve?? 118.89 a month for something that tastes like burnt olive oil is not for me!!


    1. Anne, you will want to contact your bank or credit card company and ask them to file a ‘fraud chargeback’ against the company that charged you. This will give you the best chance of recouping those charges. You’ll also want to have them cancel your existing card and issue you a new one because otherwise you will continue getting charged by these fraudsters.

      1. I fell for the one that was 37.50
        For 6 bottles and was charged 225.00.
        I called my bank immediately .
        They recommended to work with their fraud claims Dept.
        Rather than cancel my credit card.

        1. Make sure you never ever order from these scammers. I’m on a fixed income and these idiots took $89.85 out of my account. I only agreed to pay $6.95 shipping and handling, no less no more. I’m so sick and tired of these scamming idiots and all the lady could say was I can put $40 back in my account. What else can I do just accept the money and lesson learned. This is why I don’t like ordering online too many damn scammers out there. Why can’t they get a real job? So mad right now I better quit typing before it gets nasty.

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