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  1. I use the isolate dropper / oil for a cat that I rescued who has idiopathic epilepsy. I have been able to reduce the vet-prescribed phenobarbitol (anti-seizure) medicine significantly by using it in combination with CBD. The vet was vey happy to see the results, and seizures are much less frequent (every 2-3- months now, as opposed to weekly before CBD) ,seizure clusters almost nonexistent now. Originally I was using a friends homemade tincture which worked ok, but I am getting even better results with the 500 mg isolate from Infinite. It’s a good product, good price point, good for humans (I use it for situational anxiety as well) and good for animals, and good for all of us for finally getting this stuff legalized in the USA.

  2. Infinite CBD just added hemp flower and vape cartridges to their line-up recently to beef up the smokable CBD options within their product lines. I am not a big vape cartridge guy, but I already tried the white grapefruit hemp flower and it was so smooth and simple and the taste did not overwhelm it at all. It was excellent and I know there are a few more variations on flavor. Will have to try the others next. This is a great addition for Infinite CBD

  3. My mother just started using the Freezing Point topicals cream several weeks ago as an experiment and with just a bit on both her knees and some on her left hand just once a day… she told me that work has not been so easy and so pain-free in a decade. She told me that it was working as of day one. That’s good product that is that effective and that quickly.

  4. I sprained a shoulder while boxing and was introduced to a cbd topical cream. The part that was most impressive was the speed in which it stopped the ongoing pain on my shoulder.

  5. Infinite cbd was INTRICATE IN A VERY QUICK recovery my 13-year-old lab retriever had from her surgery last January. Applying the pet droppers on the area where they stitched has virtually left her with no scars from the procedure at all. Also, her coat is healthier and shinier than its ever been. The pet droppers really worked and I would recommend them for puppy wounds of any sort. Definitely faster healing.

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    Kevin Compton Singh July 20, 2020 at 1:35 pm

    Infinite CBD is a gamechanger. Their oils are some of the best on the market and at a great price. Highly recommend!

  7. I use Infinite CBD oil everyday to help control my epileptic seizures. Now I recommend it to all my friends and family to take as a daily supplement. Unfortunately the dispensary I go to no longer has it.

  8. The price is right and the CBD is pure. You can feel it in their topical ointments the most, but I love Infinite CBD because it feels like the best quality for the right price

  9. have been using this oil since Dec of 2018 and it has helped a lot for back issues and left foot issues from a stroke 12 years ago.

  10. I started with the 2500 mg drops and felt it helped my RA, so the next time I ordered the 5000 mg and have not had the same relief. Not sure if I got a bad batch or what happened. I have texted the company twice and never got a reply.

  11. My favorite cbd company on the planet! And I’ve been taking cbd since it became a thing. Ultra effective! Wouldn’t be able to sleep without it! I use the tincture. And the freezing point lotion. But I’ve had most of the products this company provides and they’re all legit and amazing. Go with infinite!

  12. LOVE my Asteroids! Especially the apple pie flavor!!!!!

    The new packaging is great! Keeps product fresh, and ecologically friendly. Not too much. just enough to ” take the edge off”.

  13. This was the first brand of CBD oil that I tried and the results were immediately amazing. I was crippled with chronic pain and unable to exercise due to extreme pain with the slightest movement. Just a few drops of oil under my tongue before heading to the gym and I could stay on the treadmill longer and did not feel so deeply fatigued. I take a few more drops post workout and the recovery pain is much more tolerable. It has made a big difference in my life.

  14. Awesome product gets rid of anxiety and over thinking balances cortisol levels

  15. This is a great option for the pain I feel in my legs from my MS.

  16. After testing several brands, my winner is Infinite CBD! They carry high quality CBD products that actually work! It is now the ONLY brand I will buy. Use what works! right?

  17. Great products! I notice a change in my pain level soon after using these products. If I have a migraine the rocket ships are amazing and I don’t have to worry about them causing me nausea.

  18. i love these products and will continue to buy as well as refer them to my friends !!

  19. Great stuff. I bought the biofreeze topical cream and the vape juice. Both are very affective for stress, anxiety and minor aches and pains.

  20. Amazing product. I suffer from hemophilia chick migraines in this medicine is a lifesaver thank you for giving me my life back

  21. Love their products. Clean and simple but very effective!

  22. Awesome product, thank you

  23. I use the 500mg oil and I love it! There’s hardly any taste at all and its fast and effective. I really like its versatility as well. Since it’s in pure coconut oil, it can be applied topically as well. It’s a fantastic product with one of the best price points around.

