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  1. Amazing product!
    Cut the pain at least in half.
    Mobility drastically improved!
    Physical Therapist witnessed the difference!
    Have let all my Professional advocates know!
    Been taking two months!

    Great customer service!
    Especially Chris on 2/28/2020.

  2. The oil is working well for my arthritis and joint pain. So happy I found this brand. I’ve tried many others that didn’t work as well for me. I know that everyone is different, this one is a keeper for me. Trying the lotions next.

  3. I take a 15mg+ every morning alongside a Multi-Vitamin/Mineral and Fish Oil before I stretch… and I’m honestly amazed.

    • I am very upset with this company. I was ordering from them and then I had to go take care of a parent. When I came back and went to order my “coupon” had expired to get the disability discount. Instead of saying okay well this time we’ll put it through just make sure you send us the information we need I get a form letter stating you need to send this this this and this. I mean it’s a pandemic you think I’m making more money? I’m on disability. I have Lupus and fibromyalgia it’s not like it’s going away.

  4. I’m about five weeks into use. I use 1500 strength, and take one full dropper in the morning, and one at 8 pm. I’m now asleep before midnight, as opposed to all night bouts of insomnia. My arthritis (osteo) was limiting my mobility, now I am out of the house at least once every day.

  5. I just received my first bottle last week and I was skeptical at first, I have bad arthritis in my hands and rubbed it on them, it stopped hurting immediately, I also get terrible headaches, I rubbed some on my forehead and temples and it went away, I also have very sensitive skin and just taking a shower or bath leaves my skin itching like crazy afterwards, well I rub some of the oil on my body and no more itching and it absorbs right away with no oily feeling. I will be buying more next pay day

  6. I ordered the thc free, as I was already started on another brand that was thc as well. I was extremely disappointed in this product, even after reading so many great things about it from others. I felt absolutely nothing while using this brand of oil, and sadly I was dumb enough to buy a larger bottle with higher hopes. It makes me sad that some of these companies, who have such high claims on their products, can’t offer a money back/ satisfaction guarantee like some other companies. I will definitely never make that mistake again. I am now waiting on another brand to arrive in the mail, that has extremely great reviews, testimonials, and even people showing their medical results since starting their oil. Plus, it has a 60 day, empty bottle, money back guarantee! If companies are truly behind the quality of their products, this should definitely be something offered without hesitation.

  7. I bought a bottle of Complete, and one of Signature. Both are highly recommended by many users on the CBD oil Users group. I had a huge problem with Bluebird Complete – it burns my throat. A LOT! I put about ¼ of a dropper-full under my tongue, and leave the puddle there as long as I can – sometimes several minutes. Then swallow the rest. Well it is like fire in my throat, burns, and throat starts to close. Drinking water helped a little, but this is something that scares me.
    A user in that group said “it is the myrcene. Myrcene is a pretty strong terpene. Did you ever eat a mango and notice that same strange feeling? Mangos are also high in myrcene.”
    AHA! I have a mega-allergy to mangos – get blisters on my lips, even my hands from just toughing mangos. So this product is not one for me!

  8. I cannot use Bluebird. They said they cannot guarentee organically grown. The taste was awful to me & gave me stomach pains. So I’ve diluted it with Reverse Osmosis water to give to my 15# Shih Tzu one drop per day!

  9. I feel it helped my anixety ! I get stomach cramping lasted 24 hrs stomach ended up sore. Happened twice . Will retry to make sure not something I ate.

  10. This is a great product with great customer support. CBD oil has helped me so much in so many ways but mainly in the category of anxiety. I just fell a calm energy that I do not feel when I do not use the product. The Signature blend also helps me with issues from irritable bowel syndrome. Black seed oil is a superb healing product & frankincense is helpful with pain and inflammation.

    I have had issues with the last two others in that somehow the bottles leaked into my purse even though they were securely tightened. Has anyone else has this problem?

  11. Best products available

  12. Consumer Labs rated Bluebird #1. I looked at their free 24 hour access to see the report. I will never pay for a membership but I wanted to see what they had to say. Price and quality Bluebird scored the best.

