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Hempworx CBD Oil Review

Our Hempworx CBD oil review is based on our research and observations of the company and the affiliates (e.g., brand ambassadors) who sell their products. We are in no way affiliated with Hempworx or its parent company, My Daily Choice.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hempworx

1. Is Hempworx a scam? No. CBD oil scams do exist whereby consumers are deceived and grossly overcharged for a poor quality product. Hempworx is a real product of reasonably good quality that is sold to customers that willingly purchase it. Hempworx does sell its products through multi-level marketing (MLM). This is the same sales strategy used by companies like Avon, Doterra, Rodan & Fields, Advocare and a host of others.

Each sale is credited to one of their affiliates who receive a commission for the sale. Affiliates are also incented to recruit new affiliates to sell the product. While the MLM business model can be controversial and the authenticity of testimonials from those selling the product can be questioned, that doesn’t make it a scam.

2. Is Hempworx a pyramid scheme? No. Pyramid schemes involve paying commissions to people to bring in new recruits. The new recruits typically have to pay an upfront fee that enriches those that are higher in the pyramid. In many cases, a product doesn’t even exist. The scheme continues until they can no longer get enough new recruits to fund the operation. Again, Hempworx has a real product that is being sold. They charge a small fee ($20) to become an affiliate but the focus is on making real sales. So by all accounts, it is not a pyramid scheme.

3. Is the CBD oil sold by Hempworx a bad product? No. To their credit, they do post third party lab reports on their website. Third party lab reports are the only way to really know what’s in the product you are buying. Hempworx lab reports clearly show the amount of CBD and other cannabinoids including trace amounts of THC in their full spectrum tincture. By all accounts, their CBD oil is of reasonably good quality.

4. Is Hempworx CBD oil the world’s purest CBD oil or the best CBD oil on the market? No. This is a claim that we often hear made by brand ambassadors selling their products. Some of them also criticize the ingredients of other brands and claim they are inferior to Hempworx. In reality, there is no evidence we’ve seen that supports these claims. Hempworx is not fundamentally different in any way from most of the other products on the market. Claims to the contrary are just hype to manipulate uneducated consumers to buy the product so they make their commission.

5. Is it true that Hempworx CBD oil doesn’t contain fillers? No. This is a favorite claim of their sellers. They often try to steer people away from other brands that they say have fillers. The truth is that Hempworx has a carrier oil just like other CBD oil tinctures. Their tinctures use hemp seed oil as its carrier oil. Other brands use a variety of carrier oils, most commonly either hemp seed oil, coconut oil or MCT oil. The claim that using hemp seed oil as the carrier oil makes the product more pure is bogus.


Concerns About Hempworx


The price of the 500mg bottle of Hempworx CBD oil is $69 plus shipping. That’s $0.14 per milligram of CBD before shipping cost. The 750mg bottle is $89 plus shipping or $0.12 per milligram of CBD. By MLM standards, that price per milligram is not outrageous. But it’s still significantly higher in price than comparable CBD oil products from reputable companies like Lazarus Naturals, cbdMD, CBDistillery and others. Click here to compare the price of Hempworx to other major CBD brands.

Bad Behavior by Unscrupulous Hempworx Affiliates

Hempworx boasts in this YouTube video that they pay huge commissions (up to 85% of revenue) to their affiliates. That means that up to 85% of the price that people pay is being paid in commissions to the selling affiliate and their “upline” network of other affiliates. The video also promises the potential for affiliates to earn iPads, flatscreen TVs, luxury vacations, cruises, diamond watches, $100,000 cash bonuses and even new cars.

As one might imagine, this kind of commission plan can lead some affiliates to engage in unscrupulous behavior to make sales and earn greater rewards. If you’re on Facebook, you may have seen some of this bad behavior yourself. Examples of bad behavior range from aggressive, pushy sales tactics to making outright untrue statements.

We have documented examples of affiliates telling people that Hempworx doesn’t contain THC so can’t lead to a positive drug test and that it can be legally shipped to Canada. Those claims are not true. There are also reports of Hempworx affiliates pushing people into enrolling in the auto-ship option. With auto-ship, products are automatically shipped out each month to the consumer – something that earns affiliates even greater rewards.

To be clear, not all sellers of Hempworx or the other CBD MLM companies are unscrupulous. But some are clearly driven by greed and are willing to do whatever it takes to get more sales.

Questionable Reliability of Testimonials

Have you ever noticed that most of the people says that Hempworx is so great are also selling it? That’s not coincidental. Network marketing salespeople are trained to hype the product they are selling as part of their sales strategy.

Until recently, Hempworx had a page of “testimonials” on their corporate website. It’s since been removed. Likely because the FDA doesn’t look kindly on fake testimonials. Most people assume that testimonials are from satisfied customers who have no affiliation with the company. But this was not the case. The “testimonials” on their website were all from high-ranking affiliates who sell the product. So in reality, these are hardly impartial reviews.

Many of the reviews and testimonials posted by Hempworx affiliates on social media also make medical claims that it has helped with a particular medical condition. Since these claims are made by affiliates of the company, this may be a violation of Food and Drug Administration guidelines and may eventually get them into trouble with the FDA.

You should be wary of over-the-top testimonials in social media since many of these are made by Hempworx affiliates. You probably don’t believe everything that a car salesperson tells you because they have a financial incentive for you to buy the car. The same logic should be applied here.

Money-Back Guarantee

Another favorite sales pitch from Hempworx sellers is that they have a 60-day money-back empty bottle guarantee. So why not try it if you can get a refund by just sending back your empty bottle within 60 days? The problem here is that we’ve heard from many consumers who found it impossible to actually get that refund. Buyer beware.

Hempworx CBD Oil Review – Is Hempworx Legit?

The Hempworx product itself is not the issue. It seems to be of decent quality and many users have reported good results with it. As with any CBD oil brand, their products will work well for some and not work at all for others.

Consumers need to decide for themselves if they want to support a brand that allows many of its affiliate sellers to use outrageously deceptive sales tactics.

Ultimately, consumers should know that there are products with as good or better quality available at lower prices for those who do their research. Our advice is to also consider the reputable brands on our recommended list. Our recommended brands have been vetted for product quality, customer service and feedback from users.

You can also read real user reviews for all major CBD oil brands here to help decide which brand may be best for you.’