  24. i use the Nano 1000mg freezing point in unison with the Freezing point salve 500mg they treat my psoriasis and i now am off the “Big Pharma” Augmented betamethasone Dipropionate Steroids, This infinite CBD had changed my skin, i work as a chef and can now show my hands again. also i use the dropper 5000mg which i put drops in my morning coffee or just an ice cold water throught the day, my mental heath is great and general energy is amazing,,,5star product would give 6stars if i could…enjoy

  25. I had never tried CBD oil. My Rhuematologist suggested I try for pain. I purchased 30 ml of Infinite CBD 5000 mg, 8.5 mg/drop 99% + CBD Isolate with Jack Herer terpine. I started slowly per my Dr.’s and the customer service representatives suggestions. It did not help at all. I gradually increased per Dr. orders and still no benefit. I now take 2 entire droppers full, wait 2 minutes under my tongue and still NOTHING. I am skeptical that this product works for anyone. I know is does not help me.

  26. THE BEST PRICES! I love that I can choose ‘terpenes’ with any of their CBD dropping oils (drops) and also for their vaping oils.

    They have excellent information on terpenes and what they do. Just click on ‘Education’ link on their top menu, then click on ‘Terpenes’ then when you get to the page, click on each ‘+’ sign for each of the terpene names and it opens up with some great information on the effects of their oils with terpenes.

    Note: I also did a google search and found discount codes for their web site. Their prices are already very low and with a discount their products are very affordable, while being strong enough to knock out the pain.

    Their 500 mg 15 mil bottles of drops are VERY LOW COST, but still very strong for relieving pain for me with just about 3 drops. Their vaping oils effects are also really very strong and immediate when just taking just 2 or 3 puffs and the relief and effects last for hours.

    So far, from them, I have bought:
    4 bottles of 500mgs cbd with terpenes
    (Their products are amazing and ship extremely fast..great STRONG and effective oils)
    I bought Vape oil and dropping oil (they call their drops ‘dropping’ oils) (all 15 mil bottles)
    Vape Juice – 500mg, Super Lemon Haze × 1 $38.50 (daytime extremely up feeling…strong… lasts for hours!)
    Isolate Droppers – 500mg, Jack Herer × 1 $31.00 (daytime also for energy but a bit more relaxing)
    Isolate Droppers – 500mg, OG Kush × 1 $31.00 (afternoons/evenings for relaxing and pain)
    Isolate Droppers – 500mg, Harlequin × 1 $31.00 (nice ‘anytime’ higher CBD Oil in this plant – no high – and 3 drops took my pain away! Pain relief that lasted a long time with those 3 drops! nice and normal feeling!)
    Everything I’ve bought from them has terpenes, which really help the taste and also I think the CBD Oil works better with terpenes in it. I really love that I can vape their drops or take them under the tongue.
    I’m extremely happy with this company!

    All of these ‘dropper’ oils relieved stress, pain, and anxiety for me. (They say these can also be vaped)
    Their vape oil (Super Lemon Haze) was a little strong for me…like taking an upper. Good if you need a lot of energy though LOL

    Another plus is that THEY SHIP VERY FAST.

  27. Personally, I am a big fan of this brand. I have tried other no-name brand CBD-infused products and they did not work nearly as well as anything I have purchased from Infinite CBD! I have ordered their 10mg and 25mg capsules, and the tincture droppers with Tangi terpenes added. I do plan on trying other tinctures with other terpene profiles as well. I take one 25mg capsule with water when I wake up in the morning, a 10mg capsule before OR after my workout with my pre/post workout drink, and then a final 10mg capsule before bed. I use the droppers with Tangi terpenes throughout the day as “needed”, but they’re great in the morning since they get into your system faster than the capsules. I also use the tincture droplets on my face after I shower, in my teas, or I’ll even mix it in my lotions to get more of a soothing and relaxing effect. Love this product and the company that produces it. highly recommend trying for the price.

  28. nice product. Felt a nice warm feeling and pain relief for the first week or so. Second week I upped the dose from 10mg twice a day to 10mg three times a day. I noticed I started getting a headache after I took it, but general fibro pain releif was good. Felt very well generally, but the headache was a drawback. I did reorder and got the 6mg per drop bottle with ACDC terpenes added. Good pain relief, but still had the headache afterwards.

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