  13. My family has been using BB Hemp Complete for years. My son has disabling anxiety and was unable to attend school because he would get overwhelmed and run out. We started giving him this three years ago and he was able to start second grade and he LOVES school. He still has periodic panic attacks, but he is truly thriving because of this product.
    I have recently been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and I now use Hemp Complete for my pain and stiffness. I find it also reduces my anxiety.

  14. i use bluebird botanicals i get the concentrate, mix with cocunut oil and tangerine oil, fankinsense and cabaipa oil. works great artritis pain,, and sleep much bettter with this combination

  15. Very disappointed in less purchase. Product stop working for me and then noticed the batch number on the bottle did not match what was posted on their website. I sent them pictures including earlier purchase with no batch number on their product. Spoke to their representative who wa spoke to their representative who promised they would review my email and pictures. That Call back never happened. He was going to refer the matter to their Quality Control department, as they apparently needed to review their process, that they frequently brag about.
    What did they do for me? Nothing except an empty promise to examine my email and pictures and call me back.

  16. It does taste horrible. I empty out a capsule I don’t use, and fill it with signature 6x which is the blend that works best for me. I have chronic pain from several issues dating back to cancer and this has replaced a ton of meds. I am completely medication free. Love it

  17. I really like BBs products. Yes, the taste is unpleasant but I ordered organic gel caps and it works well. It is pricey so I use it sparingly. It does help my anxiety levels greatly. I was in a very bad commercial truck wreck and broke my neck and shoulder. I had not ridden in a vehicle with anyone driving but me since my PT and surgeries were completed. I saw a psychologist, nothing helped. 12 yrs like that. Then I start using the oil and my anxiety subsides, I can ride with others again. My day to day fears have eased so much. I cant thank Bluebird enough for making a product that truly is life changing. Sincerely, Colleen Cook

    • They do have a program for Disabled, Vets and low income people. 20-40% off if approved and you can submit paperwork right online. Took 3 days to be approved, try that out it could be very helpful. Good luck

  18. I have been using B.B. since April, 2018. I have been very satisfied with their products until my last purchase. The oil is putrid. I contacted the company and was told that was normal. I will not be buying from them again.

  19. I love my Bluebird Complete!! It is the only one I have tried that help my face neuropathy!

  20. Bluebird Botanicals CBD OIL is awesome. The stuff really works but unfortunately I cannot use it daily being I’m a commercial driver subject to random drug test. I love full spectrum whether it’s Classic , Complete or Signature CBD. My using CBD full spectrum is very meticulous & only on weekends with 1 or 1 1/2 dropper.

    I am a cardio nut who constantly pounds water so that keeps me good for dip stick DOT RANDOM DRUG TEST. The thing is being so purposeful about my using cbd. I don’t even want to test the waters with isolate CBD & using daily.

  21. My order tasted rancid & was returned I paid shipping cost.
    Upon further investigation I found that the batch I was shipped had a very high Mold & Yeast reading…Yuck
    “Won’t make that mistake again”

  22. Just a cautionary tale, I used bluebird CBD and tested positive for marijuana (which I haven’t smoked in probably 15 yrs )

    • This actually very common and this group will tell you that. It’s common for ANY cbd. Even the trace 0.3 or less can show. Happened to me.

  23. I’m dissatisfied I tested positive after using the sample pack I love the product but as working class it’s not acceptable help us out blue bird

  24. I received my bottle but I ordered 250mg but received 83+mg whatever that is. I feel cheated and regret this because I heard such great things but I’m disappointed by this. I went on the site and there is not even an 83+ mg even available.

    • The 83+ mg bottle you received is a sample size. The bottle contains only 10 mL (1/3 oz) of liquid. It should have cost much less than the larger sizes, probably only $10-$12. 250 mg is the amount of CBD in a 1 oz (30 mL) bottle. The sample size is 1/3 oz so it contains 1/3 the amount of CBD which is 83.3mg.

  25. Love it so far!!!!

  26. I love Bluebird! It has quelled many of my aches and pains. The taste isn’t great, but I don’t mind it at all because of the benefits. It energizes me!

