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Beware of Heavy Metals in Vape Pens When Vaping CBD

Vaping has grown in popularity not only as an alternative to cigarettes, but also as a quick and convenient method of taking CBD. It’s portability and quick onset has made it a favorite delivery method for many CBD oil users.

While vaping CBD is generally still considered safe, there are growing concerns surrounding the actual devices being used. Heavy metals that are potentially toxic are popping up in recent testing of cannabis vape devices.

Heavy Metal Testing of Vape Cartridges

Starting in January 2019, California made it a requirement for all legal cannabis cartridges to undergo strict testing for heavy metals. And some of the findings haven’t been good. Some disposable vape cartridges have tested positive for lead. While some would consider the number of cartridges testing positive a small percentage, others would say that any testing positive is far too many.

While only a small percentage of cartridges are failing the heavy metals test, others are able to pass with levels of heavy metals that are under the established limit. That means a lot of cartridges being sold still contain heavy metals like lead, just in “allowable” limits. While there are established allowable limits for many things, lead isn’t considered one of them. The CDC does not consider ANY level of lead exposure “allowable” and no safe limits have been designated.

Where Are These Questionable Vape Cartridges and Devices Coming From?

The problem mainly originates from cheap cartridges being made in China. Lead is being combined with other metals in Chinese metal foundries to help with moldability. Follow the supply chain, and you discover those metals making their way into the vape cartridges that many use. These metals can then leach into the CBD vape liquid inside which is inhaled when vaping CBD.

While lead-free vape devices do exist, they typically make up a small portion of vape devices available at most vape shops. Some stores do not sell any devices that have had heavy metals testing done by their manufacturer. Devices that have been tested are often more expensive and less popular with consumers than the cheaper ones.

How To Lower Your Risk

We understand that many users can’t always afford buy expensive vape devices. But if you can, seek out a vape device that has undergone testing for heavy metals. Use separate CBD e-liquids or concentrates from reputable brands.

If you’re going to use pre-filled vape cartridges, buy them from a reputable company and avoid ones without manufacturer brand names on the side.

You can ask the company what type of cartridges they use and then confirm heavy metal testing with the cartridge manufacturer.

Fake cartridges have started popping up on the market, so look out for fakes by comparing photos of the real thing to what you have available.

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