  27. First of all thank you Katherine McClearen for great review. I struggle with anxiety and panic attacks for some time now. They come out of the blue and you have no control over it. This is because of overreacted nerveous system and high Cortisol levels in over stressed body. Everyone who experienced panic attack at night knows how dreadful this experience is. I tried some herbal treatments which kind of worked for some time but then everything came back eventually. I have red tons of articles and few books about anxiety and I believe this is a problem you cannot solve for good but you can keep it under good management. This is where CBD oil comes in ! Keep in mind it takes a while for your endocannabinoid system to get adjusted to CBD oil. I am using this oil for about 6 months now and noticed significant drop in my stress and anxiety levels. I do not remember when I had last night panic attack that woke me up as they used to destroy my whole night sleep. The sleep quality improved greatly and my stress at work is at very mild level. I started using 250 mg Complete but switched to Signature which helps me better I guess due to other ingredients like Frankenincence which is also known to reduce stress and emotions.. CBD oil also lowers Cortisol levels which are mainly responsible for this “flee or fight” response. I am also physically active and noticed that my inflammation and sore muscle are not that intense that before CBD oil usage. I read an article stating that use of turmeric or curcumin (which is turmeric isolated compound) significantly increases CBD oil bioavailability so I take it together. My dosage is one full dropper in the morning and it helps me through the day and sometimes half a dropper in the late afternoon. I highly recommend Bluebird Botanicals. I tried different companies and those works for me the best. They are now using Colorado grown hemp and have third party lab results that you can check online. CBD oil id really worth a try. What do you have to loose? But you can gain a life change 🙂

  28. I love the Bluebird Signature …. I feel energized & the taste isn’t bad at all.

  29. This is an amazing product that works wonders and reduces symptoms of my condition; hence I can use much less rx medication!!

  30. This company and it’s products are exceptional! I have been using their signature hemp oil and my health is improving substantially. My blood pressure has returned to what it was in my 20s and 30s! I highly recommend their products!

  31. I really like this product I’ve used classic and trial pack the trial pack wasn’t enough to actually find out if it’s going to work. What I recommend is buying a full size bottle. Your body needs to get used to it. It took 3 months for me and I’m still waiting… It takes time. I am currently vaping their 1000 mg. It’s great but I wish they had more higher MG of CBD than 1000.The only problem is I’ve been waiting for 3 months to restock the “out of stock” product and I’ve tried emailing with reply’s we are going to be restocking soon ,next month and so on I wish they had a better resolving the issue hoping for the best. I’ve tried many other brands but with discount and effectiveness I’m happy. Being disabled and a caregiver to husband, uncle ,and 4 special needs kids it’s hard to manage pain , depression,Disc Degenerative Disease, Fibromyalgia, high blood pressure. But BBB is a great product.

  32. I have been using the 6x classic for a year, I suffer from anxiety..and also pain in my legs from arthritis. This product is amazing!! It helps immensely with my anxiety, helps me get a good nights sleep as well. It eases my leg pain, I am so thankful I found this oil, it is and always will be in my medicine cabinet. I have red of people not liking the taste, I purchase empty gelatin capsules, and put my doses it them, that way I just swallow the pill, and no yucky taste!

  33. I started with the Sample Pack as my first purchase and would highly recommend for everyone starting out. I also saw they offer a discount I qualifiy for and they made it so easy to apply for and receive! I found a miracle of relief after using the Classic for maybe three or four days. I just couldn’t believe I was feeling so good after years of suffering with the pain of Degenerative Disc disease (failed back surgery) and then being diagnosed with Fibro. Starting out I had relief from all my symptoms of also Fibro fog, fatigue, joint pain. The Signature worked really well for sleep for me. I went from sleeping all the time to getting back on a normal schedule of up all day to sleeping at night! But after a few weeks the Classic wasn’t working as well so I went to Lazurus 3000 only because of the price compared to Bluebirds 6X brands.

  34. I bought the 3 sampler pack a few weeks ago. The Signature tastes/smells awful, like Diesel fuel, but it’s helpful anyway. My favorite is the Complete. It helped very much with my arthritis.

  35. Excellent customer service and quality products

  36. I initially started with the Sampler Pack (which I highly recommend anyone new to Bluebird doing). The Classic didn’t do a whole lot for me, and I couldn’t get past the intense flavor that the Frankincense + black pepper extracts give to Signature (though I hear from a lot of people that it’s amazing for sleep and pain). Luckily, Complete works great. It gives me so much energy from the terpenes that I can’t take a dose past 2pm or I won’t sleep that night. It helps my anxiety (I’m almost completely off of Zoloft and Ativan in just 5 weeks – tapers usually take a LOT longer than that and have bad side effects, which I’ve had none of!) and dulls my pain. I think if I was able to buy the 6x concentrated Complete tincture (it’s STILL out of stock), I would have a lot better luck for my pain.

  37. This product has been a life savor. Never thought I’d come out the darkness of panic. Anxiety. Fear. I waited a long time to try cbd because I didn’t think it would work and I’d be disappointed in yet another false solution to cure my anxiety. I have been proven wrong. Blue bird bontanicals exceptionally has been by far the best product I’ve tried yet. My experience with complete by blue bird has been wonderful. I am now able to drive. Feel beautiful confident and most importantly being a mom to my four year old son full of life. I used to be in fear of everything. Life really. I hated getting up in the morning thinking about my daily challenges was really hard for me. I knew I had to get out of the bed. Wake my son up for day care. Cook breakfast. Get him dressed. And go to work. Well that sounds nice. But didn’t happen as easily as said. I felt trapped every day. My brain was taking over my once fearless. Outgoing. Adventurous. Confident. Loving mom abilities. I cracked. I couldn’t and knew I could not live like this anymore. I dug and did some serious researching. I got a phone call from my mom one evening and she said to me Katie. One of my patients told me she used CBD to treat her anxiety and it works. I thought to myself hmm. Well mom I’ve tried everything. I had no hope. Well I did some research on it and I stumbled across a support group on Facebook for cbd users. Some of the reviews scared me, but 80 percent of them gave me confidence to try. My mom said to me let me order this particular brand my patient told me about and just try it. She was willing to get me anything to bring her old daughter back. Now I have been through some traumatic events in my life leading to my anxiety so I do recommend you have some type of guidance and support. BLUE BIRD BOTANICALS. That was the beginning to my cbd usage. Complete 250 mg bottle. I started using in the morning and noticed through out the morning I felt more calm and more motivated. Then it kind of gave me this burst of energy to get dressed and do something as if I should go somewhere. I quickly dressed my son and said ok let’s set out to the local store. I got in my car. Waited for my heart to race. Nothing happened. Turned my car on. Waited and nothing. I backed out of the driveway, looked at my son to make sure he was buckled in and said a prayer. I drove to the store with out any ounce of anxiety. As days went on I added more to my usage. I have finally been able to do the things I haven’t been able to do in so long. I just received a bigger bottle and I’m so excited to see what else cbd will bring into my life. I’m taking baby steps but I think it’s the best thing that has ever happened to me and I couldn’t be more thankful.
    Katherine McClearen

  38. I ordered CBD oil from advertisements several times, and saw promise in their products, but didn’t have the result I wanted (relief from chronic pain). Then I found Bluebird. I ordered a sample pack, was pleased, and ordered my favorite, Signature Hemp Oil. I couldn’t be happier! It’s great for pain relief, leg cramps, sleeplessness, and they sent free face cream too! Great, fast service. I recommend highly!

  39. We’ve been using BB for months with unbelievable results. I use the isolates and 1000mg vape oil and was able to stop Buspar, Xanax, and Prozac. I have Fibromyalgia and now use only an occasional Ibuprofen for pain.

    My son takes the Classic with his Vyvanse and Complete in the afternoon for ADHD. He has become a completely different child. No more acting out in school and he’s able to be off stimulants on weekends.

    My lab has anxiety from fireworks and seasonal allergies. We use Companion daily and the anxiety and scratching have stopped